If you feel like you’re missing a field you really need for your collection, the Manage User Defined Fields screen comes in handy.

Add User Defined Fields to your Game’s Edit Screen

You can add User Defined Fields to your own User Tab in the Edit screen. And you can add as many as you need.

Here’s how you can add your own fields to the software:

  1. Click menu Tools > User Defined Fields to start.
  2. Click the blue “+” icon to add a user defined field, and select the Field Type (*see below) you wish to add.
  3. Now give your new User Defined Field a name.
  4. This name will also appear in your Edit screen and Template.
  5. Repeat for as many User Defined Fields you’d like to have.

Field Types

You get to choose between 7 different field types:

  • Text: A free form text field.
  • Pick List: The standard dropdown box where you choose one of the values.
    Add values for this field via the Edit Lists screen.
  • Number (whole): A number field that does not allow decimals.
  • Number (decimals): A number field that does allow decimals.
  • Checkbox: A Yes/No checkbox.
  • Date: A standard date field with a calendar popup.
  • Checkbox List: A list of entries for you to check or leave unchecked.
    Add entries for this field via the Edit Lists screen.

Create your own Header

All your User Defined Fields (including any old ones you’ve used in the past) will appear under 1 tab in the Edit Game and under one Header in the Templates in the Details Panel.

Check your User Defined Fields

Edit any game and go to your User Defined Fields tab to see your fields, and start using them.
If you add your user defined fields as columns to your list, you can also use the program’s “Edit in List” feature to edit those fields.

Your user defined fields can be printed, used for columns, used for sorting, export to CSV/XML etc.
Any user defined field that you can add to/edit via “Edit > Manage Pick Lists” can be folder-grouped on too via menu “View > Folders > Select Folder Fields”.

Use Caution

When you change the field types, in a lot of cases the data will stay put (type “pick list” to type “free text” for instance). In some cases you will lose everything you filled in for your own field types for all movies when you change the type. In this case:

A warning will display when there’s a chance of data loss when you move fields around/change field types.

Delete a User Defined Field

  1. Click menu Tools > User Defined Fields
  2. Select the field you wish to remove.
  3. Click the Recycle Bin button.
  4. Click YES on the warning.

Note: this can not be undone.

Export to CLZ Mobile / CLZ Cloud / Connect for Game

Right now, User Defined Fields are limited to our Windows and Mac OS X version only.

This means that currently, the User Defined Fields are not exported to our other products. So you will not see them on your CLZ Games iOS / Android app, in your CLZ Cloud or in Connect for Game.

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