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Reviews from customers

December 26, 2023
Great for checking what I have
I've been using book collectorz for over 20 years. Having it synced to my phone is great for checking what I have when searching second hand stores. — Ian Piddington on CLZ Books
December 17, 2023
10/10 great app
The ability to organise and collate for book lovers and the most organised of people. Quick to set up, easy to add books, and navigate. Random book selection a great addition to make choosing the next read simple if you can’t decide.
Subscription is more than worth the money for a very low £12.99 annually considering the amount of work that must going into the app. — Golfgal1027 (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
December 16, 2023
So helpful. Negates duplicate purchases. — Hez Dun on CLZ Books
December 14, 2023
Great app for any book collector. — Nickolas Rudolph on CLZ Books
December 14, 2023
The best
The app is easy to use and to navigate. — morse1001 on CLZ Books
December 01, 2023
EXCELLENT customer support
Great app, EXCELLENT customer support, been using 3 Collectorz apps for years! — John on CLZ Books
November 27, 2023
Your customer service is great
I appreciate good “after-sales” service and an excellent product. It is, after all, this that I tried to provide when I was managing my company. You probably know the adage that getting to number one is difficult but staying number one is even more difficult. The paradox of excellence i.e., once you have achieved a certain level of “excellence”, a decline is inevitable. This is at least what most experts believe. I made it a goal to prove them wrong.
The reason I write this is because I think that this is the philosophy that you are applying with your company. You are constantly “tweaking” your product – adding features, making it easier and fun to use. I find this commendable and worthy of praise.
As you know, I purchased your product some years ago. At the time, I “evaluated” different databases. I even attempted to create my own but found that yours met all my criteria including being readily affordable. I have not been disappointed. In the coming months, I hope to enter the rest of my book collection. This has become a priority since my wife has criticized me for not being able to locate a book that she asked for and that I know I have. (It is in one of my many bookcases, but it has not been entered in my database yet! The good news is that after hours of searching, I found it. This made me realize that had I entered it, I would have found it immediately and really impressed my wife instead of being chastised. Good customer service will forever remain valuable!)
Since I have books that were purchased before barcodes were introduced, entering these books has been a little more challenging. Should I encounter a particularly difficult situation that I cannot resolve, I will be sure to contact you. I know that help is only an email away.
I wish you continued success which I am sure that you will enjoy as long as you keep doing what you are currently doing. — Michael Mancini (Canada) on Book Collector
November 24, 2023
Excellent support team
After inadvertently deleting my database from my phone, I contacted CLZ and within minutes, they answered me with the solution. It worked and my database is complete again. Thank you so much!! — Willa Hensley (USA) on CLZ Books
November 22, 2023
Ottima applicazione
Ottima applicazione e soprattutto un eccellente servizio di assistenza, rapido, cortese e competente! AGGIORNAMENTO - Sempre meglio! L'ultima release contiene un'utilissima funzione di azzeramento dei campi vuoti nelle Pick lists: era un'osservazione che avevo fatto meno di una settimana fa! Servizio clienti assolutamente fantastico. — Enea Cavallo on CLZ Books
October 30, 2023
The best
The best program for this matter. — Goern Luedtke on CLZ Books
October 26, 2023
Good App
Good app, finds almost all books via the bar code otherwise it can be added manually. Great asset to not buy books twice when your library grows and your cannot memorize each item. — duzbigalo (Germany) on CLZ Books
October 23, 2023
Easy to use
Really easy to use and categorize. — Johannah Caley on CLZ Books
October 02, 2023
You guys have the best program
I wanted to thank all of you for doing such a wonderful job of creating a program that I use for my entire collection of almost 8K books. Every single book I own is in there and I have had multiple sources ask me how I have such an organized collection and I tell them you guys have the best program and incredible customer service. You guys are just a really great company and for someone like me with a disability this helps me organize. — Nelson Fountain (USA) on Book Collector
September 29, 2023
Great software. Fantastic customer service. Almost perfect. — Jutrdghcxdf (USA) on CLZ Books
September 25, 2023
My book collection
I have been using the program to catalogue my book collection for quite a while and only recently decided to print my catalogue. The program worked very well, allowing me to choose the fields I wanted to include. I am very satisfied so far. — Bob G. (Canada) on CLZ Books
September 23, 2023
I absolutely LOVE this app!
I have been wishing for a tool like this ever since made my first book collection database in Excel 20 years ago, and now I have finally found it! It is beautifully designed, it's very intuitive and simple to use, it is easy and quick to add new books, and it has all the functionality you could wish for. It is also easy to personalize so that you only use the functions that you need, you can sort and organize your collection exactly as you please. And I LOVE that it has all the cover photos instead of just long lists of titles. I strongly recommend CLZ Books to all book lovers out there! — Inger-Anne (Norway) on CLZ Books
September 11, 2023
A serious time-saver!
It's a working quite well, thank you! I've managed to catalog over 160 books in just under 2 hours of time. With a collection exceeding 1500 books, this app is a serious time-saver! Out of these books so far, I've only found 3 needed a little extra love or manual attention. The barcode scanning is awesome! — Ron J. on CLZ Books
September 02, 2023
Facilidade em adicionar livros manualmente e por ISBN Facilidade em filtrar livros por qualquer característica. — fernando almeida on CLZ Books
September 01, 2023
Exceptional book database!!
I have used this program for over 4 years now! Works immediately after downloading and networks with the current ISBN database. Responsive customer service is another plus. IMHO it’s the best book cataloguing app out there! — Greg luxist (USA) on CLZ Books
August 21, 2023
Very useful
I've started the trial for the cloud version and the desktop version to see which I prefer. I might end up using the cloud version but still keeping the app on my phone as well as it's just more user friendly when in a book shop to open and check my library list.
Honestly out of all the apps I've used this one has been the easiest to get used to, add books to and navigate. As I've now gotten too many books that fit in my apartment I've found that it will be very useful to keep catalogues of what's in storage, what's in the apartment and what I keep at my office and lend out. — Monique Gomez (Australia) on Book Collector
August 14, 2023
Wonderful product
I'm delighted with both Book Connect and now CLZ Books. Initial setup worked well.
I've entered almost 3,500 books in the database, with about 500 more remaining. Collected over more than 60 years.
Thank you for producing, maintaining, and constantly improving such a wonderful product. — Les Bergen (USA) on Book Collector
August 01, 2023
La uso da anni con piena soddisfazione. Consigliabilissima anche assieme alla versione desktop. — Raffaele Petralli on CLZ Books
July 31, 2023
Easy to use, easy to add to, fantastic as a phone app when I'm out buying second-hand books. Well worth the subscription. Well done CLZ Team! — David South on CLZ Books
July 27, 2023
Easy to use
Great app. Quick and easy to use. If problems occur tech support is quick, responsive and very helpful. — Adam Arnold on CLZ Books
July 27, 2023
Reliable app
I've been using this for years. It is reliable. — Izura Pilus on CLZ Books
July 17, 2023
So easy
Makes it so easy to keep track of the books in our personal library! — Jessie Rohlmeier on CLZ Books
July 09, 2023
The CLZ programs are among my favorites
I have used CLZ software for several years, for my audiobooks, and hard and soft covered books. Also, I use their software for all of my movies, whether it be DVDs, Blue Ray disks, or what I've bought on Amazon Prime Video. Of all the many software/apps I use CLZ programs are among my favorites. The book and movie programs are what I use to inventory my stuff. — Richard Menard (USA) on CLZ Books
July 06, 2023
No more duplicate purchases
Thank you for your time and patience with this. At first, I was not sure if I wanted to use this particular piece of software as I had been less than impressed with other brands, but after cataloging my collection, and now that this is done, continue to add to the collection as I add books—and to be able to see what books I have so I don’t duplicate the purchases.
This is the software I was looking for, and the tech support pretty much puts your brand over the top for me. Thanks again. — Robert T. on CLZ Books
July 04, 2023
Technical Support always answer. — Rodrigo V on CLZ Books
July 03, 2023
Using for years
I have been using for years. Would not use anything else. — Roger Torres on CLZ Books
June 30, 2023
Indispensable for book collectors. — T. Adams on CLZ Books
June 29, 2023
Very intuitive
Flexible and very easy to use. The user interface is very intuitive. It has had several nice and useful enhancements over the time I have been using it. Support, if and when you need it, it is fast and very efficient. — Joao Bentes de Jesus on CLZ Books
June 21, 2023
Great for keeping track of books
Barcode scanner fantastic. Good online database for manual search.
Update 6/23. Tech help prompt and responsive and App continues to be improved. Took 3 years to enter the thousands of books in our home library. Great having them at our fingertips. Now no second guessing about whether we've bought a book or read it before so, in addition to the unparalleled convenience our having the library on our phones we've saved more than it cost in not doubling up. — Barry Powell on CLZ Books
June 11, 2023
Had a play around to see how it worked and love that I can choose which fields I use. I do find when going back into a book I've already added can be a little confusing as there are multiple pages but I'm sure I'll figure it out. — Tracey Hinton on CLZ Books
June 10, 2023
Ottima applicazione
Ottima applicazione e soprattutto un eccellente servizio di assistenza, rapido, cortese e competente! — Enea Cavallo on CLZ Books
June 08, 2023
Quick to get organized
Took a few days to figure out How To, but once I self -learned, it's so quick to get my library organized. — Susan T on CLZ Books
June 03, 2023
Love this app
I’ve been using this app for over a decade, and it keeps me from purchasing duplicates. Not only do I enjoy the book database capability, but I particularly appreciate the customer support. The two times I have needed help, I have received a response within 24 hours. They also update the app on a regular basis, so they are always working to offer an improved product. This is a great app for book collectors. — CDColeman (USA) on CLZ Books
May 31, 2023
Fantastic app
Live that it finds the LOC catalogue numbers. — Tafirkhoo on CLZ Books
May 28, 2023
Easily 5 stars
Makes tracking your book library as easy as it could possibly be. — Gary Pierce on CLZ Books
May 28, 2023
Fantastic product
Fantastic product that also has fantastic customer service support if needed. Direct support provided by savvy engineers included in license purchase. A great asset having your library in you pocket, always backed-up to the cloud! — birdwriter1 (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
May 22, 2023
I'm loving this program
I've been taking more time to input my books, both physical and digital, into Book Collector. I've had this program for years and have used it in spurts but now I'm putting time into it. Thanks for creating this way back when. I'm more than happy to have a subscription. Thanks for your improvements and making this the best option to catalogue my books — Phil S. (USA) on Book Collector
May 13, 2023
I Love it
Cloud access is useful when I'm at a bookstore and buying new books and checking my collection. — Alba Tigris on CLZ Books
May 11, 2023
Best app ever!!
CLZ Books is my go to app for tracking my book libraries. I rely on it whenever I purchase new books or audiobooks to avoid duplicating purchases. I recommend the app to all my friends.
The customer support function is also outstanding. I recently had an issue and contacted customer support for help. They responded quickly and helped solve my issue. Having such customer support makes the app that much better. — Shelby5463 (USA) on CLZ Books
May 08, 2023
Thank you!
Oh my goodness, this latest re-designed collection tab-bar is AWESOME!
Just what I wanted/needed.
Thank you so much for all the work to do to keep improving this already great product. — Brian Lund (USA) on Book Collector
May 02, 2023
So easy
Scanning books is so easy! I was using a different app to track the books i own, but was having problems with it properly tracking them. This app is so easy to add and navigate! — Amanda Rosman on CLZ Books
April 28, 2023
If you are looking to catalog your book collection then look no further. App has lots of hidden gems and I’m so glad I found it and now using it. You won’t regret it! — CYFWDarren (United Kingdom) on CLZ Books
April 28, 2023
Great organizational capabilities
I've been using the comic app for some time and love it, great organizational capabilities, and I just learned you have a book app and it has everything I need.
Love it! — Dylan Mitchell (USA) on CLZ Books
April 25, 2023
Very helpful
Something that helps my life a lot. — Scott Hill on CLZ Books
April 25, 2023
Love Bookcollector!
You guys are SO AWSOME!! I LOVE both the app and online, though I am using the app most of the time now. It is wonderful to be able to scan in new boioks and and notes, edit, wherever I am! I am happy to support!
I have been a very satisfied customer for many years. It is so useful and fun! I never fall behind in keeping my new book purchases entered because with the phone app I can do it in 30 seconds or less!
I LOVE being able to scroll through my book library by viewing the covers! While reading a book, I can add personal notes for future reference and to make the book more searchable for me later ( like a note as to who recommended the book to me)
AND whenever I am having a conversation and want to tell someone about a book that is relevant, I quickly do a search of my collection ( on the app), even if I can’t remember the exact title or author, usually a key word is enough to find it.
Would you believe that my personal library is over 4,500 books? I would be overwhelmed without the Bookcollector products. It is so fun to have the info available right at my fingertips on my cellphone! And to know it is safely stored on the cloud. But even if you only have 100 books (or comics or music), I highly recommend CollectorZ. Truly a great value from a wonderful thoughtful supportive company with years of expert development! — Anita O. (USA) on Book Collector
April 21, 2023
Couldn't be happier
Just wanted to drop by and let you know how pleased I've been with Book Connect and CLZ Books. I've been a Collectorz customer for several years, and couldn't be happier.
My collection has grown to 2125 books, and I don't know how I could manage without Collector.com software. I can't tell you how much money I have saved in a bookstore, being able to check whether I've already owned a book I was about to buy! — Ira Wexler (USA) on Book Collector
April 08, 2023
There is no easier way than to use this app
I have been using the CLZ apps since they came out in 2019, but I have been using the desktop program since 2002! If you want to catalog your books, there's no easier way than to use this app. It allows you to enter an ISBN and finds the book details for you to add to your collection. You can add further details, etc. You can also assign it as "In Collection", "Wishlist", "On Order", etc. When I go to a bookshop, I can see my wishlist! If you have the desktop app, you can sync back and forth! — Stephen Keene-Elliott on CLZ Books
March 30, 2023
LOVE your product
I LOVE, LOVE your product and have almost 600 books in my collection. I read almost every day and use it often. I also have it on my phone and tablet. What a great resource it is. — Gail (USA) on Book Collector
March 27, 2023
Have had this app for years. Works great! — Eric P on CLZ Books
March 26, 2023
Nerding out at home. Having some trouble with my older books not matching up with anything in the database, but it's good. I love having things stored in my phone. So much better than my book of lists.
Update: this has been a lifesaver for when I forgot that I loaned out some books. I check them out in a folder to specific people. Worth every penny! — Shannon Peacor on CLZ Books
March 23, 2023
Very helpful customer support
I had a problem, all my books disappeared, all 1949 of them (well except for 7 of them). After an email to customer support in less time than I expected, a reply from a nice person named Alwin told me exactly what I had done & how to get those books back. Hey presto & there they were, just like magic...whew.
So very helpful customer support, thank you Alain. — A Google user on CLZ Books
March 22, 2023
An amazing app, powerful, affordable, and yet, user friendly. You can insert books automatically via barcode with a phone, and if the book is older, without a barcode, the app proposes manual insertion. I'm really happy! — Atilano Suarez on CLZ Books
March 17, 2023
Easy to set up and use and as I have it on my phone it's great for lookups in bookshops to make sure I don't duplicate purchases. The location field is also great as it lets me find my books easily across the 5 bookcases in my home. — Charles Craven on CLZ Books
March 10, 2023
Super App, optimale Lösung für unterwegs. — Marco Schaper on CLZ Books
March 06, 2023
Very helpful
Really helpful, nice to have! — Michael Depue on CLZ Books
February 21, 2023
Can't live without it. — vony rambolamanana on CLZ Books
February 20, 2023
Great way to keep track of my written library. — Morg Jones on CLZ Books
February 17, 2023
I have used this app for the past 4 years as I collect manga, light novels, comics, and books. This app has been the best way for me to keep my collection organized and help me keep track of what I own. I especially like that I am able to manually add in any obscure titles that I may find into the database. I would highly recommend this app for anyone wanting to keep track of their book collection. — Brandon Nelson (USA) on CLZ Books
February 06, 2023
Useful software
I'm downsizing my collection of dictionaries and language books, and I have found Collectorz Books useful for recording what I am getting rid of. I have created a separate collection called "Deleted books", which are those I don't want any more, whether sold or not. I move books to this collection when I make the decision to get rid of them, and alter the collection status to "for sale". Once sold the status is changed to "sold". That way I can track them instead of wondering whether I have sold something or not! Users who want more detail could add fields such as "date sold" or how much it sold for. — Marty Pilott (New Zealand) on Book Collector
February 04, 2023
A must
Easy to use and add publications. Quick navigation. Professional interface. — Anton Abela on CLZ Books
January 24, 2023
Great app
Continuous updates with added featand improvements. Highly recommended. — Gregory Rowe on CLZ Books
January 23, 2023
Simple to use and excellent updatable database!
Uploaded virtually my ENTIRE personal library (1300 books and counting) over course of a few weekend evenings. The few glitches encountered were entirely self-inflicted. Great personal interaction with app experts (Alwin, Sytske, and team) as needed. Awesome app! — Danny Garcia on CLZ Books
January 21, 2023
High-fives to the whole development team
I have been using your app for a number of years. I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I look forward to your updates. Every single update you've made to this has been amazing. 9 times out of 10, it was something I didn't even realize was missing, and now use with every new book I add.
Great work - huge thanks and high-fives to the whole development team. Keep it up! — graycloak (USA) on CLZ Books
January 20, 2023
Just what I needed
App turned out to be just what I needed to keep track of my massive (and growing) book collection. Had way more of my titles automatically in the system than I thought going in (figured I'd have to add a lot of them manually but actually really smooth). Sytske helped me with a little issue but otherwise lovely app and people behind it. — Mecho Gecko on CLZ Books
January 17, 2023
The best book cataloguing app available
By far the best book cataloguing app available, I've tried several and clz blows them all out of the water. If they had a lifetime membership subscription I'd even take it because it's so good. Customer service is extremely helpful if you have any questions as well. Couldn't recommend it more. — N S on CLZ Books
January 13, 2023
Love them all
Easy to use and I can create separate data files for each person in the family. I have CLZ for books, comic books, and movies love them all they do a lot more than I will ever use but I got them because they sync and backup to the cloud and after losing thousands of records from the freeby apps, never losing my records again from changing phones is the greatest. — Jim Payne (USA) on CLZ Books
January 09, 2023
Really easy
Made organizing my book collection really easy. — Kelly boettger on CLZ Books
January 08, 2023
Muy buena. La uso mucho.
Muy completa, buen precio y se actualiza con frecuencia con mejoras. — Axlperc (Spain) on CLZ Books
January 04, 2023
My llbrary
Great way to keep track of my library. — Bruce Thacker on CLZ Books
January 03, 2023
Helpful app
Looks good and works brilliantly! Just add books by isbn works great and if a book hasn't been added you can do that yourself and that's pretty easy too. What I especially like is there are two different coverviews. Option one; everything is boxed in and looks very near, the other option has the same height for every book, so wider books will be displayed large as well. — Douwe Drijfhout on CLZ Books