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Field Defaults

Adding comics » Field Defaults

The “Field Defaults” feature gives you the ability to set default field values for your new comic additions. It allows you to set the “Seen it” or “Read It” fields to Yes or No, preset the Owner field and a lot of other fields. To…

Field Reference

Managing your database » Editing comics » Field Reference

Field types in the Edit Screen In the Edit Screen you will find different field types: Basic text fields: These allow you to just type any text in them. Number only fields: You can only add numbers in this field (for instance an index field, or a price…

Editing multiple in one go

Managing your database » Editing multiple in one go

You can edit multiple comics in one go by using the Edit Multiple screen. !Edit Multiple is the only feature in CLZ Comics that can overwrite existing data. Use it with great care. 1. Select multiple comics Enter selection mode by tapping the button at the…