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Music Collector reviews

December 13, 2019
Just a quick note to let you and your people know that your work is appreciated. My music collection is much more accessible thanks to the program and when I have had questions they have been quickly and well addressed.
Thanks to all and a Merry Christmas. — Martin Archer-Shee (Canada) on Music Collector
December 03, 2019
Love the music program
Wanted to let you all know how much I LOVE the CD/music program! I can't live without it! Keep up the great work! — Marshall Christopher (USA) on Music Collector
October 23, 2019
You guys ROCK!!!
First, I LOVE Music Collector!!! I use it to capture all my CDs (600+) data. Keep up the awesome work! Your products are outstanding!! — Deb Lecki (USA) on Music Collector
August 22, 2019
Great software
This software is just amazing and so easy to get the hang of. I have a massive collection and am finding it hard to brake of to do other things. — Alan Priestner (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
August 12, 2019
Excellent support
Thanks for an excellent support. The whole my music stored in Apple file was imported into the Collectorz. Thanks again for valuable support and your absolutely prompt reaction. — Andrzej Szeja (Poland) on Music Collector
July 05, 2019
CD Collection
I love your software and have used it to tame my 1700 (and growing) CD collection. — John Mosley (USA) on Music Collector
July 05, 2019
Long time user
Long-time user since the very first (pre-CLZ) shareware app...”CD Collector?” It’s been so long I no longer remember! — David Knapp (USA) on Music Collector
May 28, 2019
Thank you for the great software
I'm customer since 2000. I can say I really use Music Collector every day! It's fantastic!
Very stable, quick and absolutely correct tool. — Babis Trihos (Greece) on Music Collector
April 21, 2019
Simple to use
I now have your full product approx. 2 weeks and I have over 1000 records logged into the database. I have only found two records I have had to put in manually. Your product is simple to use, superb in its operation and the background information has saved me weeks of work entering the information manually. I am already delighted with the product and would recommend it to anyone who has over 100 records in their collection. I am delighted I came across your product and have already spread the word to my mates.
I think I’m getting addicted to your program and I have to admit I didn’t realise I had so many records. Your program is also an great way of seeing what I actually have. — Joe McGuigan (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
March 14, 2019
Great customer service
I would like to add that this is a great piece of software, and I do appreciate that whenever there is a slight bug or problem you guys are so fast to get on it and offer a solution.
That's great customer service.
I belong to several groups for collectors of CDs and music, and always recommend Collectorz.com whenever someone asks what's a good way for cataloguing the collection. — Anthony Massam (Canada) on Music Collector
February 27, 2019
The software and support have been a god send. — Martin Archer-Shee (Canada) on Music Collector
February 15, 2019
Your program and support
Many thanks for the very swift reply to my concern with my record collection. Your information made it easier for me to go ahead with my cataloging. A lot more to do but your program and support are definite assets. — Martin Archer-Shee (Canada) on Music Collector
February 04, 2019
perfect for our needs
We are a small radio station using Music Collector to catalog our CDs. It is perfect for our needs and easy to use. Barcode automatic entry provides quick entry of CDs.
Our broadcasters can view the collection from their home computers. Incredible support, almost immediate responses from Alwin.
Takashi Yogi engineer KFOK-LPFM — Takashi Yogi (USA) on Music Collector
January 29, 2019
no equal
would like to compliment you on the Collectorz products you offer. They are absolutely above any of your competition and have no equal. — Joseph Skonieczny (USA) on Music Collector
January 21, 2019
Just what I need
I am very pleased with this program it is just what I need to catalogue my music collection, thanks once again. — Phillip (Australia) on Music Collector