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What's new in Music Collector for Windows?

Music Collector (Windows)

v18.0.2: Maintenance build with lots of fixes

December 20th, 2017


  • Edit Screen:
    • Some fields were overlapping when resizing the screen
    • Orchestra grid was too small after opening the screen in a wider size than normal
    • Making the screen larger and then smaller again would show a scrollbar on the “user defined” tab when it wasn’t needed
    • ALT+N/ALT+P for Next/Previous played a Windows sound
  • Adding a new item to a list sometimes displayed a popup that was too small
  • Reassign Index Fields: Saving your selected fields wasn’t possible sometimes
  • Export/Print field selection menus were missing “Manage Presets…” caption

Fixes for the Clean Templates:

  • Country flags weren’t displayed
  • We swapped musicians and instruments (musician names now display on the left, instruments on the right)
  • Images for musicians weren’t displayed correctly
  • Layout of discs wasn’t always correct for multi-disc albums
  • Tracks that were placed after (but not inside) a header messed up the layout of the tracklist
  • Several other improvements to the layout