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Reviews from customers

December 26, 2023
CLZ game j’adore
Très bonne application que j’utilise depuis plusieurs années et franchement avec plus de 2000 jeux synchronisés a l’intérieur c juste top en plus c super rapide et simple avec le scan du code barre bon il y en as rarement qui ne fonctionne pas ou qui ne correspond pas c juste génial manque juste le français et ce sera parfait . — Korn62 (France) on CLZ Games
December 26, 2023
Amazing tools
I've had all three apps for a long time. I appreciate and enjoy all of them.
Music, Games, and Movies. They all are amazing tools. Especially when you own so many of each and this keeps track of them all. So happy I own these apps. You can't go wrong with owning any of these apps that meets your needs.
I've had zero problems and for me they are a lifesaver. I'm just an average everyday Joe and I normally don't post but these are worth the praise. Thanks — chad smith (USA) on CLZ Games
December 09, 2023
High quality
Fantastic app for keeping track of large collections of games across all formats and regions. I have used the clz comics app for years and this app is the same high quality, the team are always updating the databases and adding new features. Excellent support desk with fast resolution as well. — Martin Bartholomew on CLZ Games
December 07, 2023
Best app for a game collector
My husband and I currently have over 6300 video games. From games from the Odyssey, Atari, all the way up to newer games on the PS5. This app lets is keep everything cataloged organized and easy to navigate through our video games.
It keeps us from purchasing duplicates. It also helps us when maybe we only have a loose game and need to complete it.
The features of this app are endless. We have never had any issues with this app until yesterday, and I reached out to customer support, and the sinking problem was fixed and less than eight hours. I feel like the creators of this app actually care about this app and it shows by the quality.
Thanks again guys you rock. Thanks for keeping our game collection so neat and organized. — TNC.Retro.Gaming (USA) on CLZ Games
November 30, 2023
Great game inventory app
It is all a video game collector wants. — Rafay Naqvi on CLZ Games
November 29, 2023
Perfect apps
Perfect for cataloging your games. Part of their suite of similar apps that includes Movie, Music, book, & Comic cataloging apps. — John W on CLZ Games
November 28, 2023
Happy so far!
Nice app for tracking your collection. Easy to enter games manually or with the bar code scanner. Would be nice if it allowed the tracking of guides as well. Great way to have your inventory on your phone. — James Davis on CLZ Games
November 23, 2023
What any collector needs
Exactly what any collector needs, easy to use. — Richard Brown on CLZ Games
November 15, 2023
App essenziale
App essenziale per chi ha una gran collezione di videogiochi, consiglio a tutti!! — Christopher Sutler on CLZ Games
October 14, 2023
Amazing database of video games. — Oli Watts on CLZ Games
October 03, 2023
Excellent App
I’ve been using the CLZ Games app for several months now and I’m very happy with it. I’ve used a few other similar apps but settled on this one. It meets all my needs & does everything I need it to. Customer support is also great.
Would thoroughly recommend. — Jonesy2036 (United Kingdom) on CLZ Games
September 30, 2023
Working great
I have a large collection and it's working great. My only complaints are some inconsistent/wrong boxart for some rarer or CE titles. — D O on CLZ Games
September 24, 2023
Simple to use
Excellent app for collectors. — Zico Harris on CLZ Games
September 06, 2023
The best app, hands down
Hands down the best app out there for collection tracking and management. So much customization available! Ability to keep multiple collection listings is an absolute necessity for someone like me who helps run a convention game room. — benstylus (USA) on CLZ Games
September 06, 2023
Absolutely fantastic, great price. — Brian Liguori on CLZ Games
August 28, 2023
Best thing to add games and track your inventory.
Thanks Metal Jesus! — maferb on CLZ Games
August 26, 2023
Love this app so much
I was very happy to get my issue back in a timely manner They help right away. I love this app so much. I use the game portion of this app. It works quite well and I am happy to have this program and I am thinking about doing the comics so I can see the price and know how much to sell them. — Zetta on CLZ Games
August 10, 2023
Keeping track of your collection
Almost 100 percent accurate app, I say cause there is some obvious market manipulation or some games dont have an actual price yet bit overall this app is beru good for keeping track of your collection and making a good effort in evaluating it. — Denton Hamilton on CLZ Games
August 06, 2023
Perfect for keeping track of your collection. — kenna runyon on CLZ Games
July 24, 2023
Awesome menus and keeps track of how much your collection is worth according to PChart. — Sean Hetrick on CLZ Games
July 18, 2023
Worth every single penny
This is the only app that makes sense if you have a lot of games you want to keep track of. The fact that I can I can easily update my 500+ games on any device and upload them from the cloud -on any device- makes this app worth every single penny of the $15 a year. CLZ's cloud server makes all the difference. Thanks Metal Jesus. — David Martin on CLZ Games
July 10, 2023
Highly recommend!
Subscription to this app is extremely cheap and worth it. Whether you're collecting or trying to quickly price out your collection with the scan of the game's barcode, this app makes it all very easy to do. — Shawn Alston on CLZ Games
July 06, 2023
Track my collection
I needed a way to track my collection for insurance purposes and this is more than adequate. I have both the PC and Android versions and the syncing is a great feature. — Jasmine Mullin on CLZ Games
July 02, 2023
Good app
Does what it says on the tin and does it very damn well. — Izzy Lewis on CLZ Games
June 29, 2023
Love it
Really good application. — Daniel Sala on CLZ Games
June 27, 2023
Organize my retro games
Finally an app where I can organize my old retro games, consoles and accessories. Thank you. — Angel Roman on CLZ Games
June 25, 2023
Game collection
It helps me so much to categorize my game collection. — Hi Im Kagekao on CLZ Games
June 16, 2023
The best app for cataloguing games
Great app for collectors. — Nicholas Deleva on CLZ Games
June 05, 2023
Easy to use
Love this app, so easy to use. Keeps a list of the games you own. Gives updated prices. Definitely recommend this app. — Pat Shaulis (USA) on CLZ Games
June 03, 2023
Incredible app! Highly recommend. — Aron Reeves on CLZ Games
June 02, 2023
So far so good. Barcode reader saves so much time. Easy to use and navigate. — Telboy2011 on CLZ Games
May 27, 2023
I love the app. — Joe Woodruff Jr on CLZ Games
May 23, 2023
Love it
Great app to keep track of your games! — CrazyCode on CLZ Games
May 10, 2023
The best out there
Well, it's paid but by far the best game collector App out there! — Amantol on CLZ Games
May 07, 2023
Easy to add
Great so far! Easy to add a large collection. — Luca Agostinelli on CLZ Games
May 03, 2023
Fantastic way to keep your collection organized. — Antal Bokor on CLZ Games
April 23, 2023
I have been looking for something like this for ages! — Darlam Menezes on CLZ Games
April 22, 2023
Solid app
Pretty good, and I appreciate the PriceCharting connectivity. It'd be perfect for me if there were amiibo functionality added sometime in the future. — CTDG on CLZ Games
April 21, 2023
Avid collector
As an avid collector... This may have been the best discovery I've ever made in my life!!!! — Draylon Gant (USA) on CLZ Games
April 11, 2023
One of the best gaming track apps
You pay after a week of use but this is one of the best gaming track apps, so I don't mind. It's only $15 for a year. They're very quick to respond if you have an issue as well. — Moriah Terry on CLZ Games
April 08, 2023
Just great!
Using it for N64, SNES, NES, Odyssey 2 and PC. — Ivo Poblete on CLZ Games
March 18, 2023
Easy interface
This app is great! Very intuitive and easy interface. And for nerds like me it has a stats page that shows how many games you have by release year, top value games, etc. A must have for every collector. — OpenSourceForce on CLZ Games
March 18, 2023
Game database
Great game database. — David Williamson on CLZ Games
March 16, 2023
The best app
I've found CLZ to be the best way to track my collection. Visually appealing and allows for me to add my own images and also games if they don't exist. Well well worth the $15 yearly. Hope they continue to make it even better. — Tabor 62 on CLZ Games
March 16, 2023
Next level
Great way to catalogue games AND (at a glance) know what they're worth. This is a great way to take your collecting/reselling to the next level. — Jean-Jacques Durocher (Canada) on CLZ Games
March 11, 2023
Amazing app
Easy and the database with actual game art is amazing. — Gary Hearld on CLZ Games
March 11, 2023
Highly recommended
After downloading the movie app and had a good experience.i downloaded the game app saves a lot of work listing them on a spreadsheet like I used to do just scan and save highly recommended. — john davies on CLZ Games
March 06, 2023
Very happy
Easy to use. And the data you get is well worth the $14.99 per year. — James Leffingwell on CLZ Games
February 27, 2023
A+ service
Great tool, great support. Very easy to use and great way to keep track of my collection. — Mik 1040 on CLZ Games
February 22, 2023
Love your app
After using clz for 1 year, i have to Tell you something.
This is so fu***n great.
I love What you guys have offerd to the collectors community.
The App is just perfect, every collector should Use it. — Martin T. on CLZ Games
February 19, 2023
Soooo gut
Preise, Cover, Scanner... der junge hat sich echt Mühe gemacht. Ich war skeptisch aber die 15 EU pro Jahr geb ich wirklich gerne aus. Kleines Update nach über einem Jahr Nutzung. Die Updates sind spitze. Die App hat noch nie gezickt. Alles funktioniert wunderbar. Leute, ganz ehrlich, ihr zahlt Unsummen für cib Spiele, das hier ist wirklich jeden Cent wert. — Martin Theml on CLZ Games
February 12, 2023
Brilliant app
No more double ups on games. Love the CLZ team. — Brent Paul Swiggs on CLZ Games
February 12, 2023
Easy to use
Easy to use and helpful. — Wil Carpenter on CLZ Games
February 04, 2023
I don't know how I lived without it
Must have app for serious enthusiasts and collectors. Metal Jesus recommended the app on his channel and I don't know how I lived without it. The scan barcode features makes inventorying the collection so easy. Very intuitive and easy to use. — OpenSourceForce on CLZ Games
January 21, 2023
Managing my video game collection
Really great app for managing video game collections. Had an issue with prices showing up - heard back on my issue and it was resolved within 24 hours. — Christopher Banyas on CLZ Games
January 21, 2023
I love the App so far
Best one i tried for listing games. I had a little issue and got help from custom service very fast.
You guys have a great database and the prices are very realistic. Thats what makes this App the best for me. Please continue the great work. — Hüsnü on CLZ Games
January 19, 2023
Amazing app and fast support
I scanned all my video games flawlessly (tried with gameye free app before but most of my games were not scanned). Here it just works. It adds the value of your entire collection hardware and games. You can easily indicate the condition of your games and what you have (box, manual..) and price updates. You can add what you paid for and when and how much you resell it for if you are a reseller. Not a reseller but great to manage collection. I love it. — Xavier on CLZ Games
January 17, 2023
Top drawer app
I'd been using the Web version for a few years. I recently decided to add the app to my package, too. Everything syncs up to the cloud, so both stay uptodate. I find their game's database to be very good, although a little more hit and miss for vintage computers like the Spectrum. I find the app handy when I'm sourcing new games, and in general, the functionality is highly user-friendly. Customer support is great, and regular updates are launched. Price is fair - give it a bash. — Deadpan Kev on CLZ Games
January 14, 2023
Great app
This is really a great app to catalogue your game collection. — Brett Evans on CLZ Games
January 14, 2023
Game collection
This is really a great app to catalogue your game collection. — Brett Evans on CLZ Games
January 14, 2023
Great app
I love this app and use it often to catalogue my game collection. There's a lot in here, from value to whether or not I actually beat a game. — Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez on CLZ Games
January 04, 2023
Remarkable Simplicity
I began my journey with collectable merchandise two years ago and this is currently the most swift and effective mediator of rare media I have come across. Bounds ahead of its Trading Card Equivalent, TCG player, with functionality and completeness worthy of the likes of IMDB, CLZ Games pulls its weight in every area you might require. — AkashicLibrary (USA) on CLZ Games