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Reviews from customers

October 25, 2009
Your are unique
Thank you so much for wonderful products and the fun it is using them. I am loving the Opticon scanner. And now have an excuse to purchase more books.
I am nearly 70, have been in the tech field forever (before women were accepted) and can honestly tell you that there are not companies out there like yours.
You are unique and I promise to get the word out.

I have referred many people already. I am sending your site to some of the journalists in the US. They need to know about you. I did it years ago. Now it is all even better. — Merry Schiff on Book Collector

September 13, 2009
I just bought Book Collector is it is PERFECT! I'd been searching for a couple of weeks for a good program that does everything this does.
It took 5 minutes to input what took me an hour in Excel! After 4 hours, I had almost 400 books input!
Thank you so much! — Sheridan Day on Book Collector
August 06, 2009
Nothing but fun
I have to tell you that I am absolutely THRILLED with my Book Collector!!
I have had nothing but fun scanning in my books!!

I went all around the house, picking up every book I found and scanning it. Then I went into the guest room where I have three floor to ceiling bookcases completely full of books. I've managed to get about seven shelves scanned so far and would have them all done if I had the time, but I'm just doing it when I have the free time.

I just love my Book Collector and have told everyone I know about it, including a reading group on Yahoo. From the comments I've received, you'll probably be getting more orders for it.

Thanks so much for coming up with a program that is truly user friendly and organizes books quickly and efficiently but is so fun to use!! — Teresa Z. on Book Collector

June 22, 2009
500+ Books in one morning
I have been delighted with the program...
I tried to do this job some years ago, but gave up because of all the typing required.
With your program I did 500+ books in one morning. — Michael Pratt on Book Collector
June 19, 2009
I'm hooked for life!
I've never wanted to write to a company thanking them for their product before (although I've been known to write a complaint or two!), but I'm so impressed with BOOK COLLECTOR that I had to do it!

Before discovering this program, I'd been toying with the idea of creating an Access database for my 1,200+ library of books, but I couldn't keep it simple enough to actually get started. I wanted cross-references, AND lots of categories and sub-categories, AND a method for keeping track of each book's location, AND a way to record my own synopses and notes, AND. . .well, I wanted it all.
The whole thing just seemed too much like work, so I gave up and did a google search for book inventories, and (gasp!) there you were!
I browsed through the many screenshots, read the FAQ's and testimonials, and I couldn't believe it!
It was as if you'd been reading my mind!
What impressed me even more was the fact that I used the support link to email a question about the program, and I got a super-fast response. I wasn't even a customer yet, but you took the time to answer me right away. That's an awfully good indication of the kind of support I'd enjoy once I actually purchased BOOK COLLECTOR.
So that's what I did, and now I'm hooked for life!

Not only is BOOK COLLECTOR exactly what I wanted (and then some), but it's fast, reliable, easy to use and (WOW!) stable. Ordinarily, I tend to lose interest in the repetitive process of entering information, but this program is actually fun to use!
In fact, I keep discovering more great features - like the ability to enter the websites for authors, publishers and so forth, and have an active, underlined hyperlink with each of their books. This is something I never would've thought to include in the database I was trying to plan! And that's just the most RECENT feature I've gotten excited about!

I'm over a quarter of the way through entering my books in BOOK COLLECTOR now, and even though my collections of DVD's and music CD's aren't nearly as large as my library of books, you can count on the fact that I'll be buying MUSIC COLLECTOR and MOVIE COLLECTOR in the near future.
Also, I have a large collection of stones and crystals, and while browsing your FAQ's, I got the idea to try out PHOTO COLLECTOR for keeping track of them. So, that another one of your apps I'll be needing! I simply cannot get over the versatility of these amazing programs! They're worth every penny!

So, please accept my heartfelt thanks, and forgive me for using this support link to send this to you. - I know I'm probably overlooking something obvious, but I couldn't find another email address to use, and I simply HAD to tell you how happy I am with BOOK COLLECTOR!
THANK YOU!!! — Michelle Gonzales on Book Collector

June 18, 2009
Love your software!
Just finished entering my 2,400 books, cleaning up the entries, adding series, etc. and it was well worth the time.
Now I can easiy find which books I'm missing and never end up buying a book twice because I had to guess. :-)
Pays for itself in that respect. — Charlie Newkirk on Book Collector
June 11, 2009
Clz Books is superb!
Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how great the update to Book Collector is.

Literally, one of my "to-do" tasks today was to email you and beg for an iPhone 3G app of Book Collector. To my utter astonishment, when I opened up the program today to add a few new books, I found that there was an update. Not only that, but an iPhone app was also available!

Ahhhhhh ... get out of my head Collectorz.com!

The iPhone app is superb! I purchased it immediately, imported my database and browsed through it. 5-star app! I left a review for you at the app store as well.

Just another reason I am beyond happy with my purchases Book Collector software! Truly the best in the business! — Jerry Bobo on Book Collector

June 08, 2009
Clz Books - brilliant!!
Just what I have been waiting for.
Successfully imported over 3400 titles from my collection.
Well done. — Iain Challis on Book Collector
June 04, 2009
My info at my fingertips
By the way, I am a serious collector of Hugh Lofting's original Doctor Dolittle books and Tolkien's works. I looked at several software apps before choosing Book Collector.
It was a very carefully selected app by a serious collector.
I would recommend this excellent application to anyone who collects books and needs the ability to retrieve pertinent information easily and quickly.
I prowl the internet every day for the books I want and need my info at my fingertips.

Once again, thank you. — Thomas Cole on Book Collector

May 21, 2009
Top of the line service
I started using Book Collector in 2003. Even then, it was the best product available for my needs - to record the books I have read. It is a great tool to take with you to the book store or library. Last week I decided it was time to upgrade. I am thrilled with the improvements, especially with the "Add book automatically" feature. With simply an ISBN, all the book's information is loaded from the internet.

But even more impressive than great software at a good price, is the service delivered.
I am ecstatic. — Janet Agney on Book Collector

May 05, 2009
Giggling the whole time
Wow! You are fabulous, amazing, cheerful, helpful and a grand problem solver! It worked and I am now going to spend the day cataloging my vast book collection. Thanks!

I will go out and buy some tulips to remind me of you. That is no small feat in Saudi Arabia!

--45 minutes later...--

I have just finished scanning 150 books and was giggling the whole time. What an amazing product.
Perhaps I should have been a librarian rather than an educator! Thanks again! — Ellen Alquist on Book Collector

April 30, 2009
VERY user-friendly
Thanks for the GREAT products!
I have the trial on both the movie and book and LOVE them! I have tried BUNCHES of free database programs for my collections and although some were fairly good, NONE of them has the ease of use AND the LOADS of OPTIONS of changing fields and field names.
Some other programs ARE able to change fields, but NOT with as many choices as you have and some won't let you NOT use certain default fields.

Your programs are VERY user-friendly!

Again, thank you for such cool and easy to use programs. — Sally Boling on Book Collector

April 19, 2009
None better
What a great company you are and I do love your software - it is the best book collection software there is out there and believe me I searched through all of them until I found this one.

Anyone who collects books or has a large library (or small) should have this software - honestly there is none better. — Rita Wood on Book Collector

March 31, 2009
Easy to use
I read the email newsletter and was nice to hear about what you are doing.
We had over 1,600 books entered in 4 days of daughter's visit. She flew in from Dallas, TX to WI to help her dad get started on entering his books - we have a loooong way to go but I am able to enter and use the program after a little coaching from her.

Great product and easy to use once you know the 'lingo' and what to look for - we have books off the floor now and in bags waiting for space on the shelves - but nothing can come into the library until it is logged in - daughter's rule!

Thanks again. — Patti Anderson on Book Collector

March 29, 2009
Totally amazing
I downloaded and purchased your book software of Collectorz. This software is totally amazing.
I am very proud of how it works and it is the best software I have ever downloaded on the internet.

I loaded over 1,000 books manually into the program in less than 8 hours and I was amazed. So amazed I am recommending the software to all my collector buddies. — Sandra Perdue on Book Collector

March 24, 2009
Absolutely love it!
I purchased the full version (pro version) of the Book Collector software from you about a month ago. I absolutely love it!
It is almost as if you designed the software with me solely in mind. — Jerry Bobo on Book Collector
March 20, 2009
You guys are amazing! Not only do I love your programs, I think I love you, too (joke).

Thank you very much. I don't know another company that would be this good to their customers. I recommend your Book Collector to everyone I know who has a number of books... — Jacqui McCloy Pell on Book Collector

February 27, 2009
528 books in my database
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the new changes in version 6.1.

My CueCat, which is very finicky, as I am sure you know, works much, much better with 6.1. Also my database loads so much quicker. It took me some time to get used to the new Add screen but I like it.

I have 528 books in my database. I guess that is small compared to a store but for a personal collection it is a lot. I use my program to refer to when I want to buy something, in order to make sure I haven't got it already.

I love the ability to change the fonts, too. Now it looks the way I want it to look. — Arlene Gavritsas on Book Collector

February 24, 2009
I don't buy duplicates!
I really love using the Book Collector program and have sent a number of customers your way, always encouraging them to buy the scanner too!

Your program is one of my most used pieces of software. And I particularily love having the ability to upload to my Ipod so I don't buy duplicates! — Mary Catherine Ricks on Book Collector

February 16, 2009
So intuitive
Book Collector is an amazing program.

It is so intuitive that my 7-year-old has taken on the task of scanning in our books for our new home library. She has successfully scanned in over a hundred books this weekend and could even manually search for older books with ISBNs successfully using your interface.

Granted, she is a very bright 7 year old, but your interface and database makes it possible for her to be our chief librarian.

It is absolutely amazing what you have done with this program! — Josephine LeBeau on Book Collector

February 01, 2009
A breeze
Book Collectorz is so fantastic!

I've used it to create a library for our school. It acts as our card catalogue and it is wonderful! Its super easy for teachers to use, making finding books by subject a breeze. Its also easy to manage "checked out" books through its Loan feature. Its been quick and easy to add new books automatically or manually, and makes taking inventory a breeze.

I love that I can tag books by their topics to create easy reference themed lists for display; Poetry, Valentines Day, Feelings, ABCs, . . . . I am by no means a computer whiz, knowing only the "basics" on my Mac, but this program was easy to learn, modify for our needs, and teach to others. Their manual and online support are thorough, quick, and strait forward enough for even me to follow.

The school administration has been so impressed with how organized and slick looking this program is. It really makes me look like I'm doing way more than I actually am : )

I love, Love, LOVE it!Now I can't wait to organize all of my books at home!

Katie Thomas
Beverly Hills Presbyterian Preschool-Parent Librarian — Katie Thomas on Book Collector

January 05, 2009
Well designed
I have worked in the Information Technology field in various capacities for 20 years, so I know good software when I see it.

Your user interface is very intuitive and well designed.
My trial experience was a pleasure and I am looking forward to the arrival of my scanner so I can begin what previously looked like an impossible task! — Andrew Bleil on Book Collector