Folder grouping allow you to browse your movies grouped into folders. Almost any field in Movie Collector can be set as a folder group option.

You can also create folder grouping within different folder grouping. Movie Collector comes with a variety of pre-set folder group sets, but you can also create your own Saved Folder Presets.


Selecting a Folder view

To start viewing your movies grouped in folders:

  • Click on menu View > Folders, and then pick one of the pre-sets.

Movie Collector then automatically groups all your movies into folders based on the information it has on those movies.

If you wish to disable folders, click View > Folders > No Folders.

Define your own Folder views

You can define your own folder views via the Folder Field Selection screen.

  • Click View > Folders > Select Folder Fields

You’ll now see the Folder Field Selection screen.

  • Fields available to group on are shown on the left.
  • Fields currently used for grouping are shown on the right.

Select a Saved Field Preset from the dropdown (top right) to view which fields are used inside that set.

You can click and drag from the section on the left to the Selected Fields area on the right. (or drag back fields you don’t want).

The [None] Folder

When selecting certain Folder Sets, you may notice the [None] folder at the top of the list.

The [None] folder contains movies in your collection that have not been assigned a value for the folder set you’ve selected. For example, if you have selected Genre folders, the [None] Folder will contain movies in your collection that do not have a Genre assigned. If the Subject folders are selected, then the [None] folder contains movies that do not have a subject, etc.

To remove items from the [None] Folder, you will need to specify a value for the movie that appears in the [None] Folder. Open the Edit Movie screen and enter something for that field, the movie will then be moved out of the [None] Folder.

Important to know:

Q: How do I create a new folder?
A: You don’t actually “create” folders in your main screen. Folder grouping happens automatically based on what information you have for your movies.

Example: If you are using “Genre” folders right now, and you set “Comedy” as a Genre for a movie, that movie will appear in the “Comedy” folder.

Q: How do I move movies to another folder?
A: Example: Wish to move the movie from the “Comedy” genre folder to the “Horror” genre folder?
To do this, Edit the movie and uncheck “Comedy” as a genre, and then check “Horror” as genre. Hit OK and it will now be in the “Horror” folder in your main screen.

Q: Why do I see my movie in multiple folders?
A: Example: If an movie has multiple genres, it will appear in multiple genre folders.

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