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What's new in Comic Collector for macOS?

Comic Collector (macOS)

v18.3.1: Updated “Add Comics from CLZ Core” screen

October 18th, 2018

The Add Comics Automatically screen is now called “Add Comics from CLZ Core” and includes improvements to make it both easier-to-use and easier-on-the-eye:

  • Renamed the “by Title” tab to “by Series”
  • Big blue buttons for the main actions, Searching and Adding, can’t miss ’em 🙂
  • Use the checkboxes in front of found issues to reveal a big blue “Add x as TPB” button!
  • Automatic Preview, just select a result (no more need for double clicking)
  • Right click on a Series title to Add Series to Pull List
  • Right click the results list to enabled In Collection filtering

In the main screen under View > Folders > Select Folder Fields you can now folder group on “My Rating”.