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Add Episode Files

Adding » Add Movie Files » Add Episode Files

Linking episode files to seasons of TV series Movie Collector has the ability to automatically link digital TV episodes to the series within your database. This allows you to quickly play the episode directly from within your template. TV episodes and movies use the…

Edit Movie Entries

Managing your Database » Edit Movie Entries

Edit Movie Screen Edit in Main Screen Linking to Local Files Episode Lists Editing Multiple Movies Dealing with Box Sets Adding Trailers, Links and Files

Add Movie Files

Adding » Add Movie Files

What would you like to do? Add Movie Files Add Episode Files

Add, Edit, Merge List Items

Managing your Database » Maintenance » Add, Edit, Merge List Items

With every movie you add to your collection, Movie Collector stores common information in Lists. These lists come in most handy when add, or edit new movies. All common information, such as Year, Genre, Format, Location, Owner, etc., is stored in Lists that you can…

User Defined Fields

Managing your Database » User Defined Fields

If you feel like you’re missing a field you really need for your collection, the Manage User Defined Fields screen comes in handy. Add User Defined Fields to your Movie’s Edit Screen You can add User Defined Fields to your own User Tab in the Edit…

Edit box set

Managing your Database » Edit Movie Entries » Edit box set

After adding a box set, you can add additional information to it. Here’s how: Edit information about the box set You can change the order of movies, edit the box set cover, barcode, and other information. Click Edit > Manage Pick Lists Click on Box set in…

Sorting your collection

Browsing » Sorting your collection

With your collection stored digitally on your computer, sorting your list in various different ways can be done in a few clicks: Click a Column Header Sorting on Multiple Fields Sorting by Title Sorting by Person fields Sorting on Date Added Click a Column…

Your Wish List

Getting Started » Your Wish List

Movie Collector can be a great help in keeping track of the movies you plan to buy or watch: your Wish List. The “Collection Status” field You control the status of a movie in your collection with the Collection Status field. Possible values for this…

Adding your first movies

Getting Started » Adding your first movies

Contents Introduction Creating your database Adding Movies Automatically By Title By Barcode Introduction One of the main features of Movie Collector is that it automatically gives you full movie details and cover images for the movies in your…

Loan Manager

Managing your Database » Loan Manager

Introduction Movie Collector’s Loan Manager allows you to track movies that you’ve loaned, who you’ve loaned them to and when they are due to be returned. The Loan Manager can also warn you when a movie on loan is overdue. Contents Loaning…