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What's new in Movie Collector for Windows?

Movie Collector (Windows)

V17.0.2: New image popup method and updates to the quick search

February 16th, 2017


  • “Single Sided, Triple Layer” and “Single Sided, Quad Layer” added as layer options
  • Images popup now also supports “Size Picture to Window without stretching” option
  • Quick search: suggestions now also are shown when searching on “Title” field


  • Main Screen:
    • Quick Search: applying a filter could cause unexpected behaviour
  • Images Popup:
    • the status bar wasn’t always showing the right image path when opening
    • .bmp images were not showing
  • CueCat scanner wasn’t working properly any more

Recent changes

v17.0.6: Fixed a “Cannot focus window” error. April 25th, 2017 v17.0.5: Fixed an error and added new links to the What’s New page April 13th, 2017 v17.0.4: Maintenance build with lots of fixes April 10th, 2017 v17.0.3: Added search-as-you-type to pick list fields March 16th, 2017 V17.0.2: New image popup method and updates to the quick search February 16th, 2017 V17.0.1: Major updates to the Quick Search and Image Viewer popup! February 14th, 2017 v16.5.3: Fixed crashes during Check for Update January 4th, 2017 v16.5.2: maintenance build January 2nd, 2017 v16.5.1: Easily add movies that come up as “Unrecognized Barcode” November 10th, 2016 v16.4.5: Quick search with regular expressions and other tweaks October 10th, 2016 v16.4.4: More improvements to Add Movies Automatically screen September 13th, 2016 v16.4.2: various fixes August 16th, 2016 v16.4.3: fixed “Handle is invalid” and movie queue problem August 16th, 2016 v16.4.1: “Search-As-You-Type” suggestions when adding movies by title August 11th, 2016 v16.3.14: More stable cloud syncing and other improvements / fixes August 8th, 2016 v16.3.13: just a small maintenance build August 2nd, 2016 v16.3.12: Some fixes to templates, cloud syncing and editing July 19th, 2016 v16.3.11: Editing, exporting and font size fixes July 7th, 2016 v16.3.10: One tweak, multiple fixes July 1st, 2016 v16.3.9: Date fields now have drop downs for easier date entry June 30th, 2016 v16.3.8: “List index out of bounds” fix and other fixes June 20th, 2016 v16.3.7: More Quick Filter panel tweaks June 16th, 2016 v16.3.6: Fix for “maximized mode” problems June 15th, 2016 v16.3.5: Add Automatically fix June 14th, 2016 v16.3.4: Quick Filter panel tweaks June 14th, 2016