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Game Collector reviews

December 20, 2013
What I've been looking for
Picked up the Game Collector program several months ago. I collect riichi (Japanese mahjong, not that solitaire title matching game) titles from several outdated, foreign consoles. The program is exactly what I've been looking for.
I also collect various mahjong video game related items (promo swag, soundtrack cds, etc.). While those things aren't actual video games, I just customized a category for them. For example, I have several character figures that were only given out as promo items in Japan. I just made a custom "promo item" spot for these types of items in the "console" description. Used a nice photo of the figures themselves, instead of a cover image and, still able to catalog these things, right along side the rest of my video game collection.
Thanks for a great program. — Rodney Varney (USA) on Game Collector
September 26, 2013
Saving me hours
I just recently bought your Game Collector and the corresponding Connect feature and so far am mostly satisfied with the software, so, thanks for your work and for saving me hours of creating BASE databases manually.^^ — Josef Kimpel (Germany) on Game Collector
September 12, 2013
Easy to use
I just wanted to say thank you for this easy to use software. — Peter Schmid (USA) on Game Collector
September 02, 2013
Ben al sinds 2008 een tevreden gebruiker van het programma Game Collector om mijn collectie van 48 game platformen en zo ongeveer 875 games te categoriseren. Met name om het aanschaffen van dubbele games te voorkomen. Ben van het begin af gebruiker van de Pro versie omdat deze destijds de optie had om je gamelijst te exporteren naar excel. Dit gebruikte ik in combinatie met een windows smartphone. Later ben ik overgestapt op de android app en maak ik tegenwoordig ook veel gebruik van de online functie van Game Collector.
Daar waar ik in het begin nog omslachtig screenshots moest in voeren door zelf html code in de omschrijving toe te voegen, werd deze functie op verzoek van de gebruikers netjes in een latere versie van Game Collector toe gevoegd. Andere nuttige en gewenste toevoegingen waren de mogelijkheid om zelf de systeemiconen toe te voegen, het toevoegen van hardware en de integratie van Youtube fimpjes in de database. Zo werd steeds ingegaan op de wensen van verzamelaars. — Patrick Selten (Netherlands) on Game Collector
July 25, 2013
SO easy to scan
I want to say up front that your software and mobile apps are SO FREAKING AWESOME!!
I have been trying to "stump you" with some of the rare game and movie titles that I own, but your databases are very detailed and quite vast (I think there was only one game -a Japanese import where you didn't have much info or a screenshot.)
Everything else is SO easy to scan, catalog and sync. — Jeffrey DeSocio (USA) on Game Collector
July 10, 2013
Catalog our games
First and foremost I just wanted to thank you for finally giving me and the rest of us collectors an app and program that gives us a great way to catalog our games. Huge fan. — Joshua Jackson (USA) on Game Collector
June 28, 2013
CLZ Games
All I know is that if it wasn't for CLZ Games I would have wasted a significant amount of cash on duplicates. Once I reached 300-400 games it was hard to track. — Cody JR Smith (USA) on Game Collector
March 18, 2013
True collectors
I really need to get the movie and game editions of this software! I can't keep track! GOD Bless everyone at Collectorz.com for excellent software for true collectors.... — Anthony Laufnick (USA) on Game Collector