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Reviews from customers

September 04, 2003
Too unbelievably good to miss
I heard about your program on a newsgroup posting, so I grabbed the demo off your website. After playing with it for 15 minutes or so I was easily convinced that yours was the kind of application that I had been searching for someone to make for many, many years, and I promptly bought the Pro version online.

Now I finally have the option to properly sort and catalog all my games, ranging from any system, and at the touch of a button can instantly find out anything I want to know about my game collection. I used to have a website where I did that for myself (using php / mysql), but with your program and its online search capability, the effort required is completely painless in comparison, and I am deleting the database for my website as I write this.

Its rare that I ever make a point of writing to a software publisher, rarer still that I purchase software online, but your product is just too unbelievably good to miss. I love that you've thought of so many things that I, being the perfectionist that I am, always thought important when it came to categorizing games.

The 'The' naming convention and sort option is fantastic, and I am very greatful that all games beginning with The don't automatically get classified under 'T'. To some, it may be a small point, but for me its just one more reason as to why your product is perfectly suited to my needs. — Jonathan Hullah (Canada) on Game Collector