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Comic Collector (Windows)

v17.1.1: A completely new Add Comics screen!

August 15th, 2017

Big changes today! For version 17.1 we have completely re-designed the “Add Comics from CLZ Core” screen (previously called “Add Comics Automatically”). The new screen is both easier-to-use and easier-on-the-eye:

  • A clear two-panel design: Search Results on the left, Preview on the right.
  • The Search Results now show cover images for both series and issues.
  • Automatic Preview of selected issues (no more double clicking).

See it in action:

Here’s the full list of improvements:

Add by Series improvements

  • Renamed the “by Title” tab to “by Series”
  • Re-designed issue lists:
    • Now includes cover images to make it easier to pick your issue and variant.
    • Clear information per issue, with big issue numbers.
  • After selecting some issues using the checkboxes, use “Add [x] comic(s)” on the bottom left to add all checked comics.
  • Alternatively use “Add [comic issue]” on the bottom right to add the selected comic only.
  • Hover your mouse over the series cover to reveal a star icon. Click the star to add this series to your Pull List.
  • Right click the results list to enabled In Collection filtering.
  • Right click the results list to change the sorting (ascending or descending).
  • Adding a Trade Paper Back: Hold CTRL and highlight the issues you wish to add as a Trade Paper Back Then right click on the selection and click “Add Selected Result(s) as TPB”.

Add by Barcode improvements

  • Barcode Queue and Search Results are now integrated into one list.
  • Barcodes added to the queue instantly show Series title, issue number and extension, barcode AND the cover image.
  • Use “Add [x] comic(s)” on the bottom left to add all comics.
  • Use “Add [comic issue]” on the bottom right to add the selected comic only.
  • If we can’t select the right issue for you, you can click the dropdown button to choose which issue you own.
  • To remove a barcode from the queue, either
    • Right click the queue to delete selected entries.
    • Hover your mouse over the cover art and click the small “remove” icon.

Other improvements

  • Keyboard shortcuts:
    • ALT+A to add current selected result
    • ALT+C to add checked results
  • Use the “hamburger menu” top right to:
    • Configure and connect with CLZ Barry
    • Open the Webcam scanner
    • Find OPN-2001 or Flic scanner
    • Filter the results to hide comics you already have
    • Configure CLZ Core download settings
  • New icons for the 4 “Add Comics from CLZ Core” tabs

Other new features

  • New option for CLZ Barry: Auto-Connect. When enabled, the built-in Buddy for Barry automatically connects to the server when you start the program or open the Add screen.
  • The Expire Date of your Update Plan is now always visible in the lower right bottom of the main screen.

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