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New Comic Book Day, week 8: 486 new releases!

February 21st, 2024

Today is New Comic Book Day, so here is our weekly overview of new issues and new series.

In total, today brings 486 new releases for 229 actual unique issues. You can find all of them in your Add Comics screen now. Or better yet, browse them all using the Add screen’s Pull List tab!

Highlights for NCBD week 8

New issues for big titles:

These are the new issues for the most popular titles:

  • Batman, Vol. 3 #144
  • Spawn #350
  • Nightwing, Vol. 4 #111
  • Catwoman, Vol. 5 #62
  • Star Wars, Vol. 3 (Marvel) #43
  • X-Force, Vol. 6 #49

Most variants

Edge of Spider-Verse, Vol. 4 #1, with 17 variants, listed from 1A to 1Q!

New series:

Many new issues #1 for new series this week:

  • Edge of Spider-Verse, Vol. 4 #1 with 17 variants
  • Elvira Meets H.P. Lovecraft #1 with 12 variants
  • The Crying Boy (Keenspot Entertainment) #1 with 10 variants
  • Zor #1 with 8 variants
  • Cemetery Kids Don’t Die #1 with 6 variants
  • Predator: The Last Hunt #1 with 6 variants
  • Alien: Black, White & Blood #1 with 5 variants
  • Blasfamous #1 with 5 variants
  • Fairy Tale Team Up: Robyn Hood & Belle #1 with 5 variants
  • Godzilla Rivals: Mothra Vs. Moguera #1 with 3 variants
  • Rick And Morty: Sherick Holmes And Mortson #1 with 3 variants
  • Roman Ritual #1 with 3 variants
  • Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 7 Annual #1 with 2 variants
  • Six Fingers #1 with 2 variants
  • The Jaguar (Archie Comic Publications) #1 with 2 variants

Cool new exclusives:

Our picks of some cool new exclusive variants:

  • Catwoman, Vol. 5 #62G: Nathan Szerdy Exclusive Variant
  • Star Wars, Vol. 3 (Marvel) #43F: Alan Quah Exclusive Variant
  • Rise of the Powers of X #2H: Ejikure Exclusive Variant

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