Music Collector’s Loan Manager allows you to track albums that you’ve loaned, who you’ve loaned them to and when they are due to be returned. The Loan Manager can also warn you when an album on loan is overdue.


Loaning aalbum

Loaning an album from Music Collector can be done in a few different ways:

1. Via the Loans menu.

  • Select the album you wish to loan from your Main List
  • Click Loans > Loan Album

2. Using the icon in your toolbar

  • Select the album you wish to loan
  • Click the icon with the arrow (shown above)*

After selecting one of the methods above, a new screen will appear.

Here you can define who you are loaning the album to as well as specifying the loan and due date.

If you accidentally set a return date, click Clear to remove it.

Once you’ve defined the date and the Loanee click OK and the album will be placed into your Loan Manager.

The Loan Manager

The Loan Manager enables you to quickly see which albums are on loan, who they are on loan to and most importantly, which albums are overdue. You can also loan and return albums directly from here using your barcode scanner.

To access the Loan Manager click Loans > Manage Loans.

At the top you can see albums which are currently on loan.

Entries highlighted in red indicate that the album is overdue.

Below the Current Loans you have your Loan History, this contains the history of all albums you’ve ever loaned, who to, and when they were returned.

Using a Barcode Scanner To Loan Albums

You can use your barcode scanner to quickly loan and return albums via the Loan Manager screen. Here’s how:

  • Click Loans > Loan Manager
  • Select ‘Loan aalbum’

  • Define a Loanee and due date for the loan
  • Click in the barcode field then scan the album’s barcode with your scanner
  • The album will automatically be added to your current loans

Returning Albums

Returning albums is just as easy as putting them on loan. You can use the same menu or icons you used when loaning the album.

1. Via the Loans menu

  • Select the album you wish to return from your Main List
  • Click Loans > Return Album

2. Using the Loan icon in your toolbar

  • Select the album you wish to return from your Main List
  • Click the icon shown above to return the album

3. Via the Loan Manager

  • Click ‘Return an album’
  • Scan the barcode into the barcode field

  • You can also return albums by dragging them from the Current Loans to the Loan History.

Managing Loanees

During the process of loaning aalbum you are asked to specify who it will be on loan to. When you do this, the name is automatically added to your ‘Loaned To’ list.

You can add details such as the loanee’s home address, telephone number and e-mail address. Here’s how:

  • Click Tools > Manage Pick Lists
  • Use the blue folder icon in the top left to locate the ‘Loaned To’ list
  • Click the + to create a new entry, or double click an existing one to edit
  • Here you can enter additional information about the loanee

Overdue loans

The new Loan Manager now has a built in notification system. If an album on loan becomes overdue, a pop up appears when you start Music Collector.

This warning will appear each time you start Music Collector and you have an overdue loan. You can disable the warning by ticking the box ‘Don’t notify me…’. You can also toggle this warning in the Options.

  • Click Tools > Options > Loans (on macOS click Music Collector > Preferences > Loan Management)
  • Here you can control whether or not you’ll be warned about overdue loans

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