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Movie Collector (Windows)

v21.5: Sync web-links and box set covers

September 28th, 2021

Another big update for your Movie Collector software! In this latest version we’ve added two new fields to the sync, namely web-links (and their description) and box set covers (front and back).

Web-links now sync

Movie Collector now syncs web-links with CLZ Cloud, meaning all web-links you’ve ever added will be available on CLZ Cloud and on CLZ Movies.

Important: because most of your movies will probably already contain web-links, this will trigger a lot of changes to be synced from Movie Collector to CLZ Cloud. This is normal behaviour 🙂 (and on any mobile app you own, this will lead to a lot of changes to be synced from CLZ Cloud to your mobile device).

Custom box set covers now sync

After lots of requests we’ve added a “Custom Cover” checkbox for box set front and back covers. When you modify the cover of a box set (click “edit box set” in the template), the program automatically checks the box for custom cover so it’s marked for uploading to CLZ Cloud (and you will be able to download that custom cover to your mobile app too).


  • Folders: Grouping on the Feature field only worked for disc 1, and now works for all discs of a movie entry.
  • Add Screen: By Barcode: Right click to remove a barcode wasn’t working.

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