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Improved Missing Comics screen

November 10th, 2021

After the huge update for Comic Connect on Monday, I have another one for you, an improved Missing Comics screen. After we introduced the Missing Comics screen, about a year ago, we kept receiving the same two complaints from you all:

  1. It should not list my “On Order” comics as missing !!
  2. It should not list unreleased issues as missing !!

Both very good points, so with today’s update we are introducing 2 new settings.

Show/Hide “On Order” comics

Comics with status “On Order” were always listed as missing, as these were regarded as “not in collection yet”.
So we fixed that problem today, with two changes to the Missing Comics screen:

  1. Issues that are On Order are now marked in the missing issue list with a star (*) next to it. So that you at least know that these are already “incoming”, no need to buy them again.
  2. Or, if you don’t want the “on order” issues listed here at all, just UNCHECK the new “Show “On Order” setting at the top.

Show/Hide unreleased comics

Tn the first design of the Missing Comics screen, it reported unreleased comics as missing too. Some users loved that, because it helped them add those “future” issues to their wish list. Others hated it, because “these are not released yet, so they are not missing”.

Two sides, two opinions, so we figured, let’s make this optional. So we created a new setting called “Show unreleased”. Uncheck it to hide unreleased issues from the missing lists.

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