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Music Collector reviews

December 05, 2022
Problem solved! I’ve downloaded and installed Version 22 and everything is working fine. I shall spend the next couple of days getting used to all the changes. Many thanks for all your help – you’ve been fantastic! — Steve Griggs (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
July 25, 2022
Super great system
I love the Collectorz Music storage and cataloging. As a professional DJ, I've spent years looking for and adequate system and this one is super great — Donald Garberg (USA) on Music Collector
July 23, 2022
Great software, as well as the customer support
Thank you so very much for the easy to understand instructions, and understanding, resolving, and restoring my Music Collector data base. Everything is back and I am so very happy. You guys are the best and so is the software. — Ralph J Wick (USA) on Music Collector
June 15, 2022
My CD collection
Thought you might like to know although I will use the Database for my CD collection which compared to some people is modest, the main use after I change some field names is as a home inventory as I have tried different home inventory software in the past and always found them dated and lacking the power I need, but not only does your software outperforms other databases, it's also good value as well.
Thank you very much for your support. — Derek G. Watt (United Kingdom) on Music Collector
March 06, 2022
Five stars
The fact is that I have used Collectorz for years; I like it; I am satisfied with it. — Douglas Jardine (Canada) on Music Collector
February 26, 2022
Fraai programma
Na lang zoeken op het Internet naar een handig en overzichtelijk programma om mijn - omvangrijke - muziekverzameling overzichtelijk vast te leggen heb ik na de nodige miskleunen Music Collector aangeschaft. Ik gebruik dit fraaie programma nu al zo'n 7 jaar met veel plezier. — Ludo (Netherlands) on Music Collector
January 29, 2022
I have used this program since it became available. It is fantastic. Automatic or manual adding each entry gets an index number and I have tags with that number on all my 6,800 CDs Also has a great search where I can locate any album in just seconds, find the numbered disc. It also tells me if I already have a CD on file when adding them and can make up my mind to keep or delete Many many more features
Great people also!!!!
Oh forgot the multiple disc albums can add them together under one index number great add that was put couple years ago My Collection is listed on my two PCs. My iPhone and my wife’s iPhone and our 2 iPads. — Carl Snezek (USA) on Music Collector
January 24, 2022
Well organized record collection
One's record collection well-organized/articulated using a personalize collectorz database is the digital equivalent of the #KonMari method for a wardrobe. — Trent Hunsaker (USA) on Music Collector
January 23, 2022
You should be proud of your program
Thanks for all you have done. I do appreciate the way you have helped me. The program has been well used over the years as it had no equal. I have hundreds of cd & music dvds I have collected over time. Has been a hobby for me and you should be proud of your program. Once again thanks for your support … well done. — Ronald Stokes (Australia) on Music Collector