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Search by Barry / Cloud Visibility per Collection

September 21st, 2021

We’re on a roll with the Connect development, so today we can release two new features for your Connect software:

  • Search your collection by barcode, using CLZ Barry
  • Set your CLZ Cloud Visibility per collection

Search your collection by barcode, using CLZ Barry

Our free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app has always been a great companion to your Connect software. In the Add from Core screen, it lets you add items to your database by barcode, easily scanning barcodes your phone’s camera.

But as of today, you can also use CLZ Barry in the Connect main screen, to search your own database by barcode. Just connect Barry using the CLZ Barry icon on the right of the search box. Then, just scan with the CLZ Barry app to search.

Set your CLZ Cloud Visibility per collection

Since we introduced the “multiple collection” feature in Connect, one common request has been to allow setting the cloud visibility PER collection. For example, users want to keep their CLZ Cloud set to “Public”, but want to keep one of their collection tabs hidden and Private.

So a few weeks ago, I (Alwin) asked web-developer Stijn to “make it so”. And he did 🙂

The existing “CLZ Cloud Visibility” screen in Connect has now been extended with a new section that lets you “override” the overall Cloud Visibility for each of your collections.

Please note that the visiblity of the collection always has to be the same or more “restrictive” than the overall cloud setting.
So if your CLZ Cloud is Public, you CAN set the visibility of your collections to Partial or Private.
But if your CLZ Cloud is Private, you can NOT open up one of your collections to be Public.

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