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Reviews from customers

November 28, 2012
Ik gebruik deze app zelfs om al mijn gezelsschapsspelletjes in te geven.
Ik gebruik al jaren al de software van collectors. Uiterst tevreden. — Arendsoogcarine on CLZ Games
November 21, 2012
Organize and keep track
I currently have the Game Collector Pro and it has been one of the greatest things to organize and keep track of my video game collection. — Paul Deluna (USA) on Game Collector
August 05, 2012
A superior product
I am a former user of Intelliscanner. I started to have problems with their software but after repeated requests for help, I was simply brushed off. I began to look for another solution to my extensive DVD, CD, & son's video game collections and found Collectorz.com.
This is by far a superior product & since I have started to work with it, I get amazed with it each time. BTW, I was able to use the scanner I already had by installing a driver for it.
I highly recommend the products from Collectorz.com. — Ralph Di Pancrazio (Canada) on Game Collector
August 04, 2012
Einfach Perfect
Es ist das beste Programm für Sammler. Einfach Perfect — Firat Tas on CLZ Games
July 11, 2012
Nu mijn zoon Game Collector heeft ontdekt kom ik er met mijn Music Collector bijna niet meer tussen.... — Frans van der Mark (Netherlands) on Game Collector
July 11, 2012
Excellent app for collectors
Always have your collection in your pocket!
This is an app for the collectorz.com Game Collector PC software. Works flawlessly and is great value for money. — Kodijack2004 on CLZ Games
July 10, 2012
The best got better
The holy grail of finding a game database program has always been trying to find a program that seems to be tailor made for you. I can honestly say that the Collectorz series comes about as close to that feeling as you will probably get.
The design is intuitive, everything seems to be in a logical place and easy to find. Adding items is as simple as clicking on Automatic, which will bring in over 80% of the information you need or Manual which will allow you to enter everything yourself. Its power is hidden behind the hood so a lot of the time you dont see automatic routines running in the background. The statistical side of your collection is well catered for with charts and numbers that will make you smile.
Its hard to fault this set of programs, I highly recommend them, and with Collectorz Games V5 now released and installed on my machine, the series of programs look the same as my Comic and Movie editions. Coverflow, background images, web links and advanced collector fields have all been intergrated and made available to the hardcore game collector.

The best got better and I cant thank the designers enough. This can only be acheived by a company that listens to its customers, these guys listen and adapt. Buy with confidence, you wont be dissapointed — Craig Giles (United Kingdom) on Game Collector

July 09, 2012
Changed my life!
Let me start off by saying I absolutely love game collector. I have tried many different ways over the years to try and catalog and organize my large collection of games, to no avail. I have purchased both the iPad and iPhone apps, as well as the scanning program, and of course the software itself.
Your program has changed my life! — Jason Hepburn (Canada) on Game Collector
June 09, 2012
Great! — FabMan on CLZ Games
May 31, 2012
They are awesome!
I own movie, music and game collectorz for my pc and ipad 2 movie app. They are awesome!
It's the best way to keep inventory on what games you own. I have over 2,300 dvds, cds and video games.
Keep up the great work! — Edward J Herrera (USA) on Game Collector
May 13, 2012
Where Has This Been All My Life
I am a pretty big retro game collector and up until recently the way I have been keeping track of my collection is pen and paper until I discovered GAME COLLECTOR and CLZ BARRY.
They make keeping track of your game collection easy and if you have a lot of games on lots of consoles it makes finding them easy. You can set it up to directly add games to your library quick and easy.
Well worth the money you wont be dissapointed. — Via Android Market (USA) on Game Collector
April 01, 2012
Great little addition to to PC program! Now I don't need to have my computer on when searching for a game. — David Cowen on CLZ Games
January 11, 2012
CLZ Games
Excellent program, nothing quite like it, I like the way the cover flow system works. — Chunky24r7 on CLZ Games