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Video Game Cataloging Software - catalog your game collection

Automatically download game details and imagesLike developer, publisher, game description & cover art.
Just search our huge online game database ... ... by game title or by scanning barcodes.

Mobile app

Access your collection on the go

  • Install on multiple phones/tablets
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner
  • All data stored on your device
  • Optional CLZ Cloud storage
purchase includes all
app updates + online services


Easy to use, easy to manage

  • Login from multiple PCs, Macs, etc..
  • Free barcode scanner app
  • All data stored in the CLZ Cloud
  • Automatic updates & backups
subscription includes all
software updates + online services


For advanced computer users

  • Install on one PC
  • Free barcode scanner app
  • All data stored on your computer
  • Optional CLZ Cloud storage
includes a 1-year Service Plan
(a Service Plan is USD $29.95 / year)

Buy them together and get a discount

CLZ Games
Full App
Game Connect
1 year
Game Collector
Full Version
USD $0.00
USD $0.00
save USD $0.00

Use the free CLZ Cloud service to:

  • Synchronize your game data between the desktop software, mobile apps and the Connect web-app.
  • View your list online and share it with friends and family.
  • Always have an online backup of your game database.

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Reviews from customers

May 09, 2019
Awesome way to keep a catalog of your games. — Jason R on CLZ Games
May 04, 2019
The best
I also have CLZ movies and they are simply the best cataloging apps I have used. Support is awesome too. Highly recommended. — Ian Farrell on CLZ Games
April 02, 2019
Super amazing app
Awesome app to catalog game collection. — David Markuson on CLZ Games
March 17, 2019
Great app
Good app to catalog games. — Gweilo on CLZ Games
February 22, 2019
Crazy easy
Crazy easy to compile a list of your collections, especially using the barcode scanner. And even without the barcode scanner I haven't yet had any trouble finding the game I am trying to add with the online search option. Even with the cost to get the full version I still highly recommend this app for anyone serious about cataloguing their collections. — Clint Beattie on CLZ Games
January 23, 2019
Amazing catalog
Amazing catalog and easy to use , premium is worth it. — Kyle Ott on CLZ Games
December 09, 2018
Excellent app
Excellent application for cataloging my games. — Adam Twigg on CLZ Games
November 23, 2018
Easy to use
One of the easiest cataloging programs I've ever encountered. — Spencer Louison on CLZ Games
October 25, 2018
My game room
In 2012 I moved from the U.S. to Oslo, Norway to start a new life with my then girlfriend and now wife. I sold my entire video game collection (including my beloved Virtual Boy :( ) in order to have money for a few months to survive until I found a job; hoping to one day build the collection again.
After working as a personal trainer for quite some time here in Norway I began to realize that many students and young people couldn't afford training with me but they really wanted to. Being a person who likes to barter I one day asked a guy if he had any old game systems to trade since he couldn't afford to train with me. He ended up giving me a N64 with Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo-Tooie and I gave him lessons in proper kettlebell techniques.
I made these trades for a while until I decided to switch careers making these kinds of deals no longer possible. I continued buying and trading for things from used items websites up until about 1 year ago when I seriously pissed off my wife.

I ended up contacting a guy that was selling games from his house(like a regular GameStop or something) for really cheap. He told me he was looking to get out of the business and everything had to go. He told me he had a storage unit filled with things he needed to trash. Seeing an opportunity here I filled up my car with 27 Slim/Phat PS2's, 9 original Xbox's, 3 Xbox 360's, 3 Gamecube's, 4 PS1's, 15 Guitar Hero guitars, 10 or so various handhelds, and boxes and boxes of games and accessories. I think I ended up counting 133 PS2 controllers alone for example. This filled up my wife's Audi A3 to where I couldn't see out the back or the passenger side window as Playstation was my passenger now.
The plan was simple. Get home, unload the car, and get everything to the game room before my wife got back from picking up the kid.

I failed miserably.
She arrived just as I opened the trunk of my car. The look on her face peering from inside her Nissan Leaf told me that I was in for some serious pain. After she yelled at me and asked me "What the hell I was thinking?!" the only thing I could think of was to tell her "Well, I won't buy anything for awhile at least". Obvoiusly not a great answer, but the only answer I could use to help diffuse the situation.
I brought box after box of stuff down into the basement while my wife glared at me from the living room.

Excitedly I sorted everything out and felt like I had hit the jackpot. Took me hours into the night to sort everything and I realized that I would one day need to catalogue all this stuff so I didn't buy games I already had. I ended up trashing a lot of things I deemed unusable or uninteresting to me but still kept a big chunk of what I had picked up from the dealer.

Flash forward about a year and I discovered the CLZ app.
I have around 450 games and over 40 consoles. I really wanted to take my collection to the next step and that's where CLZ stepped in. I've tried other apps but they didn't come close to finding all my PAL games. Well worth the money.
I'm not really that close to turning my game room into the sanctuary that I want it to be, but it's really the journey that counts. — Jarrod Harbrucker (Norway) on Game Collector

August 05, 2018
Great cataloguing app. — Doug Sopp on CLZ Games
June 06, 2018
Excellent app for cataloging your video game collection!! — Mikey and Friends on CLZ Games
February 08, 2018
Great app
I've been using Collectorz software to catalog my game collection for about 6 years now. Each update provides more ways to better find and organize titles, the customer support is great and using the Android app along with the Windows version, I can add out in the wild, sync with the cloud and make edits at home. I will continue to support Collectorz as long as they are around. Don't hesitate - buy now! — Jason Romano on CLZ Games
February 07, 2018
Life saver
After years of meticulous, in depth excel sheet-ing, I tried out @collectorz CLZ games app for cataloging my game collection...the barcode input is a life saver. Moving my collection over. Highly recommend!
Quick cataloging + live valuation. #gaming #videogames — Patrick Branigan on CLZ Games
February 02, 2018
Awesome app
This is one of the best apps I’ve ever used. I cataloged 460 games from start to finish in a little over an hour. — Mousland on CLZ Games
January 30, 2018
Fun to use piece of software
Thank you for designing such an intuitive and fun to use piece of software. I am enjoying cataloging my game collection using it. The PC software has been robust and i was able to catalog my collection in its entirety. — Tom Izzo (USA) on Game Collector
January 18, 2018
The best app
Best cataloguing app I've used. — Mike Toomey on CLZ Games
January 17, 2018
A must buy
One of the best cataloging software out there, a must buy. — Sean Julian on CLZ Games
December 27, 2017
Ótimo organizador
Ótimo programa para catalogar e organizar seus games. Fácil de usar dispõe de uma biblioteca completa de games de todas as plataformas, além de dispor de um descritivo de cada um. Vale a pena. — Le Boudec on CLZ Games
November 18, 2017
Great app
Really great way to catalog your games. — Thomas Danielsen on CLZ Games
November 09, 2017
Best video game cataloging app by FAR! $15 is steep for an app, but this is worth it for any video game collector like myself. — Cole Sours on CLZ Games
September 07, 2017
Games catalog
Convenient way to catalog games. — Brian Buckner on CLZ Games
July 09, 2017
Best App for Game Collection
I've tried a bunch of apps for cataloging collections, but this one is easily my favorite by far. — AreUPokey on CLZ Games
May 16, 2017
Exactly what I was looking for!
Great app for cataloging all the games in my collection. — Jared Twidale on CLZ Games
March 31, 2017
Clean and simple
I switched from another game cataloger and have not regretted the switch ! Thank you for making collecting clean and simple. — Daniel Rossignol on CLZ Games
February 26, 2017
Perfect fit
Love this app, the staff is always updating and innovating the software. I needed an app to catalog all my games since the Commodore 64 and this fits perfectly! — Jeffrey Gruman on CLZ Games
February 23, 2017
This is the best Video Game catalog app I have used. Hands down. — Wildtiger Lex on CLZ Games
February 11, 2017
I looked around quite a bit to find a way to catalog my games easily and this has it won hands down. It is $14.99 to add more than 100 games but well worth that price. My only issue with the app is I wish it would also list current values as well. Other than that though it's awesome. — Iamjustdoingthisforcoins8656 on CLZ Games
January 12, 2017
Best App out there
The app works exactly as promised. Best app out there for cataloging and keeping your collection up to date. It works best when paired with the full unlocked desktop program, which can get pricey, but watch for sales, you can usually find them for a reasonable price. Combining the desktop software and mobile app together lets you have your entire collection on the go and keep track of what you are looking for when out game hunting. I have passed up games in the past because I thought I already had it, only to find out I didn't. You can create custom tags to be on the look out for case upgrades or to filter games by cart only. Tags are completely customizable and give you the flexibility to know exactly what you are looking out for without having to remember. — Lionsfan65 on CLZ Games
December 31, 2016
I love your product, I think it is the best cataloging software out there. — Norbert Nagy on CLZ Games
August 19, 2016
Biblioteca de games
Este aplicativo é demais! Como é bom catalogar meus games aqui. Super recomendo! — acacioivo on CLZ Games

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