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Reviews from customers

December 13, 2015
Better with each update
I really like the new QuickSilver version of Book Collector; not only is it beautiful, but it seems to run smoother too. I'm so happy that I found you guys back at the beginning and I appreciate the fact that you continue to make Book Collecter better and better with each update and build. — Tom Taylor (USA) on Book Collector
December 03, 2015
Great product
I wanted to write a short note and say thanks for a great product. I have been able to organize my library in ways I never thought possible. When I have encountered issues (user error), or had questions, your customer support was solid and immediate. I am grateful to all of you for your hard work and wonderful product. I hope your year ends well, and that 2016 is a strong one for you. — Richard Bush (USA) on Book Collector
December 01, 2015
This new 'Quicksilver' version 16 is fantastic! In particular, I really like the webcam scanning function. Super job, nicely done. Please pass on my hearty congratulations to the development team.
Best Regards from a happy user. — Bruce Rose (USA) on Book Collector
November 28, 2015
I was about to send you a message asking for an enhanced feature, but after a little poking around I found that I already had it.
So instead, let me just say that your Book Collector software is excellent and I'm very glad to have found it! — Charles Ott (USA) on Book Collector
November 23, 2015
Book Collector
I just want to say that I still like Book Collector very much, and I thank all the B.C. people for this product. — CLS (USA) on Book Collector
November 13, 2015
Excellent cataloging tool
Excellent on all platforms. Very easy to use and adaptable for extra details one wants to add. Very good support service. Only negative - Wikipedia links are sometimes to wrong authors with same name. — Wiradanuprojo on CLZ Books
October 29, 2015
Love the program
For such a great program and for all the professionalism you constantly show. I love the program and I love the way you run your company. So this note is to say thank you for all you do from a home user who loves books and loves keeping the books organized! — Dawn (Canada) on Book Collector
September 30, 2015
Great App
The app makes adding books much simpler than the full PC program. Display, filtering and sorting are excellent. Some kind of built in interactivity with social media would be really useful, though. — Gary_Carr on CLZ Books
September 02, 2015
Keep track
I love the software as I have many books and we read a lot of library books as well...I can keep track what we have and what we have read. — Jessica Malley (USA) on Book Collector
August 28, 2015
I'm blown away
I've loved your software from the start but now I'm blown away. I love the easy sync to my other devices (I have android and ios versions, phone and ipad) and now I see the improvements to cloud view as well.
Bravo! I will be with you a long time. — Loraine Mooney (Canada) on Book Collector
August 24, 2015
I enjoy it immensely
I can tell that a TON of very careful thought went into the latest design of your database. I particularly like your changeover to the subscription system and constant updates. Your updates are much easier to implement than other updates of software that I have experience with.
The CLZ Cloud is awesome as a backup to a loss of the database resident on the computer - a serious problem that does happen to some. I enjoy it immensely - especially when I can use all the bells and whistles available. The iPhone app is super too, cause I have my collection with me at all times to check on. Finally, the CLZ Barry app is killer. — John S. Roberge (USA) on Book Collector
August 15, 2015
This is the way to go
I've been using Book Collector for many years now and it's been great. Recently I had a little hiccup while transferring to a new computer. Fortunately, the support from Collecterz.com was incredible. They really went above and beyond and I'm happy to report my new machine is up and running. This is really what customer service should be. I cannot recommend them enough.
If you want to keep track of a book collection and have great support behind you, this is the way to go. — Jeff Vibes (USA) on Book Collector
August 13, 2015
Without Book Collector, I’d be in a real pickle.
I just downloaded the latest version of Book Collector, and was tickled to see the little gear sitting next to the Alphabet Bar. I clicked on it, and voila…I now have a choice of filtering by title or author.
Thanks so much for adding this, and making it easy to configure.
Once again, your work makes my life a whole lot easier. My library continues to grow. Without Book Collector, I’d be in a real pickle. — Dave Novick (USA) on Book Collector
July 30, 2015
All works perfectly
Do not need help but have just bought Barry and tried it. All works perfectly and just like to say that the combination of Book Collector and Barry is just brilliant. Many thanks for a brilliant solution to the problems of keeping track of my books. — Terry Davies (United Kingdom) on Book Collector
July 21, 2015
Great job
This new update is great for fast searching of books. — Sandra Perdue (USA) on Book Collector
July 21, 2015
The ABC bar
Great upgrade! The ABC bar is awesome.
Thanks! — Dale Adkisson (USA) on Book Collector
July 13, 2015
Love of books
Thank you very much for your reply. I am greatly appreciative of same; and it service such as that, coupled with the quality of the software that make book collector a most valuable asset in my continuing love of books. You people are to be commended! That all being said; through trial and error and perhaps an extra martini last evening; I finally got my act together and got everything sorted out. As we used to say back in the jungles of Vietnam with the Marine Corps in the late 60s prior to going out on a patrol: "GOOD TO GO SIR!"
Thank you again very much for your help.
Make doubly certain that you have a nice day! — Thomas H. Bennett 111 (USA) on Book Collector
July 03, 2015
Proper plots
My manga and books now have proper plots. No more relying on core. — Stickerclub on CLZ Books
June 28, 2015
One of my best buys ever
Another happy customer. One of my best buys ever. Highly recommended! Congratulations to the development team. My sincere compliments. — John Georgiadis (Belgium) on Book Collector
May 24, 2015
Extremely useful and very easy to use
This is one of the most useful apps around. I quite often forget which books I have read - especially when out looking in the bookstore - no more! A quick search on my iPhone and I can find if I have already bought the book that takes my interest. The new Cloud Sync makes synchronisation between my iDevices and my PC effortless.
Definitely recommend. — *Asterisk* on CLZ Books
May 09, 2015
Awesome product!
Great library software! I can now keep track of my books, what I have, where they are and even a short description of the plot. Amazing! — Dbgenegr on CLZ Books
May 01, 2015
This isn't really a question. It's a thank you
I'm very impressed with the Collectoz software, and the responsiveness of the tech support team. Every time I think I've found every facet of the software, I find another feature that makes data entry just that much easier and quicker.
Book Collector is the software I've wanted for 20 years, and I'm glad to finally have it! — Ellen Edge (USA) on Book Collector
April 06, 2015
In your house contents insurance policy individual books are not replaced individually. They just pay an estimate of you loss! However books or movies etc are called collectables. If a record of each individual book is recorded it can be presented to the insurance company and they have to REPLACE THEM OR THE VALUE THERE OF !
CLZ Books is the answer, the perfect answer. Easy to use, loads book and its details in a flash. Copy on my phone + phone icloud back up+ CLZ icloud, back it up and they do it free.
Do you have a collection of books you love and re read. Then buy this app. If your house/ apartment burns down you have the proof you are not trying to commit fraud. I photograph my furniture and all valuables.
CLZ books 5 stars+ and sleep easy. Also if you are looking in a book store you can check on your phone if it is a book you already have with just an updated flashy cover. — Moonflower1952 on CLZ Books
April 02, 2015
Seems to work well
Just what I was looking for. — Elminster1004 on CLZ Books
March 09, 2015
Collectorz program
I told a French friend who was the prior of a monastery in France about your Collectorz program. He downloaded it and with it was able to find a book that even the French National Library in Paris did not have, so he used the program for his monastery library work and admitted that it sped up his work very much. — Pachomius Vu (United Kingdom) on Book Collector
March 01, 2015
Ease of use
I just wanted to tell you all how pleased I am with this program. I just started cataloging my collection, and after a short period to set up things the way I wanted, it's been smooth as silk. I'm amazed at the flexibility and ease of use.
Great job to all of you at Collectorz.com! — Ira Wexler (USA) on Book Collector
February 28, 2015
And great app...
Book Collector is a great app from a collection of great apps.
I use book collector to track the books I have purchased, read, loaned. It is my portable bookcase. — Specul8 on CLZ Books
February 26, 2015
Great App
Version 2 is great and now offers the same functionality as the is versions. No longer to to connect to PC so good to use on the go. — Dave Stears on CLZ Books
January 25, 2015
Love it but help for cloud!!
This is exactly what I wanted! Uploaded my books from my Mac and worked very well. Now how do I upload my books to the Cloud all together? I can only manage new books but not existing ones. Help?
Alwin and his team give the best customer support i've ever seen, worth getting this just for that. — Bianca MG on CLZ Books
January 23, 2015
Very useful
Thanks for adding online sync. — Dmac ConservativeVoices on CLZ Books
January 23, 2015
Works well, comprehensive, great customer service. — Bob von Liski on CLZ Books
January 22, 2015
The last release has brought what I want in Android: stand alone app that can be synchronized with CLZ Cloud. I have not gone thru but really love it. — Mustamin al-Mandary on CLZ Books
January 21, 2015
We love our Book and Movie Collector
We just love the program and are enjoying using it. We have the software on our Windows PC and our Apple iPads. We also use the Buddy for Barry application, which makes it so much easier to enter our inventory.
Looking forward to using more of the features as we get more entries! — Sandra Campbell (USA) on Book Collector