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Reviews from customers

November 15, 2004
I want to say that all three (book/movie/mp3) are terrific products and I use them regularly. I tried several cataloging products but none of them delivered what you guys at Collectorz do. And the support is outstanding!

Of the three products, I use book collector and music collector the most. Book Collector, especially, is truly a fantastic product -- I enter every book I buy (and I buy a lot of books) and, with the new info-sources, it's really easy to enter the books and grab the cover pages without going through cumbersome scans. I also grab the blurbs, just for future reference. The best thing is the loan management facility -- I've not misplaced a book or a CD yet since I started using these products. With Book Collector, I am now slowly adding in all the older books in my library.

The sheer flexibility of the software (allowing me to add genres/categories, customize labels and fields, etc) makes it dead simple to use and adds enormously to its usability. The learning curve is very shallow and completely intuitive and a lot of attention has been paid to small details -- for example, being able to specify a customized path for the database, images and backups so that backing up all the data periodically is effortless.

As I said, I tried at least four other book cataloging products, including some very much more expensive. Not one came anywhere near as close to offering the features, speed, stability and flexibility of the Collectorz products (and they had really ugly GUI's too). When it comes to cataloging software, the choice is, IMHO, a complete no-brainer: it's Collectorz all the way.

I will be buying movie collector, too, shortly as I build my collection of DVDs.

Gautam Patel — Gautam Patel

August 02, 2004
I bought Book/Music/Movie Collector on Friday, and spent most of the weekend using it. It is absolutely fantastic!!! One of the best pieces of software that I have used in very many years.

The fact that my parents and I can have it installed on our personal machines and are able to view each others collections will become invaluable - as soon as I have finished doing the cataloging. I am also very excited to be able to track to whom I have lent my books/music/movies - the most common way I lose my items!! — David Carroll

July 12, 2004
I have had your products for I think maybe a year so far and truly it's a godsend. I haven't even finished my collection yet and I'm up to 2035 CDs (that's not even including my boxed sets yet) and just about 976 DVDs (again not including anime yet). Without your program I would never have this ability.

Thank you soo much for all the help and trouble you've gone through with all my questions I've sent. Again your product is a godsend. — Dustin Manning

May 17, 2004
Let me just say that I am a librarian, very familiar with cataloging software, and I love your products for home cataloging. They are so quick, so convenient, and very reasonably priced. I looked around a lot before purchasing and you are the all around best! — Kathleen Murphy
April 26, 2004
I have actually bought both MusicCollector and MovieCollector. Have used both for years and I am VERY happy with both, excellent programs. When I will get time I will start to file my book collection and then get BookCollector from you.

I do know from my own work that one only hears from customers when they are unhappy and usually then in a fowl language. This is just to let you know that you are doing a fabulous job. Keep it up!

Best regards from Copenhagen
Gudmundur Oddsson — Gudmundur Oddsson

April 05, 2004
I'd like to say two things:

1. The 3 programs I purchased (Book/Movie/Music Collector) are excellent examples of what user-friendly applications should be all about. The feature to download info on the item from sites like Amazon etc. is very useful and the viewing options cater to all my needs. I got on the web to look for a Movie Library software and ended up getting all three. I might even start collecting comics just to use Comic Collector!
2. The support I received when I was facing problems using my card through the payment gateway was phenomenally quick and hassle-free. I've received my license numbers and am going to spend the weekend updating my Collections.

Vivek Hurry — Vivek Hurry

February 25, 2004
By now I have spent quite some money on a variety of software, but the purchase of Music Collector and Book Collector must have one of the most rewarding buys. The program is efficient, compact and transparent in all facets. Editing of data is extremely simple. I cannot recommend these programs enough. — Ir. Max A. Winkeler
January 27, 2004
I know you asked to reply if the product was not working, but I wanted to tell you how well it did work. I bought Music, Movie, and Book Collector all at once and I have to say that the products are great!

I inventoried my 600+ CD collection in two evenings watching TV and did my 150+ movie collection in a third. Great interface, I used a cuecat to scan most of the titles and had very few problems.

This is a wonderful product. I had thought about building one myself through Microsoft Access, but your interface with the online databases saved me a huge amount of work. — Randy Abernathy