It can happen that something goes wrong during sync. If that happens, you will be notified, and you can check here what the error means:

Error downloading/uploading cover:

A cover (or more than 1 cover) didn’t download or upload correctly.
Restart the CLZ Cloud sync to try again!

“Error Uploading cover” keeps coming back

If you keep getting the error uploading for the same cover every time you sync, and you have a stable internet connection, it could be that the cover image is corrupt.

Find the actual cover for that book on your PC/Mac or iOS/Android mobile device and see if it’s actually there:

  • If the image seems bad, remove the image and add a new image to the book
  • If it seems fine and it keeps failing, it might be too big or corrupt (but you can’t actually see it’s corrupt). Try to remove the image and add a new image to the book.

Other messages:

If you get any error messages, restarting the CLZ Cloud sync will usually do the trick, so always try that first!

This database was exported directly from Book Collector and can not be synced with CLZ Cloud.

To enable CLZ Cloud 2.0 syncing please empty your database on your mobile device first using “Settings > Empty Database”.

There are no changes to be synchronized with CLZ Cloud.

No changes were found between your local database and your database in CLZ Cloud.
If, however, you are sure it should be syncing, you could opt to clear your DB in CLZ Cloud (this forces an upsync from any device/pc up into the CLZ Cloud).

Clear database in CLZ Cloud

Here’s how you can, if you want, clear your database in CLZ Cloud:

  1. Go to your CLZ Cloud page and log in.
  2. Click the menu button top left and choose “Clear Database”
  3. Now try syncing once again. .

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