With the filter screen you can filter your comics on all sorts of details. You may be looking for a comic with a specific price (or maybe higher than / lower than) or perhaps a comic from a certain year. You can create a filter for every field you have added to your comics in your database.

The Filter Screen

Open the filter screen by clicking menu “Search > Set Filter > Create/Modify Filters”. On the right, you can see 4 buttons. From left to right they are:

  1. New Filter
  2. Duplicate Filter
  3. Rename Filter
  4. Delete Filter

Underneath those 4 filter buttons you see a white box, this is where your saved filters will be. It should contain a couple of example filter settings.

On the left you see a large white block which is your “Condition Panel”, where you set up the filter. At the top of the Condition Panel the buttons from left to right are:

  1. Add a condition
  2. Remove condition
  3. Not: Invert selected conditions
  4. Group selected conditions

Creating a new filter

The best way to explain how to add a new filter is to give an example. For this example you’re going to create a filter for:
Expensive comics released between 2010 and 2016”.

First think of how such a filter would work: expensive comics released between 2010 and 2016. So you need these 3 conditions:

  • Purchase Price higher than X (I will choose “90” for this example)
  • Released after 2010.
  • Released before 2016

This means you need to add 3 conditions to your Condition Panel on the left and set them up:

  1. First click the “New Filter” button (the blue plus icon) to create a filter.
  2. Give the new filter a name. For example: “Expensive comics released between 2010 and 2016”.
  3. Add a condition by clicking the “Add a condition” button (top left of the screen) and set up these 3 things:
    1. Field: From this list select “Purchase Price”
    2. Comparison: Set it to: “greater than or equal”
  4. Value: Set the value it should be greater than or equal to, for instance: “90”.

Add two more conditions the same way, but for “Field” you now choose “Release Year”.

  1. Set the second condition to: Release Year > Greater than > 2009
  2. Set the third condition to: Release Year > Less than > 2017
  3. Hit “OK” to activate the filter.

Result: This will give you comics that have a purchase price of “90” or higher, and have been released in either 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016.

And / Or

When you add a new condition you will see “AND” between them. This is to indicate both conditions are “required” for the results. You can also set it to “OR” to indicate you want either of the 2 conditions (or more) to be used for the results.

NOT: Invert Selected Condition

Select a condition and click on the “NOT” button to invert the selected condition.

Group Selected Conditions

If you wish to create a filter where a certain condition is executed first, you will need to group selected conditions between brackets.

Here’s an example where you would need it:
Say you’d like to show items with purchase price 30 that have the country field in filled in as either France or Spain. For this you would need this filter:
Purchase Price equals 30 AND (Country equals France OR Spain)

So you’ve made your filter:

  • Purchase Price equals 30
  • AND
  • Country equals France
  • OR
  • Country equals Spain

You now need to group the 2 country conditions. Here’s how:

  1. Click the condition for “Country equals France”.
  2. Hold SHIFT on your keyboard.
  3. Press ARROW DOWN twice until you get to condtion “Country equals Spain”
  4. Click the button to group selected conditions:

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