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What's new?

Music Connect

A complete re-design of the Connect interface

December 27th, 2017

In this “between Christmas and New Year” week, a huge update to the look and feel of our Connect web-based software.

  • We removed the tabs at the top that let you switch between the programs, to give you more screen space for the software you are in. (you can still switch using the app-switcher button top right).
  • Dark toolbars with white text and buttons everywhere, while keeping your list and details pages light and clear.
  • All tools and feature are now accessible from the “hamburger” menu on the top left.
  • Your account settings and log out options in a “user menu” on the right.
  • TIP: the new look is also available in your free CLZ Cloud viewer!

Music Collector (Windows)

v18.0.3: Fixed sorting in the pick item screens and more

December 21st, 2017


  • Pick Item Screens: when using the quick search the list wasn’t always sorted correctly
  • Manage Pick List:
    • When using the quick search the list wasn’t always sorted correctly
    • “auto resort” check box didn’t work
  • Reassign Index fields sort fields were stored as “reassignindex” as sort fields preset
  • Manage Presets: removing all presets would cause an Access Violation after closing the screen
  • Edit Album: navigating Tracks or Links using ALT+N or ALT+P would navigate the albums instead
Music Collector (Windows)

v18.0.2: Maintenance build with lots of fixes

December 20th, 2017


  • Edit Screen:
    • Some fields were overlapping when resizing the screen
    • Orchestra grid was too small after opening the screen in a wider size than normal
    • Making the screen larger and then smaller again would show a scrollbar on the “user defined” tab when it wasn’t needed
    • ALT+N/ALT+P for Next/Previous played a Windows sound
  • Adding a new item to a list sometimes displayed a popup that was too small
  • Reassign Index Fields: Saving your selected fields wasn’t possible sometimes
  • Export/Print field selection menus were missing “Manage Presets…” caption

Fixes for the Clean Templates:

  • Country flags weren’t displayed
  • We swapped musicians and instruments (musician names now display on the left, instruments on the right)
  • Images for musicians weren’t displayed correctly
  • Layout of discs wasn’t always correct for multi-disc albums
  • Tracks that were placed after (but not inside) a header messed up the layout of the tracklist
  • Several other improvements to the layout
Music Collector (Windows)

v18: Auto-Cloud-Syncing, revamped Edit screen, new “Clean” template and more!

December 19th, 2017

NEW: Fully Automatic CLZ Cloud Syncing!

The free CLZ Cloud service is at the center of all our cataloging solutions (desktop, mobile and web), the glue that binds them all together.
Tens of thousands of users are using the CLZ Cloud syncing every day, to transfer data between their desktop, Connect and mobile software, to update their online collection list, or simply for keeping an online backup of their precious database.

Now, it is time to take the CLZ Cloud to the next level, with automatic syncing:
Add or edit albums in Music Collector and these changes will auto-upload to the CLZ Cloud instantly. Did you make changes using the CLZ Music mobile app or directly in Music Connect? Just start your software and changes will download automatically.
No more need to go to the Sync with CLZ Cloud screen, ever.

With “Sync Automatically” switched on…

  1. Your online cloud backup is always up-to-date.
  2. Your cloud viewer always shows the current state of your collection.
  3. All your CLZ tools (desktop, mobile and Connect) will always be in-sync.

Automatic Cloud Syncing is an optional feature, switched OFF by default. If you don’t want to auto-sync, or don’t want to sync with the CLZ Cloud at all, just leave it switched OFF.

Revamped Edit Album and Edit Disc/Track screens

A huge refresh of the Edit screens, bringing the look and feel more in line with the recent Add Albums from Core screen.

  • Button bar is now at the bottom of the screen
    With OK button high-lighted in blue, nice Next/Prev arrow buttons, etc…

  • Clearer blue “+” buttons for checkbox list fields (like Sound, Extras)
  • Same blue + buttons for dropdown fields (like Format, Label, Packaging)
  • Revamped Edit screen for pick list items
    Button bar at the bottom with blue OK button, smaller generate buttons, etc..

But it’s not all just cosmetic changes:

Improved interface for adding Artists, Musicians, Credits

The new interface helps you make better use of your existing person pick lists:

  • Cleaner lists, showing just Display Name and Instrument/Role.
  • Right-click to Modify the name and sort name of a person in the list.
  • Drag the icon in the first column to change the order.
  • Click the “x” in the last column to remove entries.
  • To add an Artist to the list:
    • 1. click the “+ Add Artist” button, or hit Insert on your keyboard
    • 2. A new screen appears, showing your existing Person pick list.
    • 4. Type a few letters in the search box to find the artist you want to add, e.g. enter “spri” to find Bruce Springsteen.
    • 5. Hit the down arrow on your keyboard a few times to select the person from the search results
    • 6. Hit Enter to return to the Edit Album screen with the artist added to the list.

    ONLY when the artist is not in your pick list yet, there’s 3 extra steps:

    • 4a: click the New Artist button top right
    • 4b. enter/paste the display name
    • 4c. click OK

    A similar interface is now also used for the Genre and Studio fields.
    No more endless scrolling in a small check-box list to find the Genre or Studio you’d like to add. Instead, just click the Add button and making your pick from your pick list, using the convenient search feature if necessary.

    Improved: Edit Multiple screens

    • Now use checkboxes to explicitly indicate which field(s) you want set.
      Safer and clearer, no more unexpected changes.

    • To clear a field, just click the checkbox and leave the box empty.
      The box will highlight in red to indicate the CLEAR action. No more hidden F8 keys.

    New screens for selecting Column, Sort and Folder fields.

    The ability to select your own Columns for the List View is an important customization feature of our Music Collector software. The same holds for selecting the sort order and the folder fields for the folder panel.

    However, the “field selection” screens for doing these customizations have always been an area of confusion. So for v18 we decided to re-imagine both the field selection screens and the system for creating/managing your own presets.

    • New Field Selection screen:
      • Available fields are now grouped, like the tabs in the Edit Album screen.
      • Easily find the field you want with the search box top left.
      • Use checkboxes on the left to select fields.
      • Use the “x” button on the right to remove fields.
      • Drag and drop fields on the right side to change the order.
      • Rename the field set at the top right.
    • New interface for selecting and managing your field presets:
      • Just click the Columns or Sort Order button to EDIT the current preset.
      • Click the little arrow to the right of the Columns or Sort Order button to open the preset menu and switch to a different preset.
      • Choose Manage Presets from the preset menu to edit your presets and create new ones.

    NEW: “Clean” template for the details panel, in Light and Dark styles

    A complete refresh, based on the recent Connect/Cloud details page updates. Clean, clear and modern, with some fresh layout ideas:

    • Cleaner look, in both Light and Dark styles.
    • Larger cover image.
    • New look of the track list.

    No more Standard edition: Pro-only features now available for everyone!

    Since last week, we stopped selling the Standard edition of Music Collector. From now on, the Pro edition is the only edition we sell, and will just be called “Music Collector” now.

    Our gift to all users on the Standard edition who have a valid Update Plan:
    Starting with v18, you now get access to all Pro-only features:

    • Batch editing with the Edit Multiple feature:

      Save time by editing multiple items in batch, e.g. to fill in a field value for many items in one go.

    • Customizable pre-sets for sorting, columns and folders:

      Create your own pre-set field combination for sorting and columns. Define your own folder options, even multi-level folder combinations.

    • User Defined Fields:

      Create your own fields (text, number, pick list, checkbox or date) and rename pre-defined fields.

    • Export features:

      Export your database to a CSV or XML file.

  • CLZ Music (Android)

    v4.8: Automatic CLZ Cloud syncing!

    December 6th, 2017

    A new v4.8 update for your app is available now, with:

    Automatic CLZ Cloud syncing
    Add or edit albums and your changes will auto-upload to the CLZ Cloud instantly.
    Made changes on the desktop or Connect side? Just start the app and changes will download automatically.

    Note: Auto-Syncing is switched OFF by default. Switch it ON in the “Sync with CLZ Cloud” screen.

    Don’t have a CLZ Cloud account yet?
    If you don’t have a CLZ Cloud account yet, We strongly recommend to signup up for one from the app. Using the CLZ Cloud is completely free!

    The CLZ Cloud syncing will let you:

    1. Sync your data between devices, e.g. between your phone and your tablet. Or from your old phone to your new phone.
    2. View your database online using the free CLZ Cloud viewer website.
    3. Make an online backup of your data. Better safe than sorry!

    CLZ Music (Android)

    v4.5.5: Further improvements to the Add Albums screen

    November 22nd, 2017

    In today’s update for the CLZ Music app, we have made further tweaks to the Add Albums from CLZ Core screen, to make it clearer than previous versions:

    • Color high-lighting: Albums already ‘on wish list’ now have an orange title, albums already “in collection” show up with a blue title.
    • Slightly smaller font for the album title, so that longer titles fit better.

    Fixes in this update:

    • Crash when adding an artist to an album when the add manually screen was opened by tapping the “Not Found?”-cell in one of the the add auto screens.
    • After changing the sort order the list could sometimes scroll to a random position.
    • Small CLZ Cloud Sync tweaks.
    • After restarting the app it would sometimes repeatedly scroll to the last added album.
    • After manually typing a barcode in the add by barcode screen you weren’t able to search another one.

    CLZ Music (iOS)

    v4.5.13: Further improvements to the Add Albums screen

    November 11th, 2017

    In today’s update for the CLZ Music app, we have made further tweaks to the Add Albums from CLZ Core screen, to make it clearer and (hopefully) more stable than previous versions:

    • Slightly smaller font for the album title, so that longer titles fit better.
    • Color high-lighting: Albums already ‘on wish list’ now have an orange title, albums already “in collection” show up with a blue title.
    • Improved scroll behaviour.

    Fixes in this update:

    • Full screen cover scroller on iPhone/iPod devices was not properly updating its title bar

    Music Connect

    Improved search results, plus Search-As-You-Type suggestions

    October 27th, 2017

    A nice upgrade for the search feature today, in both Music Connect and the free CLZ Cloud viewer for music collections!

    We have completely replaced the search engine, making the searches much faster and giving you better, more focussed, less “fuzzy” search results.

    On top of that, we have now added our popular “Search-As-You-Type” mechanism to the search box for quick finding and selecting a particular album in your database:

    • In the Quick Search box, just start typing the first few letters of the title or artist you are looking for.
    • While typing, a drop-down list will appear, showing the first five matching album, with small cover images.
      (for most series, it only takes 2 or 3 letters before it shows up.)
    • Once you see the one you were looking for, use the up/down keys to select it, then hit Enter.
    • This will instantly take you the album you selected.

    CLZ Music (iOS)

    v4.5.12: Optimized layout for iPad Pro

    October 20th, 2017


    • Optimized layout of main screen on 10.5 and 12.9 inch iPads
    • Optimized the performance of the main screen thumbnail view
    • Fresh placeholder cover images


    • Black bars showing on 10.5 and 12.9 inch iPads
    • Add screen: Catalog No. button wasn’t working correctly
    • Disappearing floating add button when switching from list to thumbnail view
    Music Connect

    New design and layout for album details page

    October 17th, 2017

    Now live, a new design and layout for the album detail page in both Music Connect and the free CLZ Cloud viewer.

    Some highlights of the new look:

    • bigger cover image
    • backdrop (can be switched off in your settings)
    • more logical layout and placement of all fields

    Screen shot:

    CLZ Music (iOS)

    v4.5.11: Fixed a crash in iOS10 and lower

    October 16th, 2017


    • Crash in add screen on devices running iOS10 or lower
    CLZ Music (iOS)

    v4.5.10: Redesigned Selection Mode

    October 15th, 2017


    • Redesigned Selection Mode
      • Tap and hold on an album to select it, select as many albums as you like (or select all, using the “Select All” top right).
      • Then use the blue action button to perform an action on the selected albums (Remove / Update from CLZ Core).


    • Crash when saving a cover image to the camera roll
    • Odd scrolling behavior when scanning music album barcodes in the barcode scanning screen
    • Barcode search results sometimes not added to the collection
    • Stuck keyboard after searching in main list
    • Autocorrect was enabled for the main list search bar
    Music Collector (Windows)

    v17.1.7: Fixed some issues in the Add from Core screen

    October 11th, 2017


    • Add Albums from CLZ Core:
      • Add as multi-disc album would sometimes add extra discs due to unexpected behaviour of multiple selection in list.
      • Failed searches would remain in barcode queue but would not be visible in the list.
    Music Connect

    New: Manage your pick list entries

    September 29th, 2017

    All Connect apps: Manage Pick Lists, edit, merge and remove pick list entries.

    A Manage Pick Lists screen is now available in Connect!
    Finally, you can easily manage your pick lists for Artists, Authors, Series, Genres, Formats, etc… To edit your sort names, merge duplicate entries or remove entries.

    The new Manage Pick Lists screen can be found in the Tools menu top right (the wrench icon).

    Read more

    CLZ Music (iOS)

    v4.5.9: Added app icon for 12.9 inch iPad

    September 27th, 2017


    • Missing app icons for 12.9 inch iPad
    CLZ Music (iOS)

    v4.5.8: Fixed a keyboard problem for iOS 11

    September 24th, 2017


    • Autocorrect/complete was disabled on the note field in the edit/add manually screens
    • The on-screen keyboard was covering the lower input fields in the edit/add manually screens
    Music Collector (macOS)

    v17.0.5: Fixed a bug with the Quick Search and Alphabet bar

    September 21st, 2017


    • Quick Search suggestion box could crash the app.
    • Alphabet bar wasn’t working anymore.
    Music Collector (macOS)

    v17.0.4: Now compatible with macOS 10.13 “High Sierra”

    September 21st, 2017

    Next week, Apple will release the new macOS 10.13 “High Sierra”.
    If you are planning to update your Mac to this new OS, then we strongly recommend to update your Music Collector software to today’s version 17.0.4!

    Music Collector problems on High Sierra:
    We have been testing our software on beta versions of High Sierra for quite a while, to make sure we were ready for it’s release. We found that most of the software seems to be working as normal.

    Unfortunately, we found a big problem in the Preferences screen, it does not open at all anymore, making it impossible to make any changes to program settings.

    Luckily, our Mac developer Ronald was able to fix the Preferences screen to make it work on the new macOS. A fix was released today, in version 17.0.4.


    • Preferences screen didn’t load properly on macOS 10.13 “High Sierra”.
    • Upload Cover to CLZ Core: Images were not always uploaded properly even if they were within the 500KB file size limit.
    • Main Screen: Quick Search: Occasional crashes in the quick search when using the “Search-as-you-type” suggestions.
    • Sync with CLZ Cloud: Sometimes crashed during the upload of covers.
    Music Collector (Windows)

    v17.1.6: Fixed Access Violation in Add from CLZ Core screen

    September 14th, 2017


    • Add Albums from CLZ Core: Access Violation when adding several albums by barcode
    Music Collector (Windows)

    v17.1.5: Fixed an issue with checking/unchecking in Add Screen

    September 14th, 2017


    • Add Albums from CLZ Core:
      • (un)checking an item in a selection would not (un)check all those items
      • horizontal scroll arrows were showing because the tabs didn’t fit in Light Skin
    Music Collector (Windows)

    v17.1.4: New icons for the Add from CLZ Core screen and fixes

    August 24th, 2017


    • Add Albums from CLZ Core: the 4 “Add by” tabs now have icons.


    • Add/Link Music Files:
      • Adding an album from music files will now leave the “Packaging” field empty instead of setting it from the Field Defaults.
      • Import from iTunes: Album notes’ first character was missing.
    • Edit Album: Links tab: When editing a local link, the “previous” button didn’t work.
    • After adding an album where a pick list item (such as an artist) was updated with new information, not all albums using that same artist were marked as “dirty” for syncing with CLZ Cloud.
    • Main Screen: Quick filter panel option “keep active” wasn’t applied directly after restarting software.

    Music Connect

    You can now sort your albums on 3 more fields

    August 7th, 2017


    • New fields you can now sort your albums on:
      • Country
      • Format
      • Label
    Music Connect

    Improved “Edit Multiple” screen with new fields

    August 2nd, 2017

    New fields for Edit Multiple

    We’ve expanded the amount of fields you can edit in the Edit Multiple screen.

    Improved interface

    We’ve made it more clear how you can clear information from specific fields for all selected items you’re editing. Use the X button to clear a field for all selected items.

    Using “Edit Multiple”

    Quick reminder how to use Edit Multiple: Click the “Select” button at the top of your Connect page, select a couple of items, and click “Edit” (again, at the top).

    Be advised that changes you make here affect all selected items, and can not be reverted once done!

    Music Connect

    Improved success rate on barcode searches for both CDs and vinyl!

    August 1st, 2017

    Add by Barcode improvements

    • Highly improved success rate on barcode searches:
      • Many more CDs are now recognized by barcode.
      • NEW: Now also find vinyl records by barcode!

    CLZ Core improvement:

    • We’ve calculated track times for CDs that didn’t have any in the CLZ Core online music database.
    CLZ Music (iOS)

    v4.5.7: Improved navigation in “All Albums” folder

    July 21st, 2017


    • Added a new “All Albums” folder with a back button to go back to your folders


    • Barcode queue was lost when a crash occurred in the Add from CLZ Core screen.
    • The “move to wish list” functionality in the Add from CLZ Core screen was not working.

    Recent changes

    Integrated Album Details, improved Cover and Card Views July 16th, 2018 v18.2.5: Fixed display problem in two panel mode June 28th, 2018 More editable fields! June 27th, 2018 v18.2.4: Several fixes for “Access Violation” errors June 27th, 2018 New tooltips and split-up settings June 14th, 2018 New: selection checkboxes and action bar June 5th, 2018 v18.2.1: Secure HTTPS connections May 31st, 2018 v18.2.3: Action Bar update for Track View May 31st, 2018 v18.2.2: Fixed an issue with alphabet bar and the action bar May 30th, 2018 v18.2.1: Selection checkboxes / New Action Bars May 29th, 2018 New: Use Music Connect to keep track of loaned albums! May 23rd, 2018 v4.10.3: Bigger and easier to spot Add button! May 14th, 2018 New: Import your collection from “CATraxx” May 9th, 2018 New: Import your collection from “Delicious Library” May 9th, 2018 v4.10.3: Bigger and easier to spot Add button! May 9th, 2018 v18.1.5: Fixed some issues in the add screen May 3rd, 2018 v18.1.4: DPI scaling improvements and more! May 1st, 2018 v4.10.2: Fixed a crash for devices running iOS 8/iOS 9 May 1st, 2018 v4.10: Many new sort options and a redesigned Select Sort Order screen April 26th, 2018 v18.1: New: 64-bit version of Music Collector! April 17th, 2018 Add Albums is now a pop-up screen April 13th, 2018 v18.1.3: Add Screen now scales results better and some more scaling fixes! April 13th, 2018 v18.1.2: Fixed scaling in templates and tracks tab April 11th, 2018 v18.0.4: Fixed various issues in the sync with CLZ Cloud April 10th, 2018 v18.1: Full support for larger text size / Several Add screen tweaks April 10th, 2018