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It’s epidemic

July 1st, 2011

On June 28 one of our customers tweeted “@collectorz I am loving the Comic software and scanner. Cannot find in the instructions how to catalog without re-reading old issues ;-)”
This resulted in comments like ” I have that problem myself – though I’m not complaining about it” and “It must be an epidemic. I’m suffering that disease as well”.

Being a collector too, I suffer from that illness as well.

Adding newly purchased comics always results in finding issues I just must re-read or, worst case, I want to read the entire series again, from issue 1. Preferably on the couch, with lots of tea and cookies within reach.

I have a very small comic book collection, 908 issues, and at its core is my De Rode Ridder series (The Red Knight), a very popular character in Belgium and the Netherlands. I own lots of first prints but not in mint condition since my cats once used them as a scratching post. So I moved all albums to higher grounds, the normal reading books are now on the lower shelves.
Other treasures are Storm, Yoko Tsuno and Blake & Mortimer.

This is my set up.
Comic Collector for Windows holds my main database and I sync my comics to CLZ Comics for iPhone and to Comic Collector Connect.
I consult CLZ Comics when I go shopping and use the public link on Connect to share my collection with friends and family. You can browse my collection here.
And of course, Comic Connect is my backup online. Just in case, I have seen too many hard drive crashes and I’d rather be safe than sorry.
With Connect I can sync to my desktop at any time and vice versa.

I would love to see your collection! If you don’t have a Connect account yet, you can set up your 30-day trial right now.
Once set up, sync your collection from your desktop to Connect and allow public viewing. Post your link on our Facebook page and share your passion.

If you’re not into comics, no problem, just upload your movies, books, CDs or video games to Connect. Don’t get too distracted though, you may end up watching a movie or listening to a particular CD…