With every book you add to your collection, CLZ Books stores common information in Pick Lists. Examples of pick lists include Genre, Format, Location, Owner, etc.

With the Manage Pick List screen you can modify all Pick List items. With it you can add, edit, delete and merge List Items.

When do I use the Manage Pick Lists screen?

Below are some example situations to help you understand when you can use this screen to fix issues with certain pick list fields.

Use it when authors aren’t sorting correctly:

It can happen that you add a book from from an author to your collection, but the book doesn’t sort correctly in your list (or the author doesn’t sort correctly in your list of author folders).
The Manage Pick Lists screen can help you sort that out: Use it to find the author and change his/her Display Name and Sort Name. This will immediately affect all other books that use the same author.

Use it to fix duplicate authors or a bad spelled author in your list:

Perhaps you’re adding a book from an author that you already have a book cataloged from, but due to a slight spelling mistake, you now have 2 versions of that author in your list of authors. The Manage Pick List screen allows you to find the 2 authors and merge them into 1 author.

How to add, edit, merge or remove pick list items:

You can add/edit/merge or remove pick list items. Pick what you wish to do:

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