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Pre-fill Settings

Adding » Pre-fill Settings

The Pre-fill settings screen allows you to assign default values to pre-fill fields for comics when adding them to your collection. For example, If you’re adding lots of comics purchased from Amazon, you can define the Purchase Store using the Pre-fill…


Managing your Database » Maintenance

Update File Links Add, Edit, Merge List Items Re-assigning Index Numbers

Add, Edit, Merge List Items

Managing your Database » Maintenance » Add, Edit, Merge List Items

With every comic you add to your collection, Comic Collector stores common information in Lists. These lists come in most handy when add, or edit new comics. All common information, such as Year, Genre, Format, Location, Owner, etc., is stored in Lists that you can…

Editing Multiple Comics

Managing your Database » Edit Comic Entries » Editing Multiple Comics

You can edit multiple comics in one go by using the Edit Multiple screen. !Edit Multiple is the only feature in Comic Collector that overwrites existing data. Use it with great care. Editing Multiple Comics Select the comics you want to edit by checking the…

User Defined Fields

Managing your Database » User Defined Fields

If you feel like you’re missing a field you really need for your collection, the Manage User Defined Fields screen comes in handy. Add User Defined Fields to your Comic’s Edit Screen You can add User Defined Fields to your own User Tab in the Edit…

Editing your comic entries

Getting Started » Editing your comic entries

Here’s how you can efficiently edit your comic entries, e.g. to add personal information, like purchase info, notes, your own ratings, etc.. Editing a single comic All editing takes place in the “Edit Comic” screen, which you can open with the…

Your Wish List

Getting Started » Your Wish List

Comic Collector can be a great help in keeping track of the comics you plan to buy or watch: your Wish List. The “Collection Status” field You control the status of a comic in your collection with the Collection Status field. Possible values for this…