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Reviews from customers

August 28, 2003
You guys are awesome as well as your software and I think it's becoming widely known that Collectorz.com is the place to turn for the collector out there who wants to database his/her belongings. — Matthew Wakeman
August 26, 2003
I have spent some time over the past few days evaluating your software versus some others, and I must say that I am very impressed with your products and your efforts. They have great flexibility and contain all the necessary detail.

Long ago, I created a music database using Lotus Approach. It worked well for me, but of course everything was manually entered. You have made life considerably easier. Nice job! — Larry Strope

July 28, 2003
I have been using both MP3 and Music Collectors for almost two years now, and I am extremely satisfied with both. Out of all the collection software packages I have seen, they are definitely the top. Thanks very much for such wonderful software! — Joe McNelis
March 30, 2003
I became aware of your sight from Lockergnome.com, who suggested your products. I'd written to them, telling them of my frustrations with various media database programs. They were very helpful in pointing me to you folks.

I like the music and movie programs for their ease of use and for being able to classify by genre. Thank you for the two really great pieces of software and making my life that much easier. Saving $16 on snapping up the Pro versions of the music and movie programs was a big plus!

I finally have the missing pieces to my collection puzzles. Thanks again! — Mark Jones