Now that we’re live with the CLZ / CovrPrice integration, here’s an updated version of the FAQ, with the most common post-launch questions:

I am not getting values for some of my comics, why?

To get value for a comic, this is what needs to happen:

  1. CovrPrice needs to have a fair market value calculated for that comic. So if you don’t see a value, always check the site first. If CovrPrice does not have a value listed for your comic, then that is why you don’t see a value.
  2. Our Core entry for that comics needs to be linked to the corresponding CovrPrice entry. We already have most of our database linked, which should give most users values for about 80% to 90% of their comics. We are still working on linking the rest. If you want us to prioritize linking your series/comics, please report them to us.
  3. Finally, your local entry needs to be linked to Core’s correct comic and variant. If you suspect that may be the problem, use “Re-Link Core Variant” from the Action menu on the comic details page.

I see a strange value for one of the comics that I suspect is incorrect.

First, always check the Edit screen, to see if you may still have an old value listed in the My Value field. If not, then please report the strange value here, so that the CovrPrice guys can investigate.

How can I join the fun and get comic values in my CLZ Comics app?

To get comic values in your CLZ Comics app, subscribe to the CovrPrice Premium plan.
To subscribe, use this special CLZ/CovrPrice Sign-Up page.
On that page, follow the steps there to 1. create an account, 2. pay for the Premium plan and then 3. link your CLZ and CovrPrice accounts.

I am already a CovrPrice Premium subscriber, how do I link my accounts?

  1. First, log in to your CovrPrice account.
  2. Then follow the 3 simple steps on this page.

How do I remove the old GoCollect values and/or my manually entered values?

  1. From the Series list, choose All Comics to go to your full comic list
  2. Tap the checkbox icon at the top to enter Selection Mode
  3. Tap the “All” checkbox at the bottom to select all your comics
  4. Choose “Edit” from the “Action” button menu.
  5. Select the “My Value” field there and proceed. Leaving it empty will clear the values.

Or check out this video on how to do that:

Will the CovrPrice values replace my manually entered values in the My Value field?

No, the existing values in your Value field will be preserved, these will not be overwritten. The CovrPrice values will be downloaded into a separate read-only, not editable, “CovrPrice Value” field.

In the main screen lists and the Statistics screen totals, it will display and use either your manually entered values or the CovrPrice value, based on a new global setting in the Settings screen.

For example, this will let you use CovrPrice values, but manually override using the Value field for specific comics.

To get values, will I have to assign a Grade to all my comics?

Ideally, yes, as that will give you the most accurate value. As you know, values greatly depend on the condition/grade of your copy. You can use the efficient Edit Multiple tool to set Grades for ranges of comics quickly, e.g. set all your recent comics to a “9.4” grade, then set all older comics to 8.0, then maybe set your “in bad shape” copies to a “5.0” one by one.

However, if you do not set a Grade, you will still get a value, as CovrPrice will then provide you the value of the most commonly sold grade.

Of course, make sure you at least set your “Raw vs Slabbed” toggle correctly, because that will give you raw CP values or slabbed CP values.

Can I just pay for a 1 month subscription and then cancel and keep the values? Then maybe after a year subscribe for 1 month again to get updated values?

No, that won’t work. To have access to the CovrPrice values in your CLZ app/software, you always need an active subscription to CovrPrice. As soon as your subscription expires, the values will disappear from the app.

Can I export the CovrPrice values to a text file, CSV or PDF?

Yes, this is possible if you have a year subscription to CovrPrice, and only via CLZ Cloud (or Comic Connect).
Find out how to export to Text / CSV or print to PDF and make sure to select the “Value” field when exporting!

Is it possible to get the values downloaded in my currency?

Yes, the values will be automatically converted to the Currency you have selected in your Settings screen, using the current exchange rate.
Supported currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, NOK, SEK, DKK, CHF, ZAR, BRL, RUB, PLN, IND, CZK, SGD, JPY, and HUF.

I am not interested in comic values. If I do not subscribe to CovrPrice, can I still keep using the CLZ app/software?

Of course, you can keep using the app/software as you always did. This is an optional service, if you don’t need it, nothing changes for you, even if you are still using the app in grandfathered status.

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