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Search box now searches more fields

February 19th, 2018

Up until today, the quick search box in Book Connect (and the CLZ Cloud viewer for books) only searched in the Title, Author, ISBN, Year and Tags fields. Pretty limited, but necessary for performance reasons.

However, with the new search engine we created last year, it became possible to search more fields while keeping the search super-fast. So lets use that capability!

From now on, if you use the search box, it will also search in many more fields. The complete lists of fields that are now searched:

  • Author
  • Title
  • ISBN
  • Year
  • Tags
  • Subtitle
  • Dewey
  • LoC Classification
  • LoC Control
  • Publisher
  • Series
  • Notes
  • Plot

Example: searching for “langdon” will return all Dan Brown’s “Robert Langdon” books, because the name appears in the plot summary:

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