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Keep track of your comic collection, just scan their barcodes

Automatically download issue details and imagesLike creators, characters, cover art and preview art.
Just search our huge online comic database ... ... by series title or by scanning issue barcodes.
Get key comic information on major and minor keysFirst appearances, cameo appearances, deaths, iconic cover art, etc...
For your phone
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Built-in camera barcode scanner
  • Sync data with the Movie Connect software
For your computer
  • For Windows, macOS, Linux, chromeOS, etc.
  • Use with the free CLZ Barry barcode scanner app
  • Sync data with the CLZ Movies mobile app

Or... use them both, as perfect companions!

Both CLZ Comics and Comic Connect can be used on their own, as a stand-alone solution. But these tools really come to live when used together, as they are great companions.
While away from your computer use CLZ Comics on your phone, then use Comic Connect at home, to work on your database on a big screen, with a real keyboard.
Of course, you can sync your database between them through our CLZ Cloud solution.

CLZ Comics
1 year
Comic Connect
1 year
USD $0.00
USD $0.00
save USD $0.00

Also still available: Comic Collector for Windows

Comic Collector is our legacy desktop software. Old-skool software that you install on your own computer, with your data stored locally.
Using Comic Collector is only recommended for advanced Windows users, who know how to install/update software, manage folder and file permissions, configure firewall/security software, make their own backups, etc...

Learn more about Comic Collector

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Reviews from customers

September 23, 2022
Great app easy to use
I love this app. It makes keeping track of what I own so easy. The statistics are a lot of fun. — Paul Cornish on CLZ Comics
August 10, 2022
I love this app!!!! It does an awesome job of keeping an inventory of my comics. I can keep track of what I have and what is in my wishlist. I take my tablet with me to the comic shop so that when I look at back issues I know what I already have or need. C Don't know what I would do without. — Kevin Montagne on CLZ Comics
August 10, 2022
Highly recommended
Great app for keeping track of your comic collection. They are always working to make the app better. — Michael Romanenko on CLZ Comics
August 08, 2022
Luv!! CLZ Comics
Now I can add all my comic and keep track on what I have. I also could add where I got my Comics from. If your a collector with Comics this is the app for you. I recommend it. — George Villeda on CLZ Comics
July 22, 2022
it's awesome!
This thing is how I keep track of my way too many long boxes of comics! it's also what I use as reference when hunting for comics! — Alex Cardona on CLZ Comics
July 22, 2022
Highly recommend!
Once I figured it out! I love it!!! Better than my old way of keeping track of my books! — Adam Wolfe on CLZ Comics
July 20, 2022
I don't know what I'd do without this app
As a serious comic collector, I don't know what I'd do without this app. Very useful to keep track of what issues you have, versus what you still need. — Jeffrey Kennedy on CLZ Comics
July 18, 2022
Great way to keep track of what you have
Great app so far ..been using for few days cataloging my comics no problems ..Great way to keep track of what you have and need. — Shaun Brand on CLZ Comics
July 10, 2022
By far the best app
Been collecting for years and this is by far the best app I've found to keep track. — Paul Fong on CLZ Comics
July 10, 2022
Awesome and amazing app
Definitely helps keep track of what comics I own. I'm new to this, and it's simple enough to understand. Playing around with the app helps figuring out how it works. I haven't even touched base on how much more there is to learn from this. 100% happy with it so far! — matt spaulding on CLZ Comics
June 26, 2022
Keep track
I love that this program helps keep track of your progress for comics. — Daniel Isaguirre on CLZ Comics
June 25, 2022
Love the app
Love this app! It’s easy to use and I love keeping track of my collection with it. Overall, great app! — NoahToTheRescue on CLZ Comics
June 13, 2022
Really well thought out app
So easy to use, really well thought out app for any collectors looking to keep track of their comic books. You pay but it's worth the annual fee. — D S on CLZ Comics
June 07, 2022
Great app
So far this app has all the things a collector could want to keep track of their inventory. Highly recommended. — Super jumbo Gun show (USA) on CLZ Comics
June 06, 2022
Fantastic app
Really simple and straight forward. Well worth the money for those keeping track of your collections. — Joshua Parker on CLZ Comics
June 02, 2022
Keep track of all my books
Love this app, it helps me keep track of all my books and the books I am missing in my collection. — Wayne B on CLZ Comics
May 08, 2022
Awesome App!
I had no idea this existed until a friend of mine told me about it. It not only helps me keep track of what I have, but offers so many other cool features/options. This is a must have if you are into serious collecting. — JLR_books (USA) on CLZ Comics
May 05, 2022
Great App
It is really helping to keep track of the collection. — Michael Muaddib on CLZ Comics
April 26, 2022
Updated frequently- sweet App
Very happy with this app. Not a huge collector anymore but love this app to keep track of the comics I already own. Thanks for a great app! — MrJulioManuel (USA) on CLZ Comics
April 22, 2022
Perfect app for keeping track of my collection
I love this app easy to use and perfect for keeping track of all my comments. Customer support are very kind and helpful if you have any problems. — Cincyman52 (USA) on CLZ Comics
April 21, 2022
Really easy to use
Makes it easier to keep track of issues all saved on your phone. — Amanda Kennedy on CLZ Comics
April 21, 2022
Love this app
Love this app for keep track of my comic collection. — Paige Carter-Morey on CLZ Comics
April 08, 2022
Keep track of everything
It helps me keep track of everything and find the names of artists and writers. — Raul Delao on CLZ Comics
March 29, 2022
Great app even for the casual Collector
I stopped actively collecting comics 15 years ago. I brought my Collection from 800 comics down to 325 books that I actually wanted to keep. This app is wonderful for keeping track of what I already own and its value going forward. Very easy to use. Only took a few hours to add everything and keep it synced. Love the regular updates and new features added frequently. Keep up the great work! — MrJulioManuel (USA) on CLZ Comics
March 24, 2022
I love this app! As far as keeping track of your comic collection this is top of the game. Everything about this app is amazing. — Robbie Swanson on CLZ Comics
March 19, 2022
Great resouce and handy for on the spot look ups and great app for keeping track of your collection. Easy and very helpful to use. — Toby Roberts on CLZ Comics
March 15, 2022
Awesome App
This app is truly a Godsend! What a great way to keep track of your collection and is so handy when you’re at the comic book store hunting for missing issues. I recommend it for any collector! — Big White Chocolate (USA) on CLZ Comics
March 13, 2022
Keep track of my collection
I was looking for an app to help me keep track of my collection and this seems to be the one! Being subscription based I was a bit reluctant when I downloaded this app. I compared it and 2 others comic cataloguing apps, but 2 things won me over.
One was that, being a gi Joe collector they even had the issues that were exclusive to the toys and also being an indie fan, they have had all the stuff ive searched.
And number 2, and most important reason I like this app- customer support! — James Skender on CLZ Comics
March 10, 2022
Amazing app
This app is amazing it was the best purchases I've made to keep track of my son's comic book collection. — Lynn Passarelli on CLZ Comics
March 04, 2022
Really useful app for all collectors
I’ve input over 35,000 Comics into this app with no glitches so far! It really is an indispensable app. I don’t know how they keep track of all the covers every week, but for the most part they do. Plus they have great customer service, I get a response within 24 hours whenever I have a question. They seem to really care about their customers. — sheinola (USA) on CLZ Comics

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