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DVD Library Software - catalog your DVDs and Blu-rays

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Automatically download DVD details and imagesLike plot, cast & crew, cover art, trailer vids, etc...
Just search our huge online DVD library ... ... by entering titles or scanning DVD / Blu-ray barcodes.
All movie information powered by IMDbCast, crew, plot details and daily updates to IMDb Ratings.
For your phone
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner
  • Sync data with the Movie Connect software
For your computer
  • For Windows, macOS, Linux, chromeOS, etc.
  • Use with the free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app
  • Sync data with the CLZ Movies mobile app

Or... use them both, as perfect companions!

Both CLZ Movies and Movie Connect can be used on their own, as a stand-alone solution. But these tools really come to life when used together, as they are great companions.
While away from your computer use CLZ Movies on your phone, then use Movie Connect at home, to work on your database on a big screen, with a real keyboard.
Of course, you can sync your database between them through our CLZ Cloud solution.

CLZ Movies
1 year
Movie Connect
1 year
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Also still available: Movie Collector for Windows

Movie Collector is our legacy desktop software. Old-skool software that you install on your own computer, with your data stored locally.
Using Movie Collector is only recommended for advanced Windows users, who know how to install/update software, manage folder and file permissions, configure firewall/security software, make their own backups, etc...

Learn more about Movie Collector

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A little story. Long ago, I had a good-sized collection of old movies on VHS tapes, things I’d mainly recorded off of TCM. I painstakingly made a printed catalog of them, including brief reviews from Leonard Maltin’s book.
All those tapes eventually went to a dumpster, along with our VCR. So I began to acquire DVDs. Recently I thought, “Why not have a directory/catalog of those discs like my old VHS catalog?” And then I thought, surely there must be an app to make this easier and not require me to type everything.
Two days ago, I checked out the App Store and downloaded a different app. At first, it seemed to work great, finding most titles from their barcodes, and I was excited. The following day, however, it wouldn’t find ANY cover images, and it then lost ALL the images from my library.
I did some Googling and read nice things about CLZ, so I downloaded it. That was yesterday. CLZ was superior in every way to the original app I’d tried: so fast, so thorough, and with the added benefits of movie trailers, IMDB ratings…and most importantly, the ability to sync between my iPad and my phone. I quickly added about a hundred movies last night and will do many more in the next day or two. Just this morning, I realized how to add things by title for a wish list.
Sorry about the lengthy message, but TL;DR I LOVE your app! It does everything I needed, plus much more. Scrolling through all those beautiful covers is really gratifying.
You’ve done a great job and I look forward to using it for a long, long time.
— Mike Robertson (USA) on March 14, 2024

Reviews from customers

September 30, 2023
I'm in
Payed money for another DVD library app and knew I'd set that money on fire after 30 minutes. This one works beautifully. Not a big fan of subscription based apps, but if you got the goods, you got the money. I'm in. Done looking. — Lee Gunter on CLZ Movies
July 03, 2023
My DVD collection
I love this app. It helps me organize my digital movie library and my personal DVD collection. — Elisa McCreary on CLZ Movies
July 01, 2022
My ever-growing DVD library
Since I was already using and enjoying the CLZ Comics app, it was an easy jump to using CLZ Movies for my ever-growing DVD library. Like its sister app it has immediate ease of use, and I especially appreciate the deep, granular customization for individual listings.
An essential app for any movie buff worth their popcorn salt. — Brent Keane (Australia) on CLZ Movies
January 12, 2022
An app called CLZ Movies
There is a room in my house filled with: DVDs and Blu-rays. When I go into the room that has them displayed all along the shelves, by osmosis, I’m absorbing all of these movies. It’s tangible. It’s right there. I don’t know how many times I’ve just stared at them all.
To organize my DVDs and Blu-rays, I use an app called CLZ Movies so I can see [the titles in] my library wherever I am. If it made my collection, I consider the movie a masterpiece. I often review movies to friends by saying, “I liked it, but it didn’t make the shelf.”

Source: Interview The Wall Street Journal — M. Night Shyamalan (USA) on CLZ Movies

September 23, 2021
Outstanding app
Outstanding app to organize your collections. I have used for over 3 years. Easy to use. Has a comprehensive movie library. You can add self- help / educational dvds that are not found br barcode or name. — Richard Farrell on CLZ Movies
November 01, 2020
Thrilled with the movie collector program
The Movie Collector program is strictly for my own private use.
I currently have approximately 900 DVD/Blue Ray movies. The Movie Collector program creates an excellent DVD / Blu-ray library. Additionally, with so many movies in my library, many times I'm unable to remember the subject material of a particular movie I haven't watched for many months.
Also, the program allows me to construct a catalogue with the different things I want to select from my master movie list. Right now, one of the things in my catalogue are the synopsis of each movie. My guests can review my printed catalogue and the synopsis allows the to select a movie that is of interest to them.
I am thrilled with the movie collector program; the subscription cost is very reasonable: the owners of the software are incredibly responsive if I have a question; the information provided in the program about the movies is exceptional. I have recommended the movie collector program to my friends on many occasions. — Dennis Hamilton (USA) on Movie Collector
November 08, 2019
Great app
Helps me to have my movie library on hand when I see DVD sales. — 122peppee on CLZ Movies
August 02, 2019
Excellent program
This is an excellent program for keeping track of your videos / movies ensuring accessibility to pertinent details while also helping prevent duplicate purchases. In this day where you could own movies on physical media, Blu-ray, DVD, streaming formats on Amazon, VuDu, or just noting favorites on Hulu, Netflix, etc. I dont see how one could keep track of these resources without something like CLZ Movies. Their customer support has consistently been excellent on the rare occasions they were needed. — James Wolf on CLZ Movies
July 09, 2019
DVD collection
I love your product and it has enabled our library to keep our DVD collection. — Jeffrey Marzluft (USA) on Movie Collector
June 05, 2019
DVD collection
My DVD collection is vast, and now I can access any movie and find easily find it in my DVD library. The details are there for me to sort and find any easily find any film quickly. — John Lewis on CLZ Movies
March 22, 2019
Far better customer service experience
I have had a lot of fun with Movie Collector and I actually, in many ways, enjoy viewing our home DVD library with that product vs. DVD Profiler.
When it comes to service, I've had a far better customer service experience with you during my Movie Collector evaluation than I've had with Invelos in all the years that I've faithfully used their product. — Felix A. De La Torre, Jr (USA) on Movie Collector
December 28, 2018
Great App for DVD Collection!!
Love this app !!! Just use the barcode scanner and your done , uploaded to the app and you can keep track of your dvd collection , No more buying double DVD’s just open app , search for title in your library and that’s it , real easy to use ! — Dan741 on CLZ Movies
October 29, 2018
A Love Affair with Movies
In 2004, The New York Times ran an article in their “Circuits” section called “I Don’t Rent. I Own.” The article described how DVD’s by the hundreds filled movie buff’s shelves. At that time, there were 27,000 DVDs to choose from. You see, the logic was simple. The making of a movie can cost millions of dollars, commits the talents of hundreds of individuals, the dedication of thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears....and you can own it for the price of a cheap dinner. Like the collectors featured in this article, I think about movies a lot. I think about the full movie, with its themes and big messages; I think about individual scenes that haunt your memories in the middle of night; I think about obscure movies from my childhood; and I think about actors – some preserved forever on film. Over the years, my obsession with movies has led me to ask a simple question. What if I could be like one of those collectors? What if, at any time of day or night, I could see this movie. Hold it in my hands, put it on a shelf and always have a piece of something bigger. What if I think of a film and 5 minutes later I could be watching it…because I own it? Although I subscribed to Netflix then, I hated renting movies – a carry over from my hate of library books. I wanted to own the whole movie, always, and forever. In 2004, I dreamt of a world where you could own 27,000 DVDs.

At first, it started with just a couple of movies. Some that just looked really good on the screen – Hell Boy (#1), some that I always wanted to own – Big Night (#2)….some that my kids could watch over and over again – Air Bud (#14). (Side note, kids are the number one best way to get a spouse to agree to buying a movie). Then, the dam broke. Around 2009, the Hollywood Video store in our town was going out of business and they put all their movies on sale. This was like locking an addict in a pharmacy for the night. Staring at all the films with $3 and $5 dollar price tags…I began to see a bigger mission. I started thinking that I could build a collection and leave behind a legacy. Now I wanted to own all the movies that ever had an impact on my life. The films that scared me, made me laugh, made me cry….the movies that gave me direction. I wanted to own whole genres of films. Like a Last Will and Testament, this was going to be a collection that I could leave to my kids, like a digital message, that would live on after me. A collection that my kids could see and say, “these movies were what made my dad who he was”. Instead, I came home with about 40 films and my wife and kids looked at me like I had lost my mind. It was also on this night that I almost purchased a movie I already owned…

On August 20th, 2009, I paid about $25 to a company called Bitz & Pixelz for their cataloging program Collectorz. By this time, I had about 125 movies. Amazon was constantly putting movies on sale – Father’s Day Sale, Summer Sale, etc. Movies like Batman Begins (#45), Blade Runner (#62) and Casablanca (#82) were easily available. Every week, I would get e-mails about “This Week’s Hot New Releases”…. I was hooked. Logging movies into Collectorz became a weekly ritual. I’d think long and hard about which films would take up coveted spots in the collection – Riddick (#100), Hair (#200) and transformers 2 (#500). By the time Captain America came out in 2011, I had hit 1000 movies.

About a month ago, Avengers Infinity War became number 2000. My friends all have links to my Collectorz collection on their phones and I sync my collection across my home computer and all my devices. I travel a lot, so often on a late night flight, I’ll bring up my collection just to look at the cover art, read the plots and peruse the list actors, producers and actors. Many a Friday night, there will be a group of my kid’s friends huddled around the computer perusing the collection for a movie to watch – “sort by action”, “no, romance”….”don’t be crazy, comedy” – can be heard over the mouse clicks. Collectorz, being a one stop shop for the collection, triggers someone to ask to see the trailer, or ask “who stars in that one?”

I dread the day that they stop making Blu-Ray films. I love receiving the movie, holding it in my hands, logging it into my Collectorz catalog….and filing it on my shelf. In fact, some films are still in their wrapper - My wife and I joke that this will be our retirement. Fourteen years ago, I started something I hope I’ll never finish…and Collectorz is logging every step of this journey. — Damien Cohen (USA) on Movie Collector

October 26, 2018
Pure Heaven!
I'll tell you...it has been a long and tiring road trying to organize my video collection! Back when I had 1,275 videos (including VHS, DVD and Blu-ray), I had them all barcoded with labels I would manually create out of Microsoft Word and have them listed in an Excel then Access database. But it was never the same, as everything had to be entered in manually - which royally sucks. The time I spent on adding them, I never got around to entering in main actors, year, directors or even year....it was a clusterschmuck!
Then I found Collectorz.com and I was in pure Heaven! I love how I can have all of the information that's listed in the CLZ cloud/library in my database - now I have well over 2,985 videos (DVD's and Blu-ray's only) and I cherish the software and the company who makes it!
I can't thank you enough! — Timothy R. Barre (USA) on Movie Collector
August 24, 2018
This app is actually part of a suite of desktop, mobile apps and browser based solutions for managing your DVD and BD collection. I have over 600 discs and the desktop version provides a powerful database for managing the collection. The standard film info is downloaded from a dedicated central database, and users can tailor that data to their needs. The app version allows me to replicate my desktop database to my tablet, so I can browse my films from my armchair and use the library index data to quickly locate discs. You can use the app on its own to manage smaller collections and / or to meet simpler requirements. The app is an excellent tool for accessing and enjoying your disc collection. — A Google user on CLZ Movies
April 21, 2018
Very easy to use
Great for cataloging my dvd library. — Lare Watson-Haley on CLZ Movies
August 03, 2017
Immensely helpful
A friend and customer suggested CLZ to me quite a few years back. I started using it for my video collection of 3500 to 4000 pieces, VHS, DVD and BluRay. Still gathering my collection together, but it has been immensely helpful in saving me from purchasing duplicates in the same format. With the mobile app and cloud storage, it has become even more of a must-have tool.
I highly recommend Movie Collectorz for anyone who wants to keep track of their collection and prevent duplicate buying. With the mobile app there are no more bulky printouts to drag around and the camera works as a scanner so you can add new purchases immediately. Insurance companies will either love or hate you as you now have an accurate list of your movies. There are also features for lending titles to friends and family, so you know what is not with you at any time. Check it out, it is well worth the investment!
Now on to comics and books. Ah, the Collectorz life. — Brad Browatzke (Canada) on Movie Collector
April 21, 2017
Great app!
I've got over 2400 DVD's in my library... great app! — Terry Millder (USA) on Movie Collector
February 17, 2017
Incredible and easy to use
I was hesitant to get this ~but am thankful I did! Using the scanner on my IPhone is so quick and easy. I thought I'd "stump" the search with some rare and uncommon DVDs I have. But, no, the program found everything. Highly recommended if you want a quick loading and handy listing of your movie library titles. Thanks, everyone, who developed this app! Well worth the money to unlock the full version. — Duluthroo on CLZ Movies
November 29, 2016
Love it
Helps me organize our DVD/Blu-ray library. — Kristina Delost on CLZ Movies
November 25, 2016
WELL worth the $14.99 for the full program
I've wasted too much money on duplicate movies because I never remember what I already bought. PLUS, this will scan my laserdiscs (yes, I still have some)! DVDs, Blu-Rays, AND VHS. I plan to substitute DVDs or Blu-Rays for my VHS tapes but I have to have that list with me when I go shopping! GREAT program. Easy to use, I scanned some 500-plus movies in a few hours this morning. PLUS, it will pull up the IMDB page (my favorite about movies site) and give you a synopsis. Hint: you don't have to scan one at a time. You can scan a number of them before adding them to your library. — Jeffrey Bassett on CLZ Movies
September 04, 2016
Seems pretty good
Much better and faster than DVD library. I like the idea of cloud backup. I lost 255 scans with DVD library even with continually backing up. — Ronald Wagner on CLZ Movies
May 19, 2016
Over 1300 DVDS
With over 1300 DVDs I would not be able to manage my library without CLZ Movies. Being able to check the library on my smartphone has saved me several hundred dollars by preventing buying duplicates. Great app! — kylaw3 on CLZ Movies
January 25, 2014
Personal movie database
Most fantastic Personal Movie Database I EVER found... Used to use it on PC for over 1200+ DVDs & VHS Library. FANTASTIC!! Glad mobile version avail. — ericB krigger on CLZ Movies
August 18, 2013
Dit is het!
Ik heb het even in mijn mail teruggekeken: voor zover ik kan zien is mijn eerste ervaring met jullie software ergens rond 2000, met Movie Collector 1.2. Ik had jarenlang een behoorlijke verzameling VHS-banden opgebouwd, en behoorlijk lang lopen zoeken naar een geschikt beheersprogramma. Ik heb van alles en nog wat uitgeprobeerd, maar alles was het net-niet. Ik heb zelfs nog in Access zelf een soort van database geschreven, maar dat kostte me uiteindelijk allemaal toch teveel tijd.

Totdat ik Movie Collector ontdekte: jullie heetten toen geloof ik nog Bitz & Pixelz of zoiets. Toen ik Movie Collector had geïnstalleerd dacht ik: Dit is het! Hier heb ik jarenlang naar gezocht! Vervolgens ben ik wekenlang elk vrij moment bezig geweest met het inkloppen van ongeveer 1200 speelfilms (ruim 600 VHS-videobanden) De link in Movie Collector met IMDB bestond toen nog niet, en ik had bij het opnemen van de films gaandeweg al veel informatie vastgelegd vanuit filmcatalogi en TV-programmagidsen (met name Veronica en FilmNet). Toen eindelijk alles in Movie Collector was ingevoerd had ik dus een fantastische database van mijn filmverzameling, met acteurs, regisseurs en noem maar op. Ik heb steeds ook de nieuwe releases van de software gevolgd en ik zag de mogelijkheden groeien. Mijn VHS-banden heb ik later verkocht aan een andere filmliefhebber, maar mijn verzameling bouwde zich geleidelijk weer op via DVD's zowel zelf opgenomen als gekocht.

Een beetje op dezelfde wijze ging het met Music Collector. Toen ik mijn verzameling CD's wilde vastleggen kende ik Movie Collector al een poosje , dus toen ben ik meteen Music Collector gaan aanschaffen. Ik beheer er ongeveer 800 CD's mee (meest klassiek). Beide programma's zou ik niet willen missen.

Het gebruik van de software is bij mij de laatste tijd wel veranderd: ik neem minder films op dan vroeger, met name ook door het gigantische aanbod wat er is. Ik ontvang hier Film1 en HBO en ik neem eigenlijk alleen de echt sterke films op (omdat ik die wellicht nog wel eens wil terugzien) en series, omdat ik het liefst de afleveringen ervan achter elkaar bekijk. Voor muziek heb ik Spotify en ik koop dus minder muziek. Wel download ik soms albums via iTunes en die beheer ik dan weer in Music Collector. Kortom. het blijft op de een of andere manier doorgaan.

Dit is wel zo ongeveer mijn verhaal over de Collectors. Voor het beheer van media is er niks beters, dat hoeven jullie niet meer aan te tonen. O ja, dat zou ik nog bijna vergeten. Ik gebruik apps voor Movie en Music Collector op mijn iPhone. — Harry Kronenberg (Netherlands) on Movie Collector

December 09, 2012
This is GREAT!
I received my bar-code scanner Thursday and spent most of yesterday using it to add DVDs and Blue-ray movies to my library. This is GREAT!
I will recommend your program software and scanner to all my friends and family.
Thanks again. — William DeHart (Germany) on Movie Collector
February 20, 2012
A dream come true
All the work put in over the 14 plus years is a dream come true for me.
I've started loading my DVD list. It'll take a while with over 600. My wife and I love movies and we've been very selective and I think we have built quite an eclectic library! — Howard Mills (United Kingdom) on Movie Collector
August 08, 2011
The bee's knees
If you've got more DVD's than you can remember, then you need this product - plain & simple . It's the bee's knees of DVD library products. — John Fenech (Australia) on Movie Collector
August 11, 2010
Off the charts!
Just wanted you guys to know that I received my Scanner Package along with Movie Collectorz Pro Version Disc Monday, 9 Aug 2010 and I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient the two products work together.

I had my entire library of DVD's organized in the software in a matter of 45 mins or so!
The software is great and the scanner is outstanding! On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate your products a 20!!! (off the charts!)

Keep up the good work! — Ronald Golden on Movie Collector

February 24, 2010
Excellent Work!!
I want to tell you that MOVIE COLLECTOR IS FANTASTIC!! It is far away and above any of the competitor products! They cannot compare to you. Believe me, I know. Over the last year or so, I have tried every solution that I could find for storing my DVD library and sharing that information with my iPhone, and none of them worked worth a damn.

Using UPC codes is critical, in my opinion, since that gives you the exact results for the DVD that you own, and Movie Collector is the ONLY app that I've tested that works easily and completely with imported UPC codes. A Title search gives you only the basic info, not specific to your DVD, unless you want to comb through the dozens and dozens of Title results to find the correct one. (By the way, the Symbol scanner that I have on my system works perfectly with your software.)

When your revised Clz Movies app became available, I finally went ahead and tried Movie Collector. OMG!! What a beautifully designed piece of software, both on the desktop and for the iPhone.

Then, when I exported my Movie Collector db to the iPhone, it worked perfectly the FIRST TIME, and the resulting database on the iPhone is a complete pleasure to use. All very well designed and seamless between desktop and iPhone. As I have done a lot of programming myself, I really appreciate your fine work.

Anyway, once again, Excellent Work!! — Gary L. Maedl on Movie Collector

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