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Game Collector reviews

December 02, 2014
Great software
Thanks again for great software. You have no idea how this has 1) increased the organization of my collection; and, 2) cost me a fortune by realizing I’m missing a game here or there to complete a particular series ;-) — Steve Tallon (USA) on Game Collector
June 22, 2014
Wow, I love my game collector software. Thank you so munch! — James Allen (USA) on Game Collector
June 18, 2014
Great software
Thanks for this great software, by the way! I'm totally blown away by it; it's very impressive and thorough. — David Evans (USA) on Game Collector
January 30, 2014
Amazing product
Thanks for an amazing product which really helps me out.
Have searched for these types of software for a long time and got recommended by a site to your software. — Mattias Andersson (Sweden) on Game Collector