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New view for the main screen: Card View

Next to List View, Images View and Cover Flow, we have added a Card View, a multi-column view with little info cards for each comic, showing the main issue details and a small cover thumbnail.

Delete Orphaned Images

Clean up your hard-disk by deleting all unused cover images and thumbnails.

  • This tool scans your configured Images Folder or database container to find all images
    that are not linked to your current database file.

  • Browse the list of found orphaned images in List or Images View.
    Check thoroughly to make sure these can all be deleted.

  • Finally, use the red “Delete Selected Images” button,
    and all “checked” images will be removed from your computer.

WARNING: Do NOT use this tool if you have multiple databases !!!!

Enhanced database Backup and Restore system

Keep multiple time-stamped backups and easily restore them.

  • The software now keeps multiple time-stamped database backups of data,
    saved inside your Backup folder as “[yourdatabasename].cmcp_[timestamp] [# of items] Comics”.

  • Use the new “Backup Folder” option in Comic Collector / Preferences / Folders to set your Backup folder location.
  • Use the new “Number of Days” setting in Comic Collector / Preferences / Backup to select
    how many days of backups you want to keep. Older files are automatically pruned.

  • Use the Tools / Maintenance / Restore Database submenu to easily restore a backup.
    Restored backups are copied back inside your CMCP database file.

Upon conversion of the database, the software will move all old format backups from inside the database file to the Backup Folder that has been set in Comic Collector / Preferences / Folders, making the database file a lot smaller in size.

How to create TPB entries:

There’s 3 ways to create TPB entries in your comic database

  1. Create a new TPB straight from the Add Auto screen
    In the Add Comics Automatically screen, find the issues contained in the TPB,
    check their checkboxes, then click the Add As TPB button. All done!
  2. Merge existing issue entries into a TPB
    If you already have the contained issues in your database as separate database entries, you can merge these into a TPB, with the issues listed as Contents.
    Just select the issues you want to merge, right click, then choose “Merge Into TPB”.
  3. Add issue details to an existing TPB entry
    If you already have the TPB in your database as just entry, you can add the contained issues as Contents, making full use of the issue details and covers from Core.
    Just Edit the TPB, go to the Contents tab and click the Add TPB Issues button. This will open the Add Auto screen when you can find the contained issues, then add them.

Add Comics Automatically: new “Pull List” tab

Manage the series on your pull list using the new Pull List tab,
easily find new releases and add them to your database.

  • Pull List tab merges functionality of old “New Releases” and “Favorites” tabs.
  • Click Refresh to find all issues that either have been released in the last 7 days
    or are going to be released in the upcoming months.

  • Issue Release Dates are more accurate because these are now updated weekly.
  • Filter the new releases list, to either show:
    • New issues in your Pull List series (default).
    • New issues in your series.
    • New issues in all series.
  • Add/Remove series to/from your Pull List by clicking the new star icons.
  • Tip: double click the “Show all issues” text to see ALL issues in a series.

Other improvements to the Add Comics Automatically screen

  • In all Series Search Results, the Date column now shows the date range of the contained issues, making it easier to find the series you’re looking for.
  • New: filter the search results on Collection Status.

Show/Hide the Have/Want display

  • Tools / Options / Customization:
    New setting to hide the Have/Want display in Details Panel.

New QuickSilver template, new QuickSilver Shelves for Images View


  • Tools / Options / Customization:
    New setting to hide the Have/Want display in Details Panel.

  • “Out of memory” crashes after using the program for a few hours.
  • Main screen sort order was not preserved when using Edit in List feature.
  • 2 Panels / Image View / Alphabet Bar : sometimes the edit screen wouldn’t open.
  • Sorting on numeric fields: empty values were not sorted correctly.
  • Yosemite only: Export to Text screen didn’t open.
  • Add Auto: Edit After Adding: values in Pick Lists were not saved