The missing comic feature is the ultimate tool for comic book collectors to keep track of the issues they are missing from their collections by comparing your issues and series to the ones in our Core.
With this tool, you can see what comics you are missing per comic book series. There are a few custom options available to set this screen to your preference including “show variant” covers.

The missing comics tool is perfect if you want a list of all the missing issues of a series, so you can search for them more easily. It is also possible to share this list with your friends or family.
This way they can help you look for the issues that you are still missing.

The Missing Comics screen

Click on the menu in the top left corner and tap Missing Comics under the tools section.

A new screen opens up, showing you all your missing comics. You can modify the missing comics settings by tapping the pencil button!. It will now show you a few options:

  • Show variants: This shows the missing comics list including all the cover variants you are missing. Example: it will show 1b 1c 1d 1e 2a 2c.
    If you are looking to complete a run of issue numbers, you would want this turned off, so you only see the issue numbers you are missing.
  • Show “On Order”: This shows the missing comics list including all the comics that you have given the “On Order” collection status.
    The “On Order” comics are marked in the list with an asterisk next to it, so that you know that these comics are incoming. No need to buy them again.
    If you don’t want the “On Order” issues listed here at all, just uncheck the “Show On Order” settings.
  • Show unreleased: This will show the list including all the comics you are missing and haven’t’ been released yet.
    By default: this screen reports unreleased comics as missing. This might be useful, because it helps you add those “future” issues to your wish list.
    You can also turn this off if you’re only looking for the issues that are out there right now.
  • Compact list: This will put a sequence of issue numbers together. Instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, it will show you 1-4.
  • Sort issues: This gives the choice to sort your missing comic numbers in increasing or decreasing order.

Search your missing comics list

You can filter missing comics by typing a related word to your search in the search bar.
It is also possible to sort your list alphabetically or by missing count with the sort button next to the pencil button.

Open missing comics in “Add Comics”

The “Missing Comics” screen helps you to find comics you don’t own yet. If you find missing comics that would like to add to your wish list, just tap the open in “Add Comics” link, which will open the “Add Comics” screen with this series selected, so you can instantly add from there to any collection status.

Share missing comics list

It might be useful to share your missing comics list with others. This way they know which comics you missing and others can look for them too. This feature is accessible by tapping the envelope button in the top right. You can now choose which method you want to use for sending your missing comics list to others.

Hide comics

It can happen that you want to remove a series from your missing comics list. Maybe you have solved the issue in another way or aren’t on the lookout for the series anymore.
In that case, you can easily hide the comic from this list. This is possible by tapping on a series and then “hide”. The comic will now disappear from your missing comics list.

Unhide comics

You can unhide these comics in the manage pick list. Go to manage pick list in the dropdown menu. Select “series” and choose the series that you have hidden. You can now edit the series and choose the “Hide from missing comics” option.

Check it out!

Take a tour with AJ showing you the missing comics feature:

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