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Music Collector reviews

December 18, 2011
Just amazed
I just wanted to write and say how pleased I am at having purchased the licence for the Music Collector Pro.
I don't usually get led into following up adverts on Facebook or any other site for that matter. I am just amazed at in just seconds after putting the CD into the computer how all the relevant information comes up.
I am hoping eventually to try more of your Collector Range. But t is going to take me a fair old time to catalogue all my music.

Thank You Alwin, Sytske & The team for your company. — Richard Norris (United Kingdom) on Music Collector

November 04, 2011
Entered my CD-collection and LP's, now halfway through my 7" vinyl collection (2,000+).
Music Collector is and remains amazing! Only once have I needed support and even that was great. — Frans van der Mark (Netherlands) on Music Collector
November 04, 2011
Superb product
I am an ex CD-Trustee user and although I enjoyed using that product and its simplicity and simple unfailling lookup via CDDB I am now totally enamoured with the MusicCollector product.
It took a little while and some help from support to get the format as I wanted but now I allways say WOW when on searching I get what I want first time and in the format I want.
Well done and thanks to you all for your help and a superb product. — Ian Morgan-Russell (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
August 29, 2011
It's Time to Say Thank You
I bought Music Collector on 25th November 2003 (Customer No. 679) and feel that after having entered 2,703 CD's, that it is well past time to say thank you to Alwyn and all at Collectorz for their program (also Movie and Book) and for the enjoyment they have given me over the years.
Problems are sorted quickly and assistance is always forthcoming from other users through the forum. It is good to see that users who bought at around the same time as me (Old Geek, Geoff, Xenorose, etc) are still active and willing to help.
May you prosper for many more years to come and hopefully I will continue the journey with you. — Joan Whittaker (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
August 28, 2011
Does everything I need and then some
I just bought this program a couple of days ago and started using it officially last night. I've already discovered a way to make entering records with no barcode a little easier. Instead of using the manual enter function, use the automatic enter function and put in the title and artist then hit search. You still need to go in and change some fields like "format" and enter the personal data manually, but the rest is done for you provided it is found.

This program is fabulous!!!! It does everything I need and then some! I have not purchased a peice of software this good in years! I loaded it in Windows 7 and XP and it loaded and runs flawlessly. It's real easy to use as well, its mostly quite intutitive really. Just an occasional referal to the manual if your trying to do something a bit weird or what have you is all that's required. Again, fabulous program!! — Eric (USA) on Music Collector

July 28, 2011
Easy to use
I just wanted to say that I bought the Music and Movie versions of your software. I'm finding them so easy to use that I'm thinking of purchasing the Book Collector version.
Any CD on your database that doesn't have the cover artwork I'm able to get a copy from Google images 99% of the time.
Thanks again for such easy to use and affordable software. — Bruce Day (Australia) on Music Collector
June 15, 2011
My LP/CD collection
Well, it took me three and a half years (I had a baby in between ;-)) But I did get my LP/CD collection catalogued. Fewer than I thought I had at just short of 2,500 and still a coupe, of 7" missing, but Im done. First pass.
Now to check some prices and get worried my insurance isnt enough....
As I took so long, I have had a good view over the development of music collector and I must say, over time the software has got easier to use. I have never regretted purchasing the pro version. — Andrew Morgan (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
April 25, 2011
What a time saver
Lovin the music collector!
Being a husband of a professional musician we are always looking that certain piece. So I have cataloged all our cds, records, tapes and all digital audio all I one package.
What a time saver! Thanks! — Steve Kutz (USA) on Music Collector
April 15, 2011
Nothing comes close to it
I'm a long time loyal user and tremendously enjoy using this program. Nothing comes close to it.
The motto for Keep It Compact (former name of Music Collector) was simplicity but I think that dedicated collectors as myself and the excellent development team have contributed to make it the high quality program that it is today.
Not too many software companies can claim to have the kind of close ties with its users that Collectorz.com has. It would be interesting to compare the feature list of the original Keep It Compact with the current incarnation of Music Collector.
What a ride for Alwin and company.

That's it for now and I'm looking forward to next update. — Daniel Thériault (Canada) on Music Collector

March 10, 2011
The Best Program
Im a HUGE fan of Music Collector, and have catagorized over 200 of my cd:s (but have over 600 left to catagorize).
This is the best program I have find and worked with. I search for a long time before I found this. I wanted a good one of course, and found it!! — Jimi Ekroth (Finland) on Music Collector
January 16, 2011
A Pleasure To Use
I have been using Music Collector since 2001 for my CD collection.
The program has had excellent improvements since then and it's a pleasure to use. I also use the Music Collector app on my iTouch so I can carry my collection with me.
My collection has now grown to over 7,000. — Greg Parks (Canada) on Music Collector