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Music Collector reviews

November 13, 2016
Amazing work
I wanted to thank you for the amazing work all of you have done in creating this programme and adding the thousands of CDs to the database. They say in New Zealand that if you want a job done properly ask someone from The Netherlands! It’s certainly true. — Roger Barton (New Zealand) on Music Collector
October 21, 2016
I had no idea that the "Folder" view was so powerful. It allows me to do exactly what I need to do as I can easily group the entire database grouped as to format. Now that I know how to use the folders (The manual explanation is excellent), I can even separate my collection from my wife's even though they've been merged into one database. — Peter Brooks (USA) on Music Collector
September 30, 2016
Fantastic service
I had a problem with my IOS Music Collection not syncing with my database on my laptop. I wrote abut this yesterday evening and this morning was a reply and a solution. That is fantastic service and I congratulate all at Collectorz for having such a high standard of customer service. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every plea for support was of a similar type. Thank you and I offer you 6****** for your help. — ‎Rick Lawson (USA) on Music Collector
August 03, 2016
Like the software
I REALLY like the software. It is just what I was hoping to get when I was scouring the Internet looking for database software for my collection. — Mike Franden (USA) on Music Collector
July 28, 2016
Great Product
Great Product ... Great Support !
Thank you Alwin for your fast response on my add music files problem. — ‎Peter Biester (Germany) on Music Collector
July 22, 2016
Love the new version! Love the black background and blue lettering. I hope you never run out of new ideas!
As always thanks again. — Alvin Elkins (USA) on Music Collector
July 21, 2016
Impressed since day one
I am a computer/software tech and have been impressed since day one with the music software and tech support. Keep it up, I'm a happy customer. — Eric Ray Chapman (USA) on Music Collector
July 08, 2016
You Guys Rock
Love the Music collector software... YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!
Keep up the great work!!!! — Vince Cruciata (USA) on Music Collector
July 01, 2016
Just to say, just loving the 'dark skin' option with music, it's much easier to see the fonts and saves my eyesite. — David Wenden (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
May 31, 2016
Keep track of my collection
I want to thank you for Music Collector program. I do have several CD's and Vinyl albums that I'm going to use this program for. I also have over 1,200 Christmas recordings that I'm entering, in it's own database. (I actually did have it al entered but lost everything when things were supposed to be transferred to Windows 10, and I've since moved back to 7).
What an incredible amount of information Collectorz has provided to me, and I share it with others. Thank yo so much for a program that allows me to keep track of my collection, and prevent me from buying duplicates. I can now track the song titles, who preforms them and what recordings they can be found on. I just don't have the words to thank you enough.
Please also note that Athan-Jon de jager has been extrodingly patient with me asking for help on several occasions. Athan has explained things to me, (sometimes more than once), and has come to my rescue many times. He's polite, very knowledgeable, and explains things to me so I can understand what I'm doing wrong. Athan is a valuable asset to your organization. I do thank him for his help, I'm asking you if you can thank him as well. You have made an incredible valuable program that is going to help me out greatly. Now, I've taken up enough of your time.
Thank you so very much. — David Evans (Canada) on Music Collector
May 31, 2016
Many thanks for your email and for the excellent and comprehensive resolution to my problem. I have successfully logged in, updated my password and enabled my version of Music Collector. Brilliant!!
I would like to add that I am most impressed by the software, the speed of response to a problem and the accuracy of solution, something that is sadly lacking with many other software vendors. I will be recommending you to friends and family. — Paul Bellamy (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
May 12, 2016
Simply the best
I have over a thousand CD's in my collection. At one point I was buying duplicates. This software makes it so easy to catalog my music. I just pop the CD into the drive and music collector does the rest. I've tried other software, but nothing compares to music collector. — rickey ward (USA) on Music Collector
May 04, 2016
Thank you for an excellent app! I was able to catalog 48 cds in 15 minutes,
I am beyond impressed! — Stephanie Keyes (USA) on Music Collector
April 25, 2016
The best
I have to tell you how much I like Music Collector and CLZ. It’s the best music database application I know. And I think it’s great how you keep refining the program and adding useful features to it.
Keep up the great work!" — Michael Rueff (Netherlands) on Music Collector
April 23, 2016
Enjoying it immensely
I have purchased your music software and I am enjoying it immensely. I have recommended it friends. Your developers have done a great job. — Rob Chipley (USA) on Music Collector
April 06, 2016
First class service
Many thanks for the first class service and for collectors like me with around 6,000 albums this program its a god send. — Martin Harold (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
April 01, 2016
Awesome product
I'd like to say thank you for an awesome product. I love how easy it is to use and love the fact that it syncs so easily to my phone. — Greg Roberge (USA) on Music Collector
March 24, 2016
The coolest software I have ever owned
I purchased my software in November and I can say without a doubt that this is the coolest software I have ever owned. I have been looking for something like this for years. Thank you !! — Jeff Pike (USA) on Music Collector
March 21, 2016
Wouldn’t use anything else
The Music Collector software is incredible, so easy to use, but powerful. I wouldn’t use anything else to catalogue my CD collection. — Gary Parkinson (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
January 23, 2016
Recent email w/photos from trip to LONDON
I've got a very old version of CLZ and hope to upgrade soon...haven't had money to add to my music collection for many years, but every time I go to public library to borrow some of their cd's I cant help but wish they'd start using your software to keep track of their music/video collections at least...
anyway...your crew looks like a great group of people and I think you've got the very best software in the world for organizing data for collectors...so wanted you to know I'm a big fan of the work you guys do.
I'm still storing music LP's in plastic file/box bins so I can easily flip threw them...and weight doesn't get overwhelming...also...always kinda think...what if there were a fire here...Id want to be able to grab my music and go....not possible if they are all on shelves, ya know? — Ruth Lovinsohn (USA) on Music Collector
January 15, 2016
Nothing comes close
Keep up the good work of the software. Ive tried several programs but nothing comes close to yours. — Oliver Hinte (USA) on Music Collector