Field types in the Edit Screen

In the Edit Screen you will find different field types:

  1. Basic text fields: These allow you to just type any text in them.
  2. Number only fields: You can only add numbers in this field (for instance an index field, or a price field).
  3. Multi/Single pick list fields: These allow you to pick 1 (or more) values from a list of predefined values (and you can also add values to that list).

Fields in the Edit Screen

Most fields in the edit screen will be self explanatory. Find a couple of fields below that you may have questions about:

  • Sort Title
    Store the Sort Title of the movie here. This is used if you want to sort your movie in a different place in the list. For Example, ‘The Matrix’ will have a sort title of ‘Matrix’ so that it sorts under M, rather than T.
  • Index
    Store an index number for your movie. Some users put stickers with the index number on their DVDs/Blu-Rays so they can easily locate them using the app. Therefor, each Index number is only used once. This number gets filled in automatically, and it also automatically increments on each new movie you add.
  • Collection Status
    Tap on it to select a different collection status. This can move your movie from Wish List to “In Collection” after you purchased it.
  • Rating
    Define your personal rating (not the IMDB rating)
  • Location
    Define where the movie is stored in your home, or in a 2nd home for instance.
  • Storage Device
    If you use storage devices to store your movie discs in, you can use this field to put in the name of the storage device.
  • Storage Slot
    Define which slot of the aforementioned storage device this movie is in. You can only fill in the slot for the first disc. Use the “Discs” field to define how many disc the movie has, and put them in the slots after the first disc.
  • Store
    Define where you purchased the movie.
  • Current Value
    You can put a current value in this field to show what the movie is worth right now. This field is not filled in automatically.
  • Condition
    Define the condition of the movie: is it in mint condition? Scratches anywhere?
  • Tags
    You can add keywords to make the movie easier to find. By adding tags you can also create Tag folders to quickly group your movies on certain tags.
  • Notes
    Add your personal notes about the movie, you can basically fill in anything you want here!

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