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What's new in Music Collector for Windows?

Music Collector (Windows)

v18.1.2: Fixed scaling in templates and tracks tab

April 11th, 2018

Following yesterday’s Full DPI Awareness build it seems we went a bit too far: the details view templates (and preview templates in the Add Albums screen) also followed your DPI settings, making them very sharp, but also very small. We fixed that in today’s build!

Some of you also mentioned the tracks tab in the Edit Album screen was acting up. This happened if the program itself was set to use bigger fonts. This has also been addressed now.


  • Details View Templates and Preview Templates were displayed too small on screens with higher DPI settings.
  • Edit Album: Tracks tab had bad scaling if the program font was set bigger than normal.
  • Image popup status bar wasn’t scaling correctly.
  • Background color in the trial popup was incorrect.