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Reviews from customers

December 31, 2008
The topping on the cake
I am an organizing nut; love to organize everything so I know where the stuff I have is located.
Can't tell you how many of this and that that I have duplicated over the years because I could not find that one item I needed or wanted.?

I have my two grandchildren living with me and all of us love our movies. I have some 3-4 thousand; some on VHS, Laser, DVD and now the start of something really great - Blue Ray.
One of my grandkids will yell, where is Monkey Trouble and off I go to see if I can find that one, even though I have a somewhat-organized alphabet list. Your program gives me the topping on the cake because I can now go a step further and tell them a bit of what the movie is about and even show them a picture of the cover on the movie.

You have done a marvelous job and someone "Up There" must have led me to your website.

As I say, I hope this e-mail gets to you to let you know your hard work over the years will be appreciated by me and I will pass the word to get you some more business - for this product and others that you have available. — George Fernald on Movie Collector

December 27, 2008
Truly rocks!
I just downloaded and tried your Movie Collector application and it is totally awesome. I will be ordering the Pro version very soon and maybe your MP3 collector program as well!

I already own DVD Profiler 3 but it does NOT allow me to add movies by title and it is bulky and very limited compared to your program. I added an image of a movie I have and that was so cool. This program truly rocks!

I am a clinical chemist and I know quality software when I see it. Yes, those were the days when I grew up on DBase, R:Base, FoxPro, Delphi and Access. Whatever your api is written in says wow and screams GREAT CODING AND AWESOME INTERFACE....


THANK YOU AGAIN X 100,000 TO THE THIRD DUDE! order on its way!!! — Rick L. Sprinkle on Movie Collector

December 25, 2008
Spread the word
This is just a note to thank you for the GREAT support you've given me over the last few months. Other computer & software companies could learn from you folks!

I'm telling everyone I know about your product---I just wish I knew more people that collected movies like I do so I could spread the word about your product even more. — Donald LeDuc on Movie Collector

December 22, 2008
Highly recommend it to anyone
After using this program and finishing off inputting all the movie data, using the CueCat, which finally got working, I think the program would have been more than worth the total amount that I ended up paying (which you have refunded to me, true to your word).

I'd have been willing to pay $100 for this program if I'd realized just how extensive and amazing it truly is. I can keep track of the movies I lend out, never buy another duplicate (I found 6 duplicate DVD's), input new DVD's or Blu-Rays as I buy them; it's just a great program and I'd highly, highly recommend it to anyone.

Next, I'm going to start cataloging my books. I can just take the CueCat upstairs, plug it into my computer, run Book Collector and start scanning my books from my library. I'm very excited about it. — Caroline Ross on Movie Collector

December 20, 2008
A terrific product
Once again. THANK YOU and BLESS you! I only mentioned I'd noticed an email about the new version --- haven't had time to check it out further, and then, bam!
Here it is!

You folks have a terrific product (and for someone who has about 2,000 VHS and DVD movies, it's a god-send!) AND your service is exceptional - unbelievable in a world that sometimes seems to forget about THAT part of a business!

Happy Holidays! Mine will be better, thanks to you folks as I have some time off - work for a school district - and was hoping to get my BIG movie and music collections under control ... and now I can! — Mary Scott on Movie Collector

December 10, 2008
Your software is the best
I have just received the preview email to say v6 of Movie Collector is available and without even downloading a trial first I have upgraded to v6 with my 50% off.

I am a long time registered user v3 of your software and believe in the quality of your product so much there was no need to try it first. I know it's a big leap of faith but your software is the best. Anyway It's 2.45am here in Sydney and I just needed to let you know. Keep up the great work Team!

ps. Just to add I downloaded v6 and added 500+ dvd v5 file to v6 format and it's working great, now I am going to get some sleep :) — Barry J. Tomkinson on Movie Collector

December 10, 2008
I am at 687 DVD's
This a compliment. Not a request for service. Your transition was fantastically smooth, with no issues.
Great work to everyone, and I look forward to many years of collecting. Right now I am at 687 DVD's with another 52 BD.

IKEA is my friend when it comes to storage racks. — Richard Niles on Movie Collector

December 05, 2008
Boy, it's SO SELDOM that one deals with a company like yours which OBVIOUSLY values its Customers by doing what you did for me. With other companies, I would have been told "too bad, buy the right one" but you guys are AWESOME to cover what was obviously MY mistake.

If you ever need a testimonial for your BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES, don't hesitate to quote me.

I look forward to using your system for my movies.

Anyway... THANKS AGAIN FOR GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE — Charles Culp on Movie Collector

December 05, 2008
Real value
I say again that I think this is an impressive product.

I started originally to build a database using Microsoft Access, but got depressed in having to start again with a new Database each time I thought of something new that I wanted to add. I then did a quick Google search and found Collectorz.com.

Although I hate spending money on software (especially if I can write something myself), I was so impressed with Movie Collector that within 5 minutes I had registered it. It's great that there are companies producing quality software tools at very affordable prices.

I am an Electronics design engineer and write a fair bit of software for many "Embedded" systems, so I appreciate the time that goes into developing products such as MovieCollector, and hence its real value. — Robert Stephen on Movie Collector

October 29, 2008
Simply Great
I'm so happy with your DVD collector that I purchased the Music Collector last night as well, I also ordered the scanner last week. I was playing around with it a bit and found it to be just as great as the DVD collector.

I will let you in on a little secret; I purchased these programs back in 2001 (approximately) I quit using it because I was always working and never had time to use it.

I asked you a question about the DVD Collector and you gave me the answer so quickly and efficiently that I could not believe the incredible service you provide, "Simply Great" especially for this day and age when people just want to sell then cut and run.
Years ago before buying your program I tested several others, yours was so far beyond what anyone else had so I purchased yours.

Thank you. — Roman Garza, Jr. on Movie Collector

October 14, 2008
I am writing in connection with my recent order for your movie collector software, and laser barcode scanner. Congratulations-----they are both brilliant!

They make cataloging my DVDs so quick, and easy, it is unbelievable. Incidentally, I have been accused of being lazy for using a scanner to catalogue my DVD collection, but I think I am having the last laugh. It makes the process an absolute breeze! — Terence Maurice on Movie Collector

October 13, 2008
I am absolutely THRILLED
I did download the trial version, and I am absolutely THRILLED with what I can do with this exceptional and high quality product. It is EVERYTHING I have been looking for, and MORE! I finally have a professional database to catalogue my dvd collection!

Thank you! I will absolutely be purchasing Movie Collector Pro this weekend! — Suzan Zagar on Movie Collector

September 23, 2008
Outstanding customer support
I am a devoted user of Movie Collector Pro. Since I first bought the software several years ago, you have made many excellent additions and improvements.
I have recommended your Movie Collector program to my family, friends and anyone who will listen to me. It is easy to use, very reliable (bug proof!), and it has all of the capabilities and features that make it a very powerful tool.

And last but not least, I think that one of the best elements of your software is your outstanding customer support. For me, Movie Collector Pro has become an important and valuable investment for my movie collection. — Robert Penn on Movie Collector

September 16, 2008
Sinds 2005 ben ik een enthousiaste gebruiker van MovieCollector. Tot nu toe heb ik er bijna 1.500 films in staan en ik vind het enorm handig om alle bijzonderheden in een blik te kunnen zien, met name of ik de film al gezien heb en zo ja, wat ik er destijds van vond.

Afgelopen maand ben ik van Windows overgestapt naar een Apple machine en ook daarop werkt het zoals je mag verwachten: foutloos! Grootste gemak vind ik dat films snel gezocht worden in een aantal, door jezelf te bepalen, databases en dat je eenvoudig kunt bijhouden waar je een bepaalde film ook alweer neergezet hebt (of in welke map je de DVD gestopt hebt). — Marry van Oers on Movie Collector

September 08, 2008
The perfect program
I have been using Movie Collector for almost a year now and I think it is one of the best programs I have seen in a long time. It's very, very close to being the perfect program.
Thanks for a job well done. — Jay Graff on Movie Collector
July 24, 2008
Exactly what I needed
I compared other products with yours in my research before I purchased and obtained recommendations from individuals I know who highly recommended your product. It does appear to do exactly what I needed for my large DVD collection, almost 800 as we speak.

The barcode entry really makes it easy when you have that large of a collection to start entering. I was able to complete entering my 800 plus movie library in almost no time using the barcode entry method. It was really a lot of fun because it allowed me to get acquainted with all my movies all over again. — Paul Autry on Movie Collector

July 21, 2008
Very happy with it
I recently purchased your movie collector product and am very (!) happy with it. It took me almost no time to enter the 700-odd VHS videos I have and I will now move on to entering the DVDs. Bedankt! — Rolf Knitter on Movie Collector
July 17, 2008
Slick program
You guys rock!
This is really a slick program for interfacing all of my dvd's and other items to my home theater system via Media Center. — George Perry on Movie Collector
June 30, 2008
Great product
First off I'd like to compliment the whole crew at collectorz for a great product. I've checked out different software and have found nothing that's more comprehensive then yours.

Good job and keep up the great work. — Tom Fagan on Movie Collector

June 27, 2008
Have paid for itself
Thanks for a great piece of software at a fantastic price. I first used the trial version and was very impressed. With nearly 3,000 DVDs to trawl trough, your Movie Collector software have paid for itself over and over. — Kevin Rush on Movie Collector
June 06, 2008
Very professional
Would just like to say what a great job you have made of this fantastic software, i have been trying to keep a record of my dvds with a spreadsheet, which was basically a poor way of doing it, but this product has made my life so much easier and it looks very professional, i actually enjoy updating my database, keep up the good work.
Regards Ian — Ian Reay on Movie Collector
June 03, 2008
Done in just a few hours
I love the movie collector software. I had borrowed a wireless bar code reader from the office and had my entire collection (about 185 entries) done in just a few hours over the course of the weekend. — Larry Hunter on Movie Collector
May 15, 2008
Movie Collector rocks
Dropping extreme movie manager in favor of movie collector was one of my best decisions.
Movie Collector rocks and makes managing my 600+ DVDs a breeze, thanks! — Steve Guns on Movie Collector
April 29, 2008
Easy and even enjoyable task
I am writing this email to express my gratitude to you and your team for developing one of the best databases for collectors I have ever seen and used.

With the enormous collection of movies I currently own, it is now possible to digitally store, identify, and retrieve each and every movie in its own separate category. This used to be a very time consuming and cumbersome task. Now that I have your great movie collector edition, selecting and organizing my movies has become an easy and even enjoyable task.

Thanks again for making such a great, user-friendly collector database. I am always looking forward to seeing what new and exciting developments are coming out next from your software team! — Chad Rogers on Movie Collector

April 28, 2008
Saves me a ton of time
Been using Movie Collector for Years. Saves me a ton of time. I have a massive DVD collection due to buying 2 to 4 per week since they first came out. And I get many as gifts. Every new release keeps getting Better. — Jack Bradley on Movie Collector
April 04, 2008
Fluitje van een cent
Heerlijk om met dit programma te werken. Het bijhouden van je verzameling is een fluitje van een cent geworden. Verzamelen is hiermee weer een stuk leuker geworden. — Kees Buis on Movie Collector
March 26, 2008
This software is awesome!! I love the details and thoughtfulness that has been put in such as, automatically loading a link I just copied when I click "add URL." I love the options choices and intelligence the software has when downloading movie information. — Justin Brewer on Movie Collector
March 10, 2008
My DVD OCD under control
I've been using your software for more than a year and my collection has been growing along with the features and updates that you guys provide.

I just wanted to let you know how great it is to finally have my DVD OCD under control. I'm very happy with the software over the years. As many people as I tell about your software... Thanks for making things easy for me and to the customer support staff, quick response and you don't talk to me like I'm and idiot (Ex: "Is the computer plugged in?"), what else can be said but thanks. — Luis Garcia on Movie Collector

February 11, 2008
Has made Life so much easier
I am writing to express my Gratitude for the Movie Collectorz Software. Not only is there a user friendly platform, it has Superior Functionality with a Professional & Conscientious Support Team that other companies only wish they could achieve!

Several Years ago after experiencing another program and attempting to build my own data base, both of which were less than desirable, I stumbled across the Collectorz website and purchased the program. While time and events did not permit a full time commitment to “data entry” on my part, I was still impressed with the program.
With a Collection (bordering on obsessive and still growing) of approximately 3,000 each VHS and DVD, I knew this to be exactly what I needed to organize my movie collection and be able to offer viable proof to the Insurance Company. Finally, this past year I upgraded my computer and took advantage of upgrading to Movie Collector 5 and must say I AM REALLY IMPRESSED with the progression of the Program, the Team work and the Community which supports it all!!
The automatic down load for as much information as possible, the flexible ability to personalize data fields, searches, print outs and numerous other features far exceeds any expectations I may have had. With my ever growing collection, and still being somewhat restricted by time and events, I make as many entries as possible when possible. In Striving for perfection and consistency of Data on my part has proved to make this a slow but Beneficial process that will be a forever work in progress.

Overall the Movie Collectorz Software has made Life so much easier and the Dream of having a Full Catalog and Accountability will soon be a Reality.
You are My Hero!! You can never be Praised or Thanked enough for all that you do!! Please keep up the great work and I look forward to what the future may bring. — Christine Chonacki on Movie Collector

February 10, 2008
Man this thing works perfectly
I just wanted to mention. I have been manually inputting movies and it was a chore in the beginning. Now I have a CueCat scanner and man this thing works perfectly! Just a swipe with the CueCat and the Collectorz program is off and running.

The CueCat hooks up with no problem and within seconds of plugging it into any XP machine your off and running. If you don't have a scanner either because you didn't want to spend the cash or didn't think it would be much of a benefit, take it from someone that manually input over 200 movies. You want to scan bar codes instead of manually inputting the information.

The CueCat is relatively cheap so cost should not stop anyone. It completely eliminates input errors and it scans fast!

Just my 2 cents worth of input, hope it helps someone else decide to use a scanner. — Scott Kettman on Movie Collector

February 08, 2008
Over 1,800 movies
I've been using your Movie Collector program for many years and it is the best by far! I have over 1,800 movies and the program works flawlessly. — Bruce Gauthier on Movie Collector
February 08, 2008
Over 1,200 DVDs
Thanks so much for this last Version !!!! The "Episodes & Features" addition of running time & First air date really make this collector complete! I'm working on that right now with all my TV DVds!

I so glad the "Collection Status" "On Order" button that was added. It really helps me manages my collection. (Now over 1,200 DVDs). — Gordon Hartman on Movie Collector

February 01, 2008
It's just what I want
Just want to let you know that I am looking forward to getting the software with in a few weeks and it's just what I want for my library.

I have a large library starting and what I like about it the most is that if I loan something out it will let me know instead of losing it and not getting back. And love the way you can do the covers and everything so if I have a friend that wants to look in the library instead of the sheets I have printed out for my case they can see the cover and what is on each one of the disc in my box sets or just a single disc.

So I just can't wait to get the software and thanks for comming up with this I love it. — Nathan Lancaster on Movie Collector

January 14, 2008
The larger the better
Thanks for a great dbase program! Made my life so easy keeping track of my movies and I'm no longer buying duplicate movies with the iPod feature.

Back to the movie store I go! The scan tool was just a feature I could not have lived without, I didn't want to start a database and spend months typing the info into a program for my 1000+ DVD's, HD, BluRay and VHS movies. I think it actually took me 4 days, while watching TV to do so. And the ability to add movies that were not found automatically was also a nice feature.

I would, and have, recommend this program to anyone with any size collection! The larger the better! — Bob Morgan on Movie Collector