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An organized home is a happy home

November 29th, 2011

Way back when in 1996 Alwin Hoogerdijk, founder of Collectorz.com and my hubby, was sitting on a stack of CDs that were driving him insane. He finally got fed up with trying to remember what he had and where it was. So, he locked himself in a room and started writing a program that would keep track of everything for him.
You see, Alwin is a music lover by nature and a computer programmer by profession.

After more than 3 months of hammering away on this thing, he had a computerized, complete, well organized list of ALL of his CDs. He figured, why keep this to myself? So he uploaded it to the internet, calling it version one-point-oh.
Well, Music Collector 1.0 was almost 16 years ago and it is nothing compared to the version that is available today.

So when his piles of DVDs started bumming him, he just knew what he had to do. It was back to the computer to create a new organizer: Movie Collector.
Same goes for his video games, our books and my rapidly growing comic collection.

Between the two of us we own 386 books, 630 DVDs and Blu-rays, 908 comics, 509 video games and 712 CDs. That is a lot of stuff.
We store our collections in huge, solid metal cases with extra small shelves to fit the smaller CD, DVD and game boxes. All things electronic are in one, all paper in the second.
A picture says it all, so here are Alwin and me (and cat Bowser, gone to Rainbow Bridge) in front of our own collections. Before you ask, these cases were made in the Netherlands.