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Movie Collector (Windows)

v16.3.4: Quick Filter panel tweaks

June 14th, 2016

  • The opening and closing of the panel is now much smoother.
  • It’s now less likely that the panel opens inadvertently,
    as the “responsive area” is now smaller and there is slight delay before it reacts.

  • Now automatically slides back when not clicked.


  • Edit Movie screen:
    • Episode list columns could not be resized.
    • Some field values were showing in bold.
    • On User Defined tab, the check box lists were not scrollable.
    • Check box lists didn’t show hints for items that were too wide to fit.
    • Date fields were showing a ‘0’ for empty Month and Day. Will now only show when Month or Day field has focus
  • Images View in Classic mode now also has a dark background while using Dark Skin.
  • Quick Filter panel: Collection status filter was reset after panel moved open and closed.
  • Vee Eight template: font size was too small.
  • Add Automatically: Search Queue info was not updated after selecting a result.
  • Import from Other Collection: Episode First Air Date and Episode Viewing Date year values were not importing.

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