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Music Collector (macOS)

v18.0.4: Fixed various issues in the sync with CLZ Cloud

April 10th, 2018


  • Sync with CLZ Cloud:
    • In the past disc information may not have been uploaded correctly, causing some discs to download incorrect information when down syncing. This version will correct this and all albums that are affected will be flagged dirty so they can up sync the correct information again. You may get a few automatic sync changes because of this.
    • Sometimes the “Local changes to be uploaded” counter didn’t show the correct number.
    • When a cover could not be downloaded during down syncing it would stop and not continue. Now it will continue and show a report of any errors that have occurred.
    • Sometimes covers weren’t uploaded when they should have.
    • The error: “This database is different from the one in CLZ Cloud” would show up in rare cases when it shouldn’t.
  • Main Screen:
    • There were still some cases where “follow edited item” option was not working.
    • Folder grouping on a credit role would show folders for all credit roles instead of just the one selected.