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What's new in Book Connect?

Book Connect

Improvements to Edit and Add screens

January 17th, 2020

Multiple small tweaks to your Connect software today, improving both the Edit Book screen and the Add Books screen.

Editing pick list fields: checkbox multiple values in one go

The Edit screen is where many users are spending most of their time, so we’re always trying to make your editing life faster and easier.
Today, we improved all multi-value pick lists fields (e.g. Authors, Genres, Subjects) by letting you add multiple values in one go. In the Select Value screen we have introduced checkboxes now, that let you checkbox multiple values and add them instantly.

This is now available for the following fields:

  • Authors
  • Illustrators
  • Genres
  • Subjects
  • Extras
  • Narrators
  • Tags

Adding Books by ISBN: instant adding to queue

Previously, when you searched by ISBN (either by typing or scanning), the barcode instantly disappeared from the search box, but only appeared in the queue when the search was complete. Also with no “loading” indicator showing in the meantime. Not a problem when searches are instant, but it could lead to confusion in situations where it took a bit longer for the search to complete.

So we got to work and made it better: after hitting search, the ISBN now instantly appears in your queue, showing a “Searching” indicator. This gives you instant feedback the ISBN was accepted and is searching. Then, when the search has completed, the queue entry is filled in with the book details and cover image.

The above tweak also applies to the opening of the screen while you still had some ISBNs in the queue. This saved queue list will now populate faster.

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