Linking your movies for syncing with CLZ Cloud

Before uploading your movies to CLZ Cloud from the Windows or Mac software, you can “link your movies”.

Movie Collector, CLZ Cloud and Linking

Movie Collector is built around our central online database: Core for Movies. For the online user databases in CLZ Cloud, all factual movie details (cast, crew, cover images, audience rating, genre, ) and cover images are used and shown directly from Core for Movies.

This factual movie data is not stored per user. Instead, it is stored only once, inside Core for Movies then linked to for every CLZ Cloud user that owns that movie.
This factual data is not uploaded to CLZ Cloud when you sync your data from Movie Collector. It only uploads your personal data fields like Collection Status, Purchase information, Notes, Rating, etc…), plus the link to the corresponding movie entry in Core for Movies (basically just the CLZ Movie ID of the entry inside Core for Movies).

How to link your movies

If you have been using the Add Movies Automatically screen to catalog your movies, selecting and downloading the data from Core for Movies, then most of your movies will already be linked.

You will only need to link the movies that you added manually.

To link your movies, click menu CLZ Core > Batch Link Movies and let the program search for your movies in the Core for Movies. Link whatever you can (no problem if you can’t link a couple).

You can search all of them at once, or check the results and focus on each single movie before linking it.

The advantages of the Linking with Core for Movies and central shared data in Core for Movies

*Automatic Updates: * When our content managers or other users update the movie information in Core for Movies (e.g. to add a better cover image, to improve data, or to fix a typo), you will immediately see those changes in CLZ Cloud.
No need to “Update Movies Automatically”. Your collection in CLZ Cloud always automatically shows the latest version of the data and cover art.

It’s fast: Sharing the factual movie data means that its retrieval can be optimized (e.g. by caching), resulting in a smooth experience when browsing your CLZ Cloud movie collection. Also, syncing up from your desktop/mobile app v is very fast, because only your personal data and a single ID value needs to be uploaded to your CLZ Cloud.

It’s efficient: Shared factual movie data is only stored once, which means our servers are not clogged by duplicate copies of data and images (that are all the same for every user). This also makes it possible for our systems to make daily backups of your movie collection data.

What if a movie is not in Core for Movies?

This shouldn’t happen too often, but here’s what you can do to handle this situation and at the same time help us improve Core for Movies:

Good to know: You can upload and keep unlinked movies in your CLZ Cloud. Unlinked items will show up online with just some basic information and will include your personal data, including the cover image that you may have added yourself to the unlinked movie.

TIP: For movies not available in our central database, make sure to include the barcode in your unlinked entry, so that our Content Team can spot popular “un-linked” movies and add them to the central database. As soon as they do, your entry will automatically become a full entry with all movie information.

Also, if you do have full information for that movie you can right click it in your collection and report it to Core to add/make correction in Core for Movies.

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