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News: all updates for our software and apps

In last year’s major upgrades for all Windows edition, we introduced the Find Cover feature. A simple way to find missing cover images using a Google Images search. Just point and click to add found images to your database entries.
This feature has proven to be very popular, so this week we added it to all Connect editions.

Quoted from the Connect What’s New list:

  • New in the Edit page: the Find Cover Online feature:

    Find missing cover images online using a Google Images search. 

    • Use the Find Cover button to open the Find Cover panel.
    • Just click your desired cover to add it your database entry.
    • Modify the Google Images search term manually to refine your search.
    • Or, use the smart Barcode, Title and Format checkboxes to include/exclude them from the search terms.

Of course, this update is free for all Connect subscribers and fully automatic. Just log in to your account and you’ll see the new Find Cover feature in your edit pages. Enjoy!

Don’t have a Connect subscription yet? Then find out what Connect can do you for you:

Here’s screen shot of the Edit Movie page of Movie Collector Connect: