To add discs, headers, tracks, or subtracks, go to the Edit Album screen. Click the tracks tab.

From left to right you have several buttons. Here they are from left to right:

1. Add Disc
The album you are adding consists of two discs. This is the place where you can add a disc to the album. If your album has only one disc, you don’t need to add a disc.

2. Add Header
You can add a Header to your album. This is mostly used for classical pieces that have one title, but several movements. The title can be put in the Header, the tracks will appear under the Header. The header can also be used for archiving vinyl, using it for Side A and Side B.

3. Add Track
The Add Track button let’s you, well, add a track. Adding more tracks is easy: just hit Enter and add the next track. The cursor will automatically be placed in the field you last entered data in. When you add the time to a track, Music Collector automatically adds up the total for the whole album.

4. Add Subtrack
With this button you can add a Subtrack to one (or more, of course) of the tracks on your album. Select the track you want to add a subtrack to and click the Add Subtrack button.

5. Edit
Edit one of the discs/headers/tracks/subtracks in the list.

6. Delete
Deletes a disc/header/track/subtrack in the list.
Be careful with what you delete. When you want to delete a single track, make sure you have the TRACK selected before clicking the delete button.

7. Auto Renumber Tracks
You can order your tracks by draggin up (and or down) in the tracklist. Clicking the Auto Renumber Tracks will renumber your tracks in order.

*8. Restore Original Order *
Not happy with your dragging your tracks around? Let Music Collector restore order. Click the Restore Original Order button, et voilà.

*9. Parse Track Info *
This option let’s you Parse Track Info that has double entries in the Title and/or Artist fields. When adding an album manually, you will not need this button. When editing tracks from an existing album that was added automatically, this button could come in handy.

*10. Capitalize All Disc And Track Titles *
Only one click will do that for you. Pressing F6 will do the same. Extremely useful for those incidental caPS LOCK adventures.

*11. Link Music Files *
Link music files to your album, using this great feature of Music Collector! Read more about it in the Cataloging Music Files section of our manual.

12. Expand All, Collapse All
Clicking the + or – signs expands or collapses the underlying levels.

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